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Oasser Tyre Inflator Electric Pump Air Compressor - £33.99 @ Sold by OasserPark and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Posted 10 h, 50 m agoPosted 10 h, 50 m ago
Lightning Deal Seems to get good reviews, cheaper than the Xiaomi one I was looking at. 【Portable and Versatile】Easy to store and carry around with its compact s… Read more
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heating engineers... get one!


Got mine from ebay for £20


Not had any problems with the charge on mine. Used it a couple of moths ago to top the tyres up and left it without charging and used it again a week ago without any issues. Not sure how long it can be left or how quickly the charge goes but been fine for what I wanted so far. I would recommend charging after each use (with mains charger) to be on the safe side though. Pretty happy with it and far easier than the foot pump I had. I do only 'top' my tyres up with it, don't think inflating from flat would be much fun....


I’ve had one of these for nearly two years now, it’ll only work properly when it’s fully charged, you use it once after a full charge and come back to use again in couple of weeks and it won’t work until you fully charge again! Overall a good kit to have as there aren’t many compact compressors around. I bought it to use while riding my motorbike as I’ve got a puncture in a remote area and now won’t go anywhere without a puncture kit with me.


Glad you're amusing yourself.

FYLINA Tyre Inflator Pump, FYLINA 12V Digital Air Compressor Pump, 150W Car Pump Pressure Gauge £24.64 Sold by dafeierwangluo & FB Amazon
86° Expired
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
A good price for this max pressure & rate @ 35l/min. Lightening deal & Prime delivery Present pressure & Auto shutoff --- FYLINA air compressor pump is enhanced… Read more

Not sure how good these are but I ordered a Ring RAc635 from Amazon for about £30. That’s won awards from auto express as being one of the best car tyre pumps.


Looking suspiciously similar and cheaper £22.94 Amazon link


Dafeierwangluo.... don’t you just love those made up Chinglish names

Challenge Xtreme Digital Tyre Inflator with Auto Cut Off, up to 100 PSI for £20 click and collect (or +3.95 delivery) @ Argos
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Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
There are good reviews on this and also good price for a Digital Tyre Inflator. Both compact and powerful, this Challenge Xtreme Digital Inflator with Auto Cut Off is also uniq… Read more

Have never tried a track pump. I got both the electric and foot pump double barrels. I prefer the foot pump as I get exercise while at it to the noisy electric one. But I have a small boot with many things and the foot pump doesn't fix under the boot cover with the saver wheel is. So I have to leave it indoor and have the electric one around the saver wheel area.


thought i'd comment on this. I spent hours researching and trying to make up my mind which electric inflator to get. All of them seem pathetic with poor connections to the valve and i can't imagine any of them lasting. I looked at videos on youtube where it takes minutes to inflate, even half a psi once the tyre starts getting near pressure. I was about to buy the acclaimed Ring automotive one when i suddenly remembered i had a track pump which i'd bought from halfords for £20 for my bike. Tried it on the car and it was super easy and quick to inflate the tyre to 38psi. That pump is now in the boot. Just buy a track pump folks.


I know, right!!


Air compressor isnt much More :)


"...Offers 4 minute inflation time..." before it gets too hot and shuts off? (Assume that's the meaning as there's no way they can predict how long it will actually take to inflate tyre as that depends on many variables). How accurate is it?

Dometic 21l portable compressor fridge freezer - £339 @ Amazon
279° Expired
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
Ok, this is a LOT of money, but for those that camp or tour, it's a great bit of kit, and this is a big saving. It won't be for everyone, but much better than peltier based cool… Read more

339 again


£399.99 now.


We’ve been using a Dometic CR50 in our truck for the last 8 years. It’s been regarded once, but it’s had a hard life to be fair. Compressor fridges can get a lot colder than gas or 3-way fridges, you get what you pay for I’m afraid. Don’t forget that you need to vent the heat out somehow - in hot climates ours heated the living space until I installed a small fan to blow air out of a vent whenever it runs.


It's good advice but I'm a dreamer at the moment slightly obsessed with all things campervan related. I haven't even bought a cheap van yet let alone begun what will likely be an arduous 12+ month conversion that inevitability ends in failure.


This is not a bad deal really . But I would rather go for something that I works on gas .

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Ring RAC630 12V Digital Tyre Inflator, Air Compressor with Auto stop, Tyre Pump with LED Light, Case and Adaptor Set - £21.95 @ Amazon
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Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Great compressor cheapest price in quite some time according to the 3 camels. **Available to order at deal price direct from Amazon but no delivery date at moment** Upgraded ver… Read more

Available for order direct from Amazon but no delivery date currently


Not a fan of these. The clips to hold the cable when wrapped broke at about the second use. The pressure release button is flimsy. The bit that threads on to the valve doesn't always seal well. The clips that hold the ball valve etc on are flimsy too. And to top it off it stopped working yesterday. Pretty sure it's just a fuse....but I can't find anything about it having a replaceable one. Wouldn't buy another no matter how cheap


got the ring rac for years now great, bought 2 aldi lookielikeys 1 broken after using about 2 times and major hassle to get money back from aldi, other still works but not worth the money


I've had 2 of these. Absolute garbage (mad)


Back in stock now!

70mai (Xiaomi Ecological chain) Air Compressor Lite 12V - £25.49 delivered (using code) @ AliExpress Deals / 70mai Official Store
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th JunShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Use the code 70MAI618AIR2 and the price will be £25.49 delivered from China. Great price for this specs. Brand Name: 70mai Item Type: Pumps Item Weight: 0.95k… Read more

Apple iphones


The reviews seem bad on the listing. Is this actually worth the money or just a cheap than normal price?


Was interested to see if I could make this work, so : Bought this following tacklife compressor last year which is similar, so I suspect any 150 psi compressor should work. Also bought a 12v to 240v adapter to power it to provide a jet of air to clean my Lian Li pc case. Standard fittings for blowing up beach balls etc didn't work well, so took a metal football/basketball adaptor, crushed it with pliars to leave a 1/2mm opening, worked really well on my pc triple fan cooler/other fans. Not as neat a solution as compucleaner et Al, but did the job well


is there actually anything Xiaomi do not make?


I find the USB one can only refill my 27.5 x 2.4" bike tyres twice, as in two single tyre fills on a charge. That's normally fine but sometimes the screw-on fitting takes the valve core with it when unscrewing and deflates the tyre again so it's gotta fill from empty multiple times. I'm looking for a mains powered one with pressure gauge and automatic cutoff.

Streetwize 12V Power Station and Air Compressor £55 @ argos / ebay
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Streetwize 12V Power Station and Air Compressor £55 @ argos / ebay
£55 £3.95 eBay Deals
Streetwize 12V Power Station and Air Compressor. Brand New With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee This powerful and portable 3 in 1 power pack by Streetwize is perfect for jumpstarting … Read more
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These jump start packs are notdesiged for you to attach and then immediately try to start your engine - their internal SLA batteries can't deliver the huge amount of current needed in one hit. What you're supposed to do is connect it up then wait 10-15mins before trying to start (leaving it still attached). You've far more chance of success if you do this. I mostly used mine as a rechargeable compressor, though as has been said, it's not a particularly robust one and I've had two fail on me before.


For the small power bank types: I have one from a couple of years ago. Has never let me down yet!


Not aimed a those folks, that's different... ;)


Anyone know of a decent battery charger for my 2.0 diesel Ford Kuga It’s a minefield there’s that many Any help greatly appreciated


If the battery's not that old then charging it would keep it going. Short journeys drain the battery and devices connected up through lighter socket even faster, not using the radio, electric windows for a bit does give the battery a chance to top itself up after going flat.

VonHaus Cordless 12v Car Tyre Inflator / Digital Gauge / Air Compressor / Built-in Light - £26.99 Delivered Using Code @ eBay / domu-uk
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
VonHaus Cordless 12v Car Tyre Inflator / Digital Gauge / Air Compressor / Built-in Light - £26.99 Delivered Using Code @ eBay / domu-uk
For this price, use code - PICKME Not the cheapest ever on this, that was around Black Friday. That said, £26.99 for this is still a good offer in my opinion. It could prove to be… Read more

"This code has expired." :(


Was a bit concerned after ordering one of these after the negative comments However I am very impressed with it Decent build quality IMHO Inflated all my 4 caravan tyres from 34psi to 43psi quickly without any probs. Plenty left in the battery after too Happy enough for the money [img]


Great! Heat added, order placed 👌


My heating engineer uses one of these to inflate pressure vessels.


I find this really good and makes topping your tyres up so much easier. Build quality isn't the best and I think the battery lasts a reasonable length of time even when unused but I've had it for over a year now and really like it. Obviously if you are going from quite low pressures it will take longer. Did my brothers tyres from about 25 to 35 in about 10 mins. Here is my previous comment on it which includes a link to a quick release adapter.…693 Also note that Lidl had a pair of compressors in their 20V range last Thursday which I've bought and haven't tested yet. I wanted to standardise on the batteries across my tools and it comes with a case as well. Now this is at the more expensive £48 when including the battery and charger but I hope it will be better build quality, easier to get replacement batteries and has a 3 year warranty too. You can also get the battery on its own for £11.99

VonHaus 12v Car Tyre Inflator Digital Pressure Gauge Air Compressor, LCD Display £29.99 at domu-uk eBay
76° Expired
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
VonHaus 12v Car Tyre Inflator Digital Pressure Gauge Air Compressor, LCD Display £29.99 at domu-uk eBay
£29.99eBay Deals
Rechargeable portable tyre inflator. This is a must have to keep in your car. No more trying to find an air line that works at a Petrol Station or coins or tokens. No more try… Read more
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I have never had any problems. Here is my experience: If you follow the instructions and fully charge the battery on first use you should have no charging or battery life problems. Like wise if you keep the hose attached when you store it, you won't have hose connection problems. And after use disconnect the battery. If pumping up from flat follow the time limit on the instructions. I usual do 10 pounds per sq foot then give it a rest, then do another ten.


I got it last year. I'm not satisfied. Battery charges forever and last for very little. Short hose is always poping out so you have to put it back in. It looks good so I bought it but I wouldn't do that again.


Yes, I have one and it's a great device


Really good and makes topping your tyres up so much easier. Obviously if you are going from quite low pressures it will take longer. Did my brothers tyres from about 25 to 35 in about 10 mins. Here is my previous comment on it which includes a link to a quick release adapter.


I have one of these but as a gas engineer my main use is for expansion tanks on boilers etc. But I have used it on a tyre it does take it's time and will only go to 35psi.

Indel B TB18 Compressor Camping Fridge/Freezer 12V - £258.64 @ Amazon
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Indel B TB18 Compressor Camping Fridge/Freezer 12V - £258.64 @ Amazon
£258.64Amazon Deals
I know this seem expensive for a 12V cooler, but it can be used as a freezer as it will go down to -18C and because it uses a compressor it will use a lot less battery power than o… Read more
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Thanks, good deal if you know what it is. Ordered.


Yeah, it seems that people don't really understand what it is and why it's so expensive.


This looks like a solid investment, if we have another crazy summer. You'll make your money back by not having to spend money on chilled water on a trip definitely a long term investment


Good price, think people are wrongly voting cold as it's an expensive item but it's a good deal, have some heat:

VonHaus 12V Digital Tyre Inflator / Air Compressor £19.99 @ Domu-uk / Ebay
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
VonHaus 12V Digital Tyre Inflator / Air Compressor £19.99 @ Domu-uk / Ebay
£19.99eBay Deals
Down from £29.99. MAX 160PSI – use the LCD display with simple button controls to set your desired degree of inflation in up to 160psi, 1100kPa or 11bar AUTO-SHUT OFF – the d… Read more

Price gone up to £30


Reviews on Amazon look mostly ok - worst comment is that the gauge isn't very accurate - but then most of the cheap ones I've used are much the same. So as long as you check it with a proper tyre pressure gauge afterwards (which is common sense anyway to verify) it should be ok.


Do cars still have cigarette lighters,mine has usbs only,also does it beep when pressure is reached?


Oh could take that on my bike 8)


Is it noisy? I have Challenger and it’s damn loud.

Scheppach 10 Piece Air hammer kit for £20 click & collect @ B&Q
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
Scheppach 10 Piece Air hammer kit for £20 click & collect @ B&Q
£20£3746%B&Q Deals
I picked this just for the name to be honest. I have very little idea what it does, is it a sort of powered chisel? Air Hammer sounds like an 80s glam/hair rock band and that is en… Read more

Please remember to get some ear defenders with this you will need them believe me


Have bought the Silverline air hammer on Amazon. The price fluctuates between £9-£13. The kit it ships with is identical (but no moulded box) and the air hammer doesn't have the rubber grip but otherwise looks identical. Has been working flawlessly for air riveting and cutting through stuff like small bolts and rivets. Maybe a cheaper option for some.


Man, I've been blowing into mine and found it really hard to use!


I can only guess the smallest attachment acts as a nipper tool.


How does this cut sheet metal? (confused)

DeWalt DPC10QTC 1100w Mid Pressure Super Quiet Compressor 240v £227.90 @ FFX on Ebay
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Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
DeWalt DPC10QTC 1100w Mid Pressure Super Quiet Compressor 240v £227.90 @ FFX on Ebay
£227.90eBay Deals
Good deal on this compressor, the deal only runs until the 06-02-20 there are only 5 left though, the 110v version is also on there same price. Dewalt DPC10QTC 1100w Mid Pressur… Read more

Guess who didn't read the small print (shock) 3. Products excluded from the DEWALT European PT 3 Year Guarantee. In addition to the product exclusions stated in the DEWALT European PT Guarantee, section 3, the following DEWALT branded products are also excluded: Fastening Tools e.g. Nailers, Powder Impact tools.Batteries and ChargersRebuilt or Reconditioned products identified with additional markings - "Factory rework" and/or "Q".Compressors and generators.


My compressor came today i've registered it on My DeWalt & it only comes with a standard 1 year guarantee.....doesn't inspire confidence does it? especially when you pay the premium for the named brand (mad)


Thanks for the input. I'll do some proper research when I'm ready to buy


To the experts: By changing the connection with a higher flow air paired with a proper size hose, would any budget compressor (25L/50L) produce more CFM ?? Not sure what else could be involved apart for a minor connection change Thanks


it delivers less than 3cfm. It's only really suitable for a nail gun and the odd small job.

Ferrex 24 litre 2.5 HP Air Compressor £29.99 Aldi
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Posted 14th JanPosted 14th JanLocalLocal
Ferrex 24 litre 2.5 HP Air Compressor £29.99 Aldi
£29.99Aldi Deals
Hi folks First ever post so I hope i get it right. Just been to my local Aldi and they have a few offers on but the one that caught my eye was a 25 litre compressor reduced from £7… Read more

The new Aldi in Lowestoft (South Lowie) had two of these In stock at £19.99


Unless they have got a lot bigger since i last tried one i think this is slight overkill


Can I use this to clean my PC?


Apparently the useful air flow will be lower.


The specs on the Aldi compressor are - Specs of the Aldi compressor are -2.5 HP motorErgonomically designed handle and wheels for easy movementAir displacement: 262 l/min, 9.3 CFMCompressor speed: 2850 1/minRated voltage: 230V/50HZ8 Bar max. working pressureOperating pressure approx. 8 barOutlet pressure regulatorTheoretical intake capacity: 262 l/minProtection type: IP20Sound level: 97 dBTwin air outlets So given that it will supply 9.3cfm, it should run tools without too many problems :)

Meaco ABC range dehumidifier 20ltr compressor low energy £179.99 instore @ Costco
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd JanLocalLocal
Meaco ABC range dehumidifier 20ltr compressor low energy £179.99 instore @ Costco
£179.99£229.9922%Costco Deals
Spotted instore at Costco, as I needed to replace my ecoair dessicant dd122 mk5 (keeps turning itself off when I turn it on and just out of warranty when it started playing up and … Read more
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It is very good and efficient. I have similar dimplex dehumidifier and it works perfectly, no issues for 3 yrs. I am actually thinking about getting another one when the price goes down even lower than it is atm

ashehzad Is this any good? Nearly half price


That's poor from Costco, they should price match themselves. It is a great dehumidifier as its pulling so much water compared to the ecoair I had. Plus its soooooo quiet.


Tried my best but they aren’t happy to do price match. (annoyed) Cheaper in 2 stores Aberdeen and Liverpool


Went to costco Haydock today and they were £179 PLUS vat 😥

Einhell Pressito Hybrid Air Compressor @ Amazon - £52.99
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Posted 17th Dec 2019Posted 17th Dec 2019
Einhell Pressito Hybrid Air Compressor @ Amazon - £52.99
Brilliant piece of kit which I purchased during the Amazon Black Friday event. Somehow it appears that the price is now even better than what I paid :/ I cannot recommend enoug… Read more
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I'm on cow lane, kneeling in the mud, tyre flat, einhell battery flat. Nearest house half a mile, hopefully they'll have an extension lead long enough!


I would bite if it was around the £25-£30 mark. For many of us Einhell/Ozito invested diy and garden tool customers the last thing we want is yet another charging station


cold from me unless you have a battery already its another £44 or be tethered to a mains outlet doesn't seem to be a way to use this with your car without mains or the battery ? not much use if your in the middle of no where and no mains outlet Additionally Amazon images show a 2 pin EU plug (confused)


Ordered! I've had this on my Amazon wish list for a while - great price

Auto Care Redline Compact Digital air compressor £5.99 instore @ Home Bargains West Yorkshire
257° Expired
Posted 2nd Dec 2019Posted 2nd Dec 2019LocalLocal
Auto Care Redline Compact Digital air compressor £5.99 instore @ Home Bargains West Yorkshire
£5.99£12.3451%Home Bargains Deals
Digital air compressor 5.99 in-store at home bargains Can't comment on long term durability, but for 5.99 worth a punt. Also thort a good stocking filler for dad

Yeah I've had one of these for many years and it's been used quite a bit. No problems.




Yeah, so my air is taking up way too much space, it fills the whole house. Will this help?


Fantastic price and well worth a punt, heat added!


Which store

SGS 50 Litre Air Compressor at SGS Engineering UK for £101.99
73° Expired
Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
SGS 50 Litre Air Compressor at SGS Engineering UK for £101.99
Not only is this cheaper that a budget compressor, it is actually great quality so for this price it is an absolute steal. I have many of their tools in my own garage and they are … Read more
LG 43” Full HD LED TV £199.99 / Lenovo 120S-14IAP 14” Laptop - £119.99 / 50L compressor 89.99 / Tablet 69.99 - Dundonald (Belfast) Lidl
240° Expired
Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019LocalLocal
LG 43” Full HD LED TV £199.99 / Lenovo 120S-14IAP 14” Laptop - £119.99 / 50L compressor 89.99 / Tablet 69.99 - Dundonald (Belfast) Lidl
Saw this on Facebook Your new Lidl Dundonald store is now open! Here's a taste of the exclusive opening weekend offers now on In stores Thursday: LG 43” Full HD LED TV 43LF 500… Read more

Better quality product? You can't argue with resolution! If all I needed was 1080p then I'd still spend the extra £30 and have 1080p images upscaled atleast and then have the option of 4k video with HDR10 bit panel. Each to their own though, I'm just saying in my opinion that it's not a great deal for a tv in this day and age


Good spot, didn't even remember that and I actually posted their black friday deals leaflet earlier in the week lol


It was advertised for £179.99 yesterday for the 43’ , lol did they just stick £20 on it today


I'll stick to using pen and paper it's probbaly quicker with that ram


Low quality Toshiba, manufactured by Vestel in Turkey. Or, a better quality product. If all you need is a 1080p TV, with a decent brand and size, this is a decent deal. £199 for a 43" TV is still a steal, even if it isn't 4K.

Simple Value Analogue Tyre Inflator - 12V - £6 + Free Click & Collect @ Argos
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
Simple Value Analogue Tyre Inflator - 12V - £6 + Free Click & Collect @ Argos
£6£1250%Argos Deals
Feeling deflated? This handy tyre inflator couldn't be simpler to use. Just attach to the tyre, plug it in to your car's 12V socket and let the pump do the rest, it's that easy. It… Read more

It is slow but £6. Thanks for the post helped me out


Really want one of these that works from a normal mains plug.


Bought this earlier in the year but took it back to get a more expensive one. I guess it inflates your tyres but left me fully deflated with the length of time it takes. Still, for a fiver . . .


That is all I would expect at this price


I got this earlier in the year when it was a fiver. Works ok but takes ages! It is anything but "rapid". Better than a footpump though.

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