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MasterClass 2.5L Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish - Black  £14.40 with code free C&C @ Robert Dyas & Ryman Stores - 25 Year Guarantee
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Superb quality and excellent reviews too Apply code at checkout to get this price. Also 5L size You can become a great chef in your kitchen with this 2.5L Cast Aluminium Cass… Read more

I'd bet the majority of iron skillets in people's lives have rusted and been binned. I think it's the few rather than the many that take/have the time to scour and "season" them. Stainless steel, on the other hand: never had to do more than wash it with a sponge. Still shines, still smells clean.


Yeah all those decades-old cast iron skillets have just corroded away to nothing, haven't they ;)


Thanks OP! Bought the 5L with discount code! Going to smash out alot of batch cooking with this 8)





Scoville Neverstick 24cm Casserole Pan £20 @ Dunelm
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Reserve & Collect collect after 3 hours FREE Supplied with a lifetime guarantee, this casserole pan from the Scoville Neverstick cookware range has been made using an innovativ… Read more

They've had the £11 offer on this one a couple of times in Asda . This one is really good pot


I got one of these cheap from asda last year, had to click and collect though.


Great pans from Scoville never seen the regular Stock Pot/Casserole Pan on offer always seen the coloured ones going cheap, good if you want one and want to save a few quid though Dunelm has a habbit of inflating prices as these are £22 everywhere well apart from Dunelm, but still a nice price if you need one, I will hold off till Asda finally put this on offer with the rest of them.


Good pans, but if you can wait, these regularly go down to £11 in Asda.

Wilko 22cm Matt Black Casserole Dish with Lid £13 @ Wilko
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th MayLocalLocal
Our 22cm Matt Black Casserole Dish and Lid is made from forged aluminium for its exceptional durability with an induction base for quick cooking and even heat distribution. The cas… Read more

Heat added for the price but I believe aluminium and non stick pots and pans are not good for your health! :(

Le Creuset 20cm Cast Iron Casserole Pot - £87.50 @ eCookshop
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
No explanation needed...
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Ceramic aldi is pants compared to le creuset from tk maxx


Having owned a set for years I can tell you IMO they don't cook anything better than any decent cookware. Quite so. I spent quite a bit on a set of saucepans, frying pan and glass lid for it. Saucepans too heavy to be practical and due to a combination of being too shallow with a pouring lip liquids are forever spilling over. I invariably have picked up cheaper and lighter cookware to use, even now I have an induction hob. I got through two frying pans in pretty short order because I actually wanted to fry things in them at high temperature, like steaks, only to discover too late that trashes the non-stick coating. The best part was the glass lid - it fitted a decent frying pan that I could use on a high heat. They sit pretty much unused in the cupboard and have done for years, despite my brother in law's covetous eyes and enquiries attempting to secure some freebie ironware. And I'd rather toss 'em in the council tip than give them to him. (lol)


Le Creuset is hugely overpriced for what it is. Even at the discounted price it's silly money.


Better off with the Aldi range


Out of interest why is this so expensive? Does it cook food better or is it just to show off the brand name?

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Woll Casserole Stock Pots with Glass Lids 24 cm Set of 2 Stainless Steel Sold By Numberonebrands4u & Fulfilled By Amazon £34.99 Delivered
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
and the significance is.number one brands for you is selling this set for £259.99 on there website.… Read more
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This sort of ridiculous click-bait will give the site a bad reputation. Hopeless.


Wow looks excellent at that price


£15 each at Groupon, with postage. Cheaper with a new customer 10% discount code. This ain’t a deal I’m afraid, just posting for the sake of it

mancuk87 There's a single available for £17 aswell of u only want one


Same price on eBay I don't think he meant it literally obviously that RRP is totally wrong lol tbh I don't really think it's a deal there just normal price made to look cheap

Tower Linear 24cm Casserole Dish - Black/Rose Gold £17.94 with code @ Robert Dyas (Free click & Collect )
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
I have looked around and this seems to be a really great price and comes with 1 year guarantee. The reviews are very good. There is also a white version as well but it is not in t… Read more

Tower has excellent customer service. The non stick coating of my pressure cooker started peeling off nearly 2 years but still within warranty, they sent me a brand new one.


as far as a pan goes thats a very nice looking pan !


I know, I want the whole set :D


Very Nice, too good to hide in a cupboard lol


Colman's Recipe Mix Sausage & Onion Casserole 45g - 10p @ Sainsbury's
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th MarLocalLocal
Headingley Leeds Otley Road Branch Description A Seasoning Mix with Mustard Seeds and Garlic for Sausage & Onion Casserole Great tasting family seasoning mix No added MSG N… Read more
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Pyrex glass casserole dish Tesco Wembley - £3.50 instore
Posted 14th FebPosted 14th FebLocalLocal
Pyrex glass casserole dish Tesco Wembley - £3.50 instore
£3.50£1065%Tesco Deals
3.5L glass casserole dish for £3.50 usually is £10 I found this deal in Tesco Extra Wembley I’m not sure if it’s nationwide. They had more then 20 left. The shelf ticket had £3.5… Read more

also in Corby, shelf price 3.50


It is 3.50 at my local store to which is in Redditch. I picked up 2 this morning


It was reduced to £3.50. And was scanning at that price.


Yesterday it was showing £7.50 on the labels. Was it scanning less or price reduced since yesterday?


Good deal good make 😁

Wilko Copper Casserole Tri Ply 20cm £30 @ Wilkos
Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
Wilko Copper Casserole Tri Ply 20cm £30 @ Wilkos
Other pans Available in the same range 10 YEAR guarantee Cook up a storm with this super stylish copper tri ply 20cm casserole pan. Complete with 10 year guarantee this gorgeous tr… Read more
40 Whiskas 1+ Casserole Cat Food - £2.50 instore @ Wilko (Wigan)
Posted 6th FebPosted 6th FebLocalLocal
40 Whiskas 1+ Casserole Cat Food - £2.50 instore @ Wilko (Wigan)
£2.50£1177%Wilko Deals
Whiskas Casserole 1+ Cat Food box of 40 on offer in Wigan Wilko for £2.50. The ticket on the shelves says £5 but it's coming up at £2.50 when scanned at the till. Amazing deal as t… Read more

Damn cat only eats fishy flavours..😫


I believe it as got it for £5.00 in Newcastle 2 weeks ago.


Ooo I think I need to get a car and drive to Wigan. Oh, and learn how to drive a car. Nice find!


Any proof?


My cat won't touch this but if you have a cat that likes it, it's an absolute bargain.

Whiskas Kitten Food Casserole Poultry instore at Wilko for £1
Posted 6th FebPosted 6th FebLocalLocal
Whiskas Kitten Food Casserole Poultry instore at Wilko for £1
£1£3.2569%Wilko Deals
Found in Wilko in Kingston Upon Thames: Box of 12 x 85g packs of Whiskas Kitten Food Casserole Poultry in Jelly. Priced at £1.00 RRP at £3.25

I think there was about 3 boxes remaining. Unfortunately I didn’t ask if they had any more in stock.


Was there many left ?


Chicken dinner, it's a winner!

Aluminium Shot Blast Casserole 24cm for £10 @ Wilko (Free C&C / 10 Year Guarantee)
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Aluminium Shot Blast Casserole 24cm for £10 @ Wilko (Free C&C / 10 Year Guarantee)
£10£2050%Wilko Deals
Good value casserole pot which should last a long time. Comes with 10 years guarantee (y) Our 24cm Aluminium Non-Stick Casserole Dish has a shot-blasted coating that lets … Read more
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They had this in Asda a few days ago for £5. Reduced from £18. Store specific I think


Good for induction cookers too <3

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole, 24 cm - Cassis £107.50 @ Amazon
Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole, 24 cm - Cassis £107.50 @ Amazon
£107.50£14928%Amazon Deals
Following on from the £149 deal, this is £43 cheaper for a different colour. Ships in 1-2 months. Amazon usually over estimate this though. Product information 24 cm , Round , Cas… Read more

Same price here and in stock:


£149 and it Ships in 1-2 months. wow what am i waiting on.



Sainsbury's instore - 5 litre cast iron casserole dish cream - £18 RTC Didcot
Posted 12th JanPosted 12th JanLocalLocal
Sainsbury's instore - 5 litre cast iron casserole dish cream - £18 RTC Didcot
May not be everywhere but I always like to know what to look out for in Sainsbury's RTCs. When I used to work for them the discount was set automatically according to the stock in … Read more
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Clear plastic strips that hang vertically from shelves with small products attached. Prime space for forgotten stock.


Loads of them in my Sainsbury's , bought a orange one for £20 , Also a salad spinner for £6 Both excellent items , please ignore the bad reviews , just done celeriac soup in mine , let crueset are overpriced , look after your stuff and it will last you ? Home cook 40 years experience , X heat added op , happy new year X


Argos is now part of Sainsbury’s. indeed I bought the argos one and it had Sainsbury’s livery on.




Great deal - these dishes by Sainsbury’s are also being sold and are discounted at Argos at the moment, we picked up the 5l one the other day for £20 and it easily holds enough casserole for 6 adults. £18 is a bargain if found but for £2 more grabbing it at argoa at the moment isn’t bad either :)

Le Creuset Signature Round Casserole, Ocean, 24 cm - £149.99 @ Amazon
Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Le Creuset Signature Round Casserole, Ocean, 24 cm - £149.99 @ Amazon
£149.99£21530%Amazon Deals
Suitable for use on all hob types, including induction, in the oven or under the grill Dishwasher safe and suitable for the freezer. Ceramic hob heat source compatible Easy-grip,… Read more

I am a big fan of Le Creuset products, their cast iron/enameled products are top quality and what's important their customer service is immense. However, all of their casserole products have seemingly jumped massively in price in the past few years. How did a 24cm casserole dish get to £150 on sale? I bought a 28cm for £110 on sale in 2015 from Amazon, and a 25cm Oval casserole dish for £65 on sale again from Amazon. At those prices I'd say it was the absolute limit for what they're worth and nowadays if I needed an enamelled product I'd look elsewhere.


I don't think it's possible to buy an electronic device without any Chinese made components.


I bought a bunch of vey expensive All Clad pans years ago. They are so efficient that you can boil water on the lowest heat on the gas hob. And they will outlive me!


I'm sure it is as well but not through choice. Are there any tablets that aren't made there or contain components not made there? And like most things made there it will be landfill in 3 years of less.


I'm pretty sure that the device you're typing on was as well, but you still bought it. Yeah, I got one last year. After half a dozen uses, the paint flaked off, then it rusted underneath. Its "half price" for a reason.

Tower Cerastone Forged Aluminium Casserole Pan 24 cm - Graphite £18.20 prime / £22.69 non prime @ Amazon
Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
Tower Cerastone Forged Aluminium Casserole Pan 24 cm - Graphite £18.20 prime / £22.69 non prime @ Amazon
£18.20£49.9964%Amazon Deals
Been keeping an eye out for these as we already have the frying pan with ceramic coating and it is very good. The frying pan was the Indy's best budget buy in October and it is 4.6… Read more
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Forged aluminium :/


Link doesn't work....




You're welcome Tipsy 😁


Thank you, maybe it was different for me because I purchased it. I have updated the post with your one.

4.5l Casserole Pot £20 Instore at Sainsbury’s
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd JanLocalLocal
4.5l Casserole Pot £20 Instore at Sainsbury’s
Crock Pot style cast iron pot in Sainsbury’s Stroud, great deals on all pans, roasting tins etc. I’m sure it’s in other stores too.
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Great deal and one of the best colours, thanks for posting will have to check them out.


Just be careful. These pots are not great quality. Many threads on here about these before. They're not up to Le Crueset standards and chip very easily - unless they've improved the build. Shame really as they look the business but in my experience they're not that good.


Should have mentioned it’s half price so was £40.

Argos Home Cast Iron Casserole dish 5.3l - £22.50 @ Argos
Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Argos Home Cast Iron Casserole dish 5.3l - £22.50 @ Argos
Cast iron pot for soups stews etc, just bought one yesterday and I thinks it’s a really good price. Nice and solid and heavy, I have a slightly smaller le creuset and while this is… Read more

Oh yes you’re right :o

Gollywood All 3 listed within the thread


Sure this was listed a few days ago. The entire set

Pyrex Essentials 4L Oval Casserole Dish With Lid £5.00 @ Tesco
Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018
Pyrex Essentials 4L Oval Casserole Dish With Lid £5.00 @ Tesco
£5£1050%Tesco Deals
Pyrex Essentials 4L Oval Casserole Dish With Lid £5.00 @ Tesco Half price in-store. If you still need a shopping fix (personally I'm done in), Tesco's are open New Years Day.

Pies are good! You can cook a BIG pie in here without the lid. :D Happy New Year!!! (y) :o (party)


Can I not cook a pie in there?


Nice price. Thanks OP (y)

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