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Vonhaus 3 Piece Cast Iron Skillet Set - £24.99 delivered (UK Mainland only) @ VonHaus
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Price gone up by £5. Still a good price for a 3pc 3pc Cast Iron Skillet Set Traditional cast iron construction, pre-seasoned with natural oils Rapid and efficient cooking Sui… Read more

Thank you for your feedback.


Yes the handle is relatively short compared to a more standard pan, I think it'd be foolish to handle without protection when hot, another issue regarding the handle is because it is very heavy the short handle makes it harder to lift, it is ergonomically comfortable to hold but this is negated by the need for oven gloves


what's the handle like? i nearly ordered them but then saw reviews said handles too short?


I may have clicked on the wrong item, 10 inch skillet does look good so I'm going to season it again and give it a go rather than return it


Got sent the wrong item, only a single pan

Catering Packs Vogue Red Rectangular Cast Iron Dish 2.8Ltr £13.66 (+£4.49 non-prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
IGNORE THE AMAZON PICTURE YOU WILL GET Vogue GH320 (I did) This has gone up since I order and will keep going up as people order but is a great price for a cast iron pan that is n… Read more

Such deals go away quickly if you are not quick. I missed the dish but got the whisk. Thanks for the link (y)


(To try and make it up) Before i post the other limited stock item here it is a whisk by the same brand and seems pretty good (i have bought an extra after seeing it) as it looks resin sealed.


At least some people got them at least as qty went down by 5


Showing £36 (annoyed)


Showing £36 on item page too.


How so i have the blk/blk and vol/enam i cook daily, there both on par with each other. Unless you obv have some tests done and can share


The white enamel is supposed to be better


What don't they like about it (the white-enamel)?


No worries we all here to get bargains and to tell others of new offers


Ah, apologies - I missed that one despite having an alert on the brand name.

Le Creuset 26cm cast iron pot £156 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Hey Hey Well aware this may get voted cold but just ordered this from John Lewis, been looking out for a good deal for sometime and this is the cheapest I’ve came across. Usuall… Read more

You’re welcome (y) Yes, me too. I’ve been binge watching YouTube videos on cast iron, Le Creuset, recipes - it’s hard to stop once you start, hehe. Good luck! There’s been many discounts lately, so it should be a matter of time. Amazon usually has the largest discounts for new ones, but there are the occasional bargains on eBay, Gumtree, etc. eCookShop used to have really good discounts, but not so much lately. And Bicester Village has a Le Creuset outlet store with discounted stuff all year round (never been, but there’s some examples of discounted prices on their website).


I've just seen your message. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I actually watched videos talking about cast iron, and they mentioned some of the attributes you mentioned. The interesting thing with a le creuset is that there is enamel so it is easier to maintain. Now I just have to find a cheap one :D .


A cast iron casserole heats up really well on medium heat and retains the heat for a long time. Also, when you add cold ingredients, it remains hot and brings the temperature up again really fast. This means that cast iron is really good at searing meats and other foods. If making dishes that require a long cooking time you can save energy by using lower hob temperature settings to achieve the same heat as with higher settings and a thinner vessel. You can start a dish in the hob and then finish it in the oven (e.g. for a gratin). Enamelled cast iron has the added benefit of allowing you to cook acidic foods (e.g. tomatoes, wine) without letting taste be affected by the cooking vessel (which does happen when using raw cast iron). For people experiencing food sticking to the bottom (on a non-damaged enamel surface), I would suggest lowering the heat and deglazing. Since it is so good at heat retention, the temperature settings do not need to be as high as with other pans. The whole point of using this is searing foods and then using a liquid like wine, stock or water to deglaze and add those rich, golden flavours to the dish. It is expensive, but I find it pleasurable to cook with a Le Creuset casserole and I intend on treating it well so that I’ll never have to replace it. On the other hand, my beloved Tefal frying pans always need replacing after 3 or 4 years no matter how careful I am (low/medium heat, no metal utensils, no temperature shock from the hob to cold water on the sink). So in the long run, which is more expensive? Also, I really enjoy just staring at it And cooking and eating involve all the senses, so I’d rather pay for an expensive casserole than eat several takeaways that most of the time won’t taste as good as the food I’ll cook myself. Just an example that what is expensive for some people is worth it for others and vice-versa Also - importantly! - food tastes better! :D


I see; I thought it had to do with heat retention and would translate in better cooking. Thanks for your feedback!


I can't really see any advantage of cast iron. Occasionally it's good if you want to use it on the hob, then put in the oven as well. Otherwise they are just heavy and the non-stick is generally worse than even the cheapest nonstick pans. Maybe cast iron was worth it a few decades ago, but I think they've just been superceded.

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Vonhaus 3 piece Cast Iron Skillet set back in stock - £34.99 (UK Mainland only) @ VonHaus
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Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Vonhaus 3 piece Cast Iron Skillet set back in stock - £34.99 (UK Mainland only) @ VonHaus£34.99 Free P&P FreeVonHaus Deals
Been tracking this for a while, very well reviewed skillet set. 3pc Cast Iron Skillet Set 4.7 star rating 303 Reviews Traditional cast iron construction, pre-seasoned with natural… Read more

I purchased the ebay ones and one of the handles arrived snapped. Unsure about the quality


VonShef = VonHaus = Domu brands.


Linseed oil is supposedly best. I think I used sunflower oil on mine. Haven had any issues.


Mine should be arriving today, what’s the best oil to season them with? (They come pre-seasoned but would like to do it anyway)


Oh will have to try them out also thanks for that

Lodge L8DD3 4.73 litre / 5 quart Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven (with Loop Handles), Black - £53.86 @ Amazon US
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Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Lodge L8DD3 4.73 litre / 5 quart Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven (with Loop Handles), Black - £53.86 @ Amazon US£53.86£8738% offAmazon Deals
Update slightly cheaper, able to order again for delivery in May Next cheapest I can see is £87. I have this one and it's a great dutch oven, use if for baking bread, pit beans on… Read more



Back in stock and able to order for delivery in May


Been after a decent Dutch oven for my sourdough. They are quite expensive and this would have been a decent buy


All gone at this price


I don’t need it but I do want it. So tempted.