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New Dreame V10 XR Handheld Vacuum Cleaner household - £147.56 @ Ali Express Deals / Tookfun Store
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Posted 19th Oct 2020Posted 19th Oct 2020
New Dreame V10 XR Handheld Vacuum Cleaner household - £147.56 @ Ali Express Deals / Tookfun Store£147.56AliExpress Deals
10% off and coupon brings it down to 147.

It's not there anymore, was 10% off you buy one 15% for two.


10 per cent off coupon?


This, or an comparable price Shark or Dyson refurb? Probably use for the car, stairs and the occasional between-cleans tidy up....


https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dreame-t20-cordless-vacuum-cleaner#/ But I prefer to have separate heads rather than a 2 in 1.


Do you have a link?

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Dreame V10 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £173.80 @ Aliexpress / GeekHome Store
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Posted 15th Jun 2020Posted 15th Jun 2020Shipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Dreame V10 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £173.80 @ Aliexpress / GeekHome Store£173.80AliExpress Deals
Have been tracking this product for a while as looking to get a cordless handheld vacuum. Its a good price currently at £173.80, after using coupon codes get10 or 20SS10. Usually it sells fo…
Avatar dahokolomoki

It doesn't. It comes with "brushing head" to clean mites etc, it's not made for cleaning large area carpets. For that you need XR version that has special motorised large head.


No. Cheaper at 2 other places who have stock. I just mentioned a 3rd that did not deliver in time so I cancelled. They no longer list it so doubt have stock. No different to 2 recent aliexpress orders that also did not arrive. probably TCB and discount codes too but you’ve already bought yours now,


Well there you go. Cheaper from eglobalcentral but they didn't have stock! Good to see though that the V10 does come with a carpet head.


Cold. Been £149.99 for ages at Device Monster and Tecobuy UK. I ordered for £5 more from eglibalcentraluk weeks ago but cancelled it as they never shipped despite allegedly shipping from EU. It does come with mini carpet head reviews can be found here https://www.bestcordlessvacuumguide.com/dreame-v10-pro-review/ apparently v9p might be just as good as they say you don’t need full power on hard floors. So a saving getting the v9p if that’s the case at £132.99


No warranty in UK, be warned. Battery is also at least twice the price of a Dyson replacement. Thought of converting to this exact model but realised that things would go very south very quick. Be on the safe side people