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Ring floodlight cam plus chime Pro plus 6 months cloud £194.89 @ Costco
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Probably the best deal about at the moment for this bundle A further £40.10 reduction will be automatically applied at checkout Features: This item requires professional i… Read more
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This is a member only item.


Can anyone find it in white?


Also just to mention - yes you can schedule it to specific times, but if you want to "sleep" it, you can only select 30min, 1hr etc. If you have it somewhere where you have a front yard/driveway area and someone is at home when you are out, it'll keep alerting you and you have to keep snoozing it. Then if you snooze it, the person in the house gets no alerts if someone comes near the door. Not very well thought out, they have a long way to go with the software. Other cameras have facial recognition, I'm looking around at the moment for something better which does the job it's supposed to do, rather than sold as a brand name.


We had this, the video quality is terrible, you can't read numberplates or see peoples faces, so when you need it, it lets you down. Ring blame the wifi, but we'd set up a router right inside the wall from the camera, connected to 60MB EE 4G with 30MB upload. Still the signal was low, so I hung the router out the window next to the camera, still poor... So after many many emails with RIng, they replaced the camera and sent a Chime Pro, the signal was actually worst with their pro than directly with our router. It seems the camera struggles to broadcast a good enough wifi signal to stream the video. So what you get is not HD, especially after it's gone via their cloud. It looks clear at phone size, but try zooming in! Then compare with a HD tv lol! It's pethetic quality. The app is also very buggy, often live view doesn't load within the 30 seconds it records, you have to quit and reload it. Then the person who triggered the camera is no longer there. (Or has done something you could have stopped) The 2 way talk is not very loud and if there is any wind videos crackle quite badly, this was worst with the replacement. Great "fashion" item to alert you and make you feel secure, but if you need it, don't rely on it for evidence, you won't even read a numberplate.


I've owned this for about 5 months now and have to say I wouldn't recommend. The biggest issue for me is that as the videos are stored in the cloud, you have to wait for an event to be uploaded for you to be able to see it. If this is at 0400 in the morning when you're thinking someone is possibly breaking in, the 2-3 mins this sometimes takes is just too long. You can go straight to live view but all you know is there has been an event and now nothing is there so you worry until the video becomes available. The motion sensor is also not great, steam from my boiler, rain, snow, everything seems to set it off. I've pretty much given up on it now and just use it as a very expensive security light and backup to my EufyCam Cameras which show an event straight away and there is no monthly cost.

Ring Floodlight Cam Motion Activated Security Camera, Wired, Black at The Electrical Showroom for £219.99 delivered
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
The Ring Floodlight Cam is a motion activated security camera, with built in floodlights, two way audio communication system so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your proper… Read more
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it was 200 everywhere only a week ago and will probably drop again as they have announced new cameras. Your statement would suggest a daily deal is made for every products price fluctuation.


Never a deal when it was cheaper beforehand lol


superb piece of kit! I might buy a second one for the back of my house


£8.99 month 1 or more or I think its £3.99 for 1 camera


Seen these on here numerous times for £150-170. Better off waiting for the price to drop again

Ring floodlight cam - 20% off at Argos - £199 - Was £249
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7245772 - Floodlight cam £199 , was £249 https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7590764 - Spotlight Cam £169, was £199 https://www.argos.co.uk/product/… Read more
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I think it's checking the email address you use during checkout. Because it shows the discount for me until billing stage. Do you have a subscription and are using the same email address? Did you try getting to the billing page?


That’s strange because it works for me without logging in and having cleared my cookies and cache so it doesn’t know If I have a subscription or not.


I know it's for the Ring website, which is where I tried it. I realised afterwards it doesn't work if you just have the basic subscription. Cheers


Think you're commenting on the wrong deal, that code is for the ring website and only work if you're a premium subscriber , more than one device etc


PROTECTSUBSCRIBER doesn't work for me even though I have a subscription. Any ideas why?

Ring Floodlight Cam at eBay Currys for £179.10
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Ring Floodlight Cam... Been looking for one of these for a while.. found a deal at 199.99 and then reduces down to 179.10 after 10% discount added at checkout on Currys Ebay.. No… Read more
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Have this but motion alerts / lights go on when it rains.End up having to disable it for hours on end to stop false alerts.Defeats purpose of it.


Sold my yeelights due to being problematic, now got hue bulbs that work as they should, had the same problem with the crappy generic power outlet sockets that have now been replaced by D link ones, again work flawlessly unlike the rubbish ones that where so called cheap, cheap for a reason lol


Our bungalow is completely Yeelighted up (plus 12 of the Xiaomi night lights dotted all around so no main lights needed for any night time trips to the bathroom/kitchen etc (cheeky) ). Like you say, amazing products at amazing prices. And most of the Yeelights have been in situ well over a year and not an ounce of trouble. I await them shaking up the 'Ring' market in the coming months...


I agree. The yeelights are an amazing product and don’t require a hub, all at a fraction of the price of premium bulbs


It used to be this price at Electrical Showroom every day but now up to 219 quid! Which is disappointing. We have one (got it for 169 quid on a C&C special deal at Wickes) and it's absolutely brilliant. But now Xiaomi appear to be entering the market we are holding off further purchases to see how it all pans out (one thing Xiaomi do is sell comparable items much cheaper than most).

50W IP65 LED Floodlight £10.74 Delivered @ CPC
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
As above. Appears to be a good price. 75 LED / 3500lm Toughened glass construction IP65 Rated Cable length: 150mm Beam angle: 120° Dimensions: 173x126x45mm Product Information Li… Read more
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Sorry for the late reply got them from CPC


Been looking at the Ledvance Where did you buy them from?


That's awful design... And unreasonable for most people


no cable is to short what you need to do is get a waterproof connector instead of box. that's what I did.


May need to change the position of the ip65 box.

10W Black IP65 LED COB Floodlight £3.67 / £7.87 delivered @ CPC. Free delivery for orders over £8 (ex VAT)​
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
10W Black IP65 LED COB Floodlight; Suitable for walls, driveways, buildings, security lighting, porch lighting, workshop lighting etc.Energy efficient alternative to halogen floodl… Read more

Thank you @foneman2 . Ordered 6 to test out and see if I can uplight some of my hedging/trees. Will see how it goes.


It comes with bare wires, you need a junction box or other way to connect bare wire to things. If you have bare wire coming from indoors then you would usually use something like this: https://cpc.farnell.com/spelsberg/808-907-01/junction-box-grey-ip65-empty-ps/dp/EN84837?st=weatherproof junction boxes As a rule of thumb, 10w LED = 100w halogen. So you would want 2x 40w LED floodlights. If you don't need to read in the light and the floodlights are lower than 4m off the ground then you will probably find that a 20w LED or 200w halogen is entirely adequate - these are cheap enough that you can give 10w a punt before you decide what you want!


What are these equivalent to? I have 2 500w floodlights with 400w halogen bulbs in but really want to move to much lower wattage led but need that much lighting where they are used?


What's the right cable for these?


If you're looking for one with a PIR these are good. The only problem is that the lead that's attached is very short. https://cpc.farnell.com/pro-elec/pel00935/10w-led-floodlight-with-pir/dp/LA07321?MER=sy-me-pd-mi-acce

Utorch W1 Rechargeable Floodlight USB Work Outdoor Camping Warning Light - GOLDEN BROWN £8.03 GearBest
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Main features: Four brightness modes: strong, weak, flash, and sidelight LED will give you stable and bright light Adjustable bracket, 180-degree free adjustment Nonthermal radia… Read more

Any decent alternatives?.. thin heatsink sounds like a fire hazard, and poor design, how much more scrimping have they done?


Ahh Gearbest. It's all good clean fun until they steal your money and make you crawl through barbwire to get it back.


From a gearbest review i found last time it was posted: First of all, it is not 20W. It is 7.5W at the high setting. 2.5W for the low setting. And 1W for the side flashlight. Second thing is where real problem lays. The LEDs have absolutely NO heatsinking/cooling whatsoever! They are just mounter on a thin Aluminium plate for mechanical support. After about 1 minute on the high setting, the temperature of the plate reached 150°C! That is very bad design. Someone who does not know anything about LEDs seems to had designed this product. If you would to run this on high setting, I expect LEDs to die in 30 minutes or so. Then you can throw it in the trash. One-time use product. If you have this, then either just use it on low setting, or as I would do, install a heatsink on the LEDs.


https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Super-Bright-Rechargeable-LED-COB-Work-Light-Spotlights-Outdoor-Emergency-Lamp/123524015227?hash=item1cc29ae47b:m:msy4G-VOFxJeBIojlqRRJng these are the same price on ebay uk, nothing more than a piece of plastic with a battery compartment and some cheap leds


looking at the reviews, it comes without batteries. it will take 2 18650 li ion cells or 3 AA alkalines.there is a video under reviews showing the battery compartment which confirms the above

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Led floodlight 50 watt £10.20  @ CPC Farnell
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Led 50 watt floodlight i bought 3 excellent quality
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I wouldnt know or trust myself to wire these to the mains


3500lm only


LED floodlight...it ain’t.


Cold.. Maybe a mistake but this one only shows as 202W equiv, few pence more 400W https://cpc.farnell.com/pro-elec/pel00933/50w-led-floodlight/dp/LA07319?st=led flood light 50w


Can anyone recommend a rechargeable LED floodlight?

Ring Floodlight Cam £169.15 @ Ebay Currys
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Only today. 10% curry’s discount and 15% Ebay ( Code POWPOW15) on top of reduced price.

my eBay email confirmation it's written 152


Yes eBay says Yes eBay says £179.10


What does it say on eBay?


Curry’s invoice is 179 but actual charge is 152 as nearly 27 is discounted by Ebay as 152 is charged on PayPal


so eBay sent confirmation 152... but got invoice from Currys 179. have u checked?

PRO ELEC 20W LED Floodlight PIR inc. Flex - £10.78 delivered @ CPC
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
A compact and bright PIR floodlight for use in residential and domestic settings. The floodlight has a beam angle of 110°that can be tilted upwards and downwards at an angle of app… Read more

IP65 should withstand the worst of the British weather. This one is actually only IP44, which should still be adequate, just don't spray it with a hosepipe, or mount it under an overflowing gutter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_Code#Second_digit:_Liquid_ingress_protection


Got mine from home bargains paid £11.99 works well For me outside the back door


OK been put off with this one can anyone suggest a decent one then for outdoors


Okay, just don't get upset when it stops working. For everyone else, unless it's in a protected position you will need a higher IP rating to cope with the British downpours


I hope those free tutorials emphasise the trouble that can arise from one missing logical operator! ;)

Ring Floodlight Cam - HD Security Camera with built-in floodlights, two way talk and siren alarm, white Amazon for £179
30/12/2019Expires on 30/12/2019Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
The Evolution of Outdoor Security Replace your outdated security lights with Floodlight Cam, a motion-activated HD camera with two-way communication, lights and a siren. See, hear … Read more

Can I easily install it by myself?Or have to hire an installer?


Hi people, I’ve opened a account on here, gone to buy this ring floodlight at the advertised price of £179. Yes when I go to buy it , it’s £250. I’ve tried several times now . Still get £250 Any help


I've got one of these, and it's really good. Picture on Echo Show 1st Gen is not brilliant, but that's down to the screen. Picture on my S9 Plus is excellent. Two way audio is also crisp and loud. Be aware though, that if you want access to recordings on Ring servers it'll cost you an additional £25 per year for a single floodlight cam. Not a bad price though.


Back to 249


Heat from me, you actually bothered to put in a proper description unlike the black one.

Ring Floodlight Cam with Built-in Floodlights, Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm (Black) - Delivery within 3 days £179 Amazon
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
On the expensive side still, but relatively good price for these as an Amazon deal of the day.


I used a TP link extender (circa £15) and it works nicely. You're right thought it needs careful positioning to be effective and crucially not be too far from the router to work.


Unless you need the chime I would personally put the money saved towards a whole home wifi system. These wifi extenders are just playing at it imo/ime. Tried one (a netgear one for 20 quid so not cheap) and it was basically rubbish. It wasn't until we got the BT whole home system that the floodlight cam started performing pretty flawlessly. We have the Virgin Media 300mbs package and now get 110-120mbps at the far end of our (longish) garden! We couldn't get any signal at all before installing the BT system! IME most routers supplied by ISPs are absolute garbage at throwing out wifi. Can't wait for the Summer now...


(y) I took advantage of that deal too at the time. They refused my Top Cashback payments though!


Yes. It has a wi-fi extender built in. Think it only works with the Ring stuff though. I've got some Ring hardware, but not installed it all yet. https://shop.ring.com/products/chime-pro

Wickes Defender 400W Twin telescopic Floodlight work light £20 click and collect
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Was looking for something to let me see what I'm doing while I paint some ceilings with the lights removed, and found this which looks like a great price, i'm picking it up tomorro… Read more
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Yes typically 10% but I have an email that states 20% for today.


Trade discount is 10% sometimes they have offers on Mondays which give you 15%


Yep. Nicely timed offer from Screwfix there for you. (y)


I've just seen the Screwfix Diall LED light offer with free tripod posted by idontflycathay which looks better than mine! I'm binning this and going for that one!!


Glad I didn't go for the 800W ones then (shock)

Ring Floodlight Camera in Black/White from Currys £179
Found 9th Dec 2018Found 9th Dec 2018
Ring Floodlight Camera in Black/White from Currys £179
USE DISCOUNT CODE for 10% off SMARTSEC10 Seems to be the best price at the moment, available in Black or White

expired on tuesday


"We don't recognise that code. Please enter another." :-(


anyone else got it cheaper, wish i bought during the wicked deal


Slimline 50w Led floodlight (non pir) only £10.20 delivered at CPC Farnell
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Slimline 50w Led floodlight (non pir) only £10.20 delivered at CPC Farnell
Okay so it has no pir, but I've just put three of these up on my garage wall that plug into a remote control socket to light up the length of the garden that I can turn on and off … Read more
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CPC The gearbest of the UKGreat price .... Naff company


Unfortunately I can't really help you there as we only tried it for photo's, don't get me wrong I'm not saying it won't work at all, it's just that the colours of your photo's/video's may not be accurate, if you don't mind playing around with the white balance settings on your camera and/or have access and ability to use a decent editting program you'll probably be fine, it's just that my missus needed decent quality and colour correct photo's for a professional website which is why we struggled.


Ok what about for video instead? For YouTube purposes.


I suppose so, but we have tried this before but struggled to find a decent picture quality. But please bare in mind that neither me nor my missus are anywhere near professional photographer standards and where trying to get professional standard pictures of glass (which is notoriously difficult to photograph) for her business website!


Can someone help me find just a PIR sensor to attach into a led flashlight. Thanks

Ring Floodlight - Click & Collect - Wickes - £153.85 (£148.72 after Quidco cashback)
LocalLocalFound 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
Ring Floodlight - Click & Collect - Wickes - £153.85 (£148.72 after Quidco cashback)
£153.85Wickes Deals
Excellent price for the Ring Floodlight. I've ordered two to cover the front and back of my house! click and collect only Use code BLACK18

Deal has expired ;(


Price has gone up to £230 now


Doorebell I would tend to agree with you as I've got a cheapo Chinese one and works OK (but TBH nowhere near as reliably as the Floodlight cam I have). But this thread is about the Floodlight Cam, which you clearly have no experience of. And i really don't mind dissenting voices at all if that person has had any experience of the product, which you clearly haven't hence your silence last night when challenged. Plus the 'alternative' you linked to was a bit of a laugh given the fact it was missing 3 key ingredients that sets the Ring apart but was the same price! :D And I LOVE information presented when it comes from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. It's sort of how you learn about things, isn't it? But not from self-appointed internet experts.with no experience of the actual product they are critiquing.....


I'm not a professional fitter so I think I can afford to wait until reputable competition forces the price down.


Yes I agree ring is a little overpriced. But what is the price for security for you and your family and home? in regards to the doorbell you can buy similar products from China for less than quarter of the price but where you will struggle is with the software.. Ring has obviously invested heavily in their software and app and they know that. But now that the Google doorbell is out things are getting a lot more interesting and I'm sure the prices will drop. China has even bought out their version of this floodlight for £80..but I know that the software will not be nowhere near as good as the ring one here is a link if anyone is interested in my opinion all the headache of fitting the product and then if it doesn't 100% do what you intended it to in my eyes defeats the purpose if somebody wants to cut corners and costs for security for their home and family that is up to them each to their own FREECAM Floodlight Security Camera, Motion-Activated, Wireless wifi Outdoor Security Camera Built-in Suspicious Intrusion Detection,White amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BVSZB4L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_CdK.BbZQ8CT2T

Netatmo Presence - Smart Outdoor Security Camera with integrated floodlight and smart alerts - £164.98 @ Amazon
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Netatmo Presence - Smart Outdoor Security Camera with integrated floodlight and smart alerts - £164.98 @ Amazon
£164.98£187.4912%Amazon Deals
Been looking for some tome next best price is from Netatmo at £187.49 on sale. Normally £249.99 on Amazon.

This or the ring ?


Great product + the cheapest I have seen to date


Certainly has!


This seems to have expired now and gone up in price


I agree, unsure why it is voted cold :/

Ring Floodlight Cam at Amazon for £179
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Ring Floodlight Cam at Amazon for £179
Usually £249 white and black available

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