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The iPhone 8 Plus is a large screen model of the 8th generation iPhone. With its high-resolution screen, sophisticated camera, powerful processor and a new glass chassis that allows for wireless charging, it's one serious smartphone, and anyone who wants to add one to their tech collection can do so for less by checking out the iPhone 8 listings at HotUKDeals.

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Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB 3 Colours In Good Condition (Vodafone) £212.79 With Code @ Music Magpie Ebay
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Made hot 20th Feb 2020Made hot 20th Feb 2020
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB 3 Colours In Good Condition (Vodafone) £212.79 With Code @ Music Magpie Ebay£212.79eBay Deals
Update 1
Avalible again
Not to outdo my own post, but for an extra £13, you csn get the plus variant, though obviously the smaller form factor of the 8 is appealing Please use the app or desktop site as… Read more

I use 3u tools on PC to check information on my phone. Battery cycles, etc.


Does anyone have a link to the diagnostic app on AppStore? Or a pic? There are too many to know which one is the correct one being spoke about here - Dr Phone / Phone Doctor. Bought a very condition iPhone 8 Plus at 84% health. Want to give it s further check over!


Sorry, Phone Doctor


I ordered a good space grey 256 gb; it arrived yesterday and is virtually spotless. Battery health 92%. Haven't used any diagnostic checker & IIRC dr phone was mentioned, but I don't think that is the correct one ??


My very good replacement for my good arrived today. The body of the phone is pristine but the screen does have quite a few shallow scuffs and scratches, but having put a glass screen protector on, they’re no longer visible. The True Tone setting is present and the battery is a respectable 88% health. Overall, I’m happy with it

IPhone 8 £243.99 | Pixel 2 XL £176.99 | IPhone 8 Plus £311.99 + More Below Graded Good @ Music Magpie Ebay
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Made hot 18th Jul 2019Made hot 18th Jul 2019
IPhone 8 £243.99 | Pixel 2 XL £176.99 | IPhone 8 Plus £311.99 + More Below Graded Good @ Music Magpie Ebay£176.99£229.9923% offeBay Deals
All these are Graded good, all with best beating prices, including the below, enjoy :) ..... All with varying network locks. If it turns up in a bad state, returns are easy. … Read more

I have had a bad experience with them also , recently bought an iPad pro 12.9 inch 3rd gen in good condition and when it arrived looked like Edward Scissorhand had been playing candy crush on the thing , cracks and scratches all over the screen.


Vodafone, Pink, Good condition comes up as £74.99, or £59.99 after voucher...


I also just ordered a pristine s10 locked to vodafone (£399). I believe they do, but I haven't had personal experience. And I'd hope blocking would happen within the 12 months warranty if it was going to happen at all.


Just saw iPhone 8 plus I've been waiting for. It's gone now isn't it (annoyed)


Thanks for sharing your suggestions. I will think about it later tomorrow... On other hand I’ve bought S7 Edge Pristine from there eBay store and is in mint condition but battery 🔋 is terrible. I got it only 2 days & I’m only using it on WiFi & even on standby battery is gone down (annoyed) to 88% from 100 within no time...

iphone schematics  from iphone 4 to iphone 8 plus - free to download
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Made hot 11th Mar 2019Made hot 11th Mar 2019
iphone schematics from iphone 4 to iphone 8 plus - free to downloadFREE£0.01
iphone schematics from iphone 4 to iphone 8 plus - free to download at time of posting might be helpful to someone

Skewed by the fact that those demographics will have phone given to them by employers.




No I agree! I wasn’t taking anything away from the original question-asker, I was just being honest! :D


Might be useless to them but if you don’t ask questions then you can’t learn something new? (y) I’ve downloaded purely out of curiosity...(popcorn) :p :D


Well done you. Did you get an adult to help you with all the thinking? Rhetorical question, it's obvious one did. Ask the adult to read the rest of my posts to you.

Game Development Tycoon (ios only) - £1.99 @ iTunes
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Made hot 29th Dec 2018Made hot 29th Dec 2018
Game Development Tycoon (ios only) - £1.99 @ iTunes£1.99£4.9960% offiTunes Store Deals
Rated number 4 in strategy games. Game development tycoon has amazing reviews just go and have a look. It's well worth the money and will keep you busy when you have time to waist,… Read more

My ending left way too many questions. Very Donny Darko wasnt it?


Watched it after reading your comment last night. Man what a twisted film


This reminds me, the interactive black mirror film is on Netflix, pretty good too


Yes it is


Is this the game if it detects you are playing a pirated copy it lets you put all the work in to develop your product in the game, then when you launch it you get hit by piracy and the studio gradually goes bankrupt?

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iPhone 8 Plus 64gb Space Grey  £564 Argos Ebay
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Made hot 28th Dec 2018Made hot 28th Dec 2018
iPhone 8 Plus 64gb Space Grey £564 Argos Ebay£564£639.9912% offeBay Deals
Argos clearance have brand new IPhone 8 Plus 64gb Space Grey. Delivery only, but £60 cheaper than usual, plus the EBay discount.



eBay had 15% off yesterday ( max discount £75), taking the price of the iPhone 8 down from £599 to £524.


How did u get it for 524?




Out of stock?

NOW LIVE: Vodafone - 100GB Sim for £36pm (24mo) w/ FREE Handset (Incl iPhone XR / Samsung S9 + Plus / iPhone 8 Plus & More) @ Fonehouse
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Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018
NOW LIVE: Vodafone - 100GB Sim for £36pm (24mo) w/ FREE Handset (Incl iPhone XR / Samsung S9 + Plus / iPhone 8 Plus & More) @ Fonehouse£864fonehouse Deals
Update 1
Just got the heads up on an absolutely stonking offer going live from tomorrow over at Fonehouse. Vodafone 24 month plan with 100GB of data for £36pm with a FREE phone included. S… Read more

Just to give yous an update on this. Carphone Warehouse was refusing to give us this deal after passing credit check while the deal was still on, they’ve used every excuse possible and I put a complaint in. Got the answer to the complaint and that was I still wasn’t getting the deal because I never called them when they emailed me to do so. I did call them and waited over an hour before hanging up numerous times, I then went into there shop and they tried to call as well and they told me they couldn’t get through either. Contacted trading standards and they are on the case saying there are laws in place to stop them doing this. Long story short don’t give up on this if you have been refused as by law they have to honour the deal, that’s what trading standards told me.


I received my huawei last week... My friend who also ordered the iPhone just received his too. Looks like they are stocking u again in order to fulfil orders.


Where did you buy it from? They will have provided details on their website when you ordered? I am not meaning to be flippant, but you should have kept a copy of all details of the offer you signed up for as otherwise you risk overpaying. These companies rely on customers not understanding the deal/not submitting the correct bills to claim. If you haven't a copy, maybe state which of the offers you went for from which company and someone who took the same deal can perhaps post the details.


Anytime I’ve done a cash back on mobile you have to send in bill no. 3 6 9 then 12 and they pay you by cheque in instalments. Last time I swore I’d Never do it again as ended up forgetting months and they wouldn’t let you claim then the cheques I did get I kept to the side until I had them all and when I put in bank they would only cash the newest one as the rest had expired lol as I said never again.


How and when do we claim cashback? I am confused by the whole thing. I am really happy with the s9+ but worried ill be paying wayyy more than i wanted for it.