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Pioneer MVH-S110UB Car Stereo £35 @ Halfords
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Made hot 2nd AprMade hot 2nd Apr
Pioneer MVH-S110UB Car Stereo £35 @ Halfords£35 Free P&P FreeHalfords Deals
FREE MOT @ any Halfords service centre with this purchase. Pioneer MVH-S110UB Car Stereo The Pioneer MVH-S110UB Car Stereo has been specifically designed for digital music… Read more

It's referring to the digital connection to your phone. The decompression of the flac files. Tbh if you want quality radio wise you wouldn't use DAB half the channels worth listening are low bitrate that is if you can receive them in the go as DAB always drops out. FM seems far better. 8) (y) 🏻


Can I use the cassette?


Says "specifically designed for digital music" but doesn't have a DAB tuner?


Doesnt really happen now - removing the CD or tape part means there’s loads of space for individual buttons. The last few I’ve fitted have been Pioneer and Sony ones, all have sounded better than the factory fit due to decent built in IC amps, you can upgrade the stereo and use the phono outs on the back to add a plug and play sub for well under £150 now, bargain up to what we used to pay for bare wire installs


I'd rather pay an extra £5 to not have them do my MOT, bunch of cowboys! Got my tyres from an online site and the only place I could get them sent to for fitting, were Halfords, it looked like King Kong had been let loose on my alloys and they were all scuffed to hell.

Sony XAV-AX3005DB DAB Car Stereo with Apple Car Play, Android Auto £279 @ Halfords
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Made hot 12th Nov 2020Made hot 12th Nov 2020
Sony XAV-AX3005DB DAB Car Stereo with Apple Car Play, Android Auto £279 @ Halfords£279£39930% offHalfords Deals
+2.4% Quidco cashback Also £279 at Amazon posted on here. The Sony XAV-AX3005DB DAB Car Stereo with Apple Car Play and Bluetooth will impress you with its smooth and simple … Read more

Anyone having problems, I guarantee its down to the cable. Use the manufacturer cable, and it will be fine. There are so e really crap USB cables out there, even trusted brands.


iPhone 11


What phone are you using? Auto didn't like my Realme 6 Pro


USB only. I think you are looking at a £400 - £500 system to get wireless carplay (as I think it uses wi-fi not bluetooth maybe?). You basically need to charge your phone while using it anyway or it will kill your battery.


Does anyone know if the apple car play on this stereo is connected via USB only or by bluetooth?

Early Black Friday deals e.g 15% off Tyres / 30% off Stereos / 30% off Tools / 30% off Cleaning gifts and more + Free Delivery @ Halfords
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Made hot 12th Nov 2020Made hot 12th Nov 2020
Early Black Friday deals e.g 15% off Tyres / 30% off Stereos / 30% off Tools / 30% off Cleaning gifts and more + Free Delivery @ HalfordsHalfords Deals
Halfords have launched various early Black Friday deals, list below but full offers are on get deal / halfords page. 15% Off Tyres When Booked Through Our Mobile Fitting Service… Read more

The Sony XAV-AX3005DB for £251 after Membership Plus discount is very tempting!


My four tyres would all need replaced at the same time due to the rotation, so all four will be worn to same tread depth. Surely that makes sense.


. Read your last sentence. IF you found a 4 tyre deal would you. A. put all 4 tyres on ? or B. only put 2 tyres on and move then to the back when warranted ?


???? Methinks you are on the swally.


You on the sauce? No idea what you are talking about!

Sony XAV-AX3005 Premium Car Stereo Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto £279 @ Amazon
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Made hot 12th Nov 2020Made hot 12th Nov 2020
Sony XAV-AX3005 Premium Car Stereo Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto £279 @ Amazon£279Amazon Deals
BACK AT THE SALE PRICE! A really good car stereo that hasn't been on sale for a really long time, currently £120 off from Amazon with free delivery. I picked this up from Amazon I… Read more

Looks good


Thanks I know what's involved, just not keen on the aftermarket look so seems easier to keep using the phone. I was really lucky the RCD330 exists for my Mk5 Golf. 


Have a look at what your fascia options are for a double din unit on your car... if you find one you like... wiring harness, steering wheel control unit (if it won’t work with the head unit out of the box), maybe a DAB aerial if you want/need, reversing cam if you want/need and you’re there... some of the things modular too eg the cam so don’t have to do all at once but if you get all the trim out may as well.


I installed it in my 2010 Ford Focus and it took my about 45 minutes. You just need to make sure you have the plastic bojo tools, a new double din fascia and maybe a steering wheel control extension if you want to be able to control the music from your steering column.


How easy are things like this to fit? Could this be put in a 2008 ford fiesta?

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JVC KD-X272BT Car Stereo £65.43 @ Amazon
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Made hot 1st Nov 2020Made hot 1st Nov 2020
JVC KD-X272BT Car Stereo £65.43 @ Amazon£65.43 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Mechless design- This product is designed for modern digital music formats. USB Input- Connect any device with an USB interface cable to charge your device or listen to clean, cle… Read more

Re re wind, when the crowd say bo, selecta


Doesn't have DAB


I didn’t even know these were a thing anymore? (confused)


Why is this so hot?


You've got to be kidding me. This for that kind of price? No way! I have an Aldi one many years ago, which I sold for £15 on Facebook. You can get all these things cheap on ebay, many are all Chinese made. I had another one of the same Aldi and used it to replace my C3. And my version has disc player, Bluetooth, USB, AUX. Basically all that this JVC has, but JVC does not have disc player which is strange. So I would not be paying £15 for this JVC, let alone £65!

Pioneer MVH-S110UB Car Stereo £35 + Free click & collect @ Halfords
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Made hot 13th Sep 2020Made hot 13th Sep 2020
Pioneer MVH-S110UB Car Stereo £35 + Free click & collect @ Halfords£35£54.9536% offHalfords Deals
4 x 50watt 50 Watts in each speaker is more than enough, Pioneer MVH-S110UB Car StereoThe Pioneer MVH-S110UB Car Stereo has been specifically designed for digital music. It ca… Read more

I know this thread is a few months old, but wanted to share my experience. I got the head unit linked here & a Carplay adapter, hoping that it'd work seamlessly. Unfortunately, the linked head unit isn't running Android, it's running a super basic version of Win-CE instead, so it's not suitable for this purpose. Might want to change the link to something that'll work :)


Hi! Awesome - I am seriously going to look into this - is there a particular gen of iPad mini that you would recommend from previous gens ( I do not want to spend too much money on an expensive new one as cost is an issue) as Apple stop supporting older models after a while? Also, on Sat Nav, do you get the usual speed, traffic, directions & camera warning voice commands may I ask? Is GPS the same as Sat Nav then & do I need a Sim iPad if I want Sat Nav? What does GPS do then if different to Sat Nav? I will have to look at getting separate Front & Rear Dash Cams I guess! Thanks a bunch!


You can do everything but hook up rear camera. Any iPad that has a Sim card slot will also have GPS. This can be any gen iPad. This will enable; GPS, Satnav, hands free calls and radio via Apps like Captial FM radio etc that apple car play/android auto use. It connects to your speakers via a 3.5mm jack to your stereo directly, if you do not have a 3.5mm jack you can get an adapter and hard wire this to the cables behind your stereo, or just buy a new stereo like on on this deal for £35 at halfords and that will work and fit. It will actually be a better experience overall, minus the rear camera support.


Hi! Thanks for the option - never thought of that! What gen of iPad would I need may I ask - can an iPad Mini work? Would I be able to do sat/nav & gps, take hands free calls, radio, hook up rear camera etc to the iPad? How to connect the iPad to both speakers & power? Many Thanks!


Lovely car, I agree with you it could make the world of a difference if you had an upgrade to Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto. If you had a double din slot in your car, you could pay an electrician for an hours work to fit it all for you, and total cost would be no more than £130 all in for everything, and that is with labour. The problem you have is it is a thin single Din slot, meaning you cannot do this without hacking away at dashboard, massive job. If I was you, I would just buy an iPad holder, use a 4G iPad that is connected up to power and speakers to car. 5 mins to fit it and would be a good experience. The 4G iPads have GPS so can use navigation and stuff and then can just put in glove box when not using.