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With its oversized screen and specs to die for, the Apple iPhone Xs Max takes an already iconic family of phones to another level. Optimised for gaming, streaming and photography; the best deals for the iPhone Xs Max can be found on the hotukdeals listings.

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Apple iPhone XS Max 6.5 Super Retina OLED, Dolby Vision, HDR10, A12 Bionic, 64GB. Unlocked. Refurbished Very good £287.96 @ loop_mobile eBay
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Full specs for the smartphone: https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.gsmarena.com/apple_iphone_xs_max-ampp-9319.php

Got mine today. Not a, single mark on grade C and a bonus it's 256GB not 64GB. Really wanted 256GB anyway but couldn't justify it. Must be my lucky day. That's my wit not the above seller.


I have got my P30 Pro from them and it’s was like new as Grade C. Had it for 4-5 months. It say 12 months warranty so that should cover any problems…..


You are not protected from that with any reseller anywhere. Had 2 handsets blacklisted, one from musicmagpie another from your so praised mywit. Samsung galaxy s8 was bought from musicmagpie and blacklisted after 7 months. Musicmagpie wants to know nothing about it - too long time passed after purchase. Lucky me 2nd sim was working fine. Mywit - iphone 8. Blacklisted after 5 months.


And many people have saved thousands by buying used handsets from resellers and not feeling the need to buy current gen handsets so they can feel superior to others...


Rubbish talk. If you buy used phone, better check it in hand before you buy, so you know what you got. An all these online resellers are same risk. Gumtree is perfect for that. I always use it and saved thousands.

Apple iPhone XS Max - 64GB 256GB 512GB - Unlocked Smartphone Various Colours - £298.60 delivered using code @ Music Magpie / eBay
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Seems like a pretty good deal but not as good as yesterday's.

Only one reason why i still have Apple - it's their airpods. Everywhere else they far behind


But you get OS update support for 5/6 years or more, whereas the fragmented Android market gives between 1 to 2 years with a few, e.g. Google 3 years OS support..


to be honest before was like this:) but in current time best way is update phone every year


I sheep baaaa :D


Not bad at all (unicorn)

IPhone XS Max 64gb Silver B+ £264 with code @ eBay / homeandgardenltd
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
I bought two XS maxes from this exact seller last 20% code, they are absolutely pristine. Like, brand new, battery health was 90% and 93%. Frankly at this price the phone is prob… Read more

Thanks for sharing everyone. Looks to be random for some users then. It is hit and miss for me, some app, some of the time but It is well documented on forums too. It’s my first iphone for 6 years, so was very surprised to be honest.


Mine is smooth as my last iphone, which was an 11 pro. No noticable difference in performance. Id say its a bit smoother than my xperia 1 ii


I’ve had this very occasionally, simple restart cured it.


Is it out of stock?


I’ve not had this issue, had this phone for over 2 years and faultless in my experience

Apple Iphone XS MAX 64GB - Various Colours - Unlocked Smartphone, Grade A - £271.99 delivered using code @ homeandgardenltd / eBay
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
I seen this on ebay thought it's pretty cheap so why not buy a few (y)



Speak of the devil! They have another listing now for some B+ models rated as "Good condition" instead of the "very good condition" of the A-'s. 3 available at £263.99 Although the listing states standard delivery mine was the same and i still got a DPD tracking number within a couple of hours.


Yeah i spotted one of these a little earlier from one of their other listings and managed to grab one of these A- for £264. I would have posted but there was only one left.


Shows 524 on checkout


Ordered- code worked. thanks for posting

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Iphone xs max 64gb unlocked used grade B+ £254.99 with code @ homeandgardenltd / ebay
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Posted 12th MarPosted 12th Mar
Iphone xs max 64gb unlocked used grade B+ £254.99 with code @ homeandgardenltd / ebay£254.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Grade B+ for £255 and grade A for £280ish

My phone Grade A- arrived yesterday. Cosmetically pristine but sadly the speaker is defective. Disappointed but easy to return and request a refund/replacement.


90 & 93% battery but some damage on back and sides. Screen was very good condition


These are so good I ordered an A- for my girlfriend, for £290 after the voucher. They’re still there. Absolutely perfect, looks brand new. 93% battery health. Amazing seller! These are better than the pristines ive bought from music magpie


Hmm yh


Do you just check visually and then look at battery health? They oversold grade A silver so offered a space grey instead.

Apple Smart Battery Case (for iPhone XS Max), White - £53.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Apple Smart Battery Case (for iPhone XS Max), White - £53.99 @ Amazon£53.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Genuine Apple item only for iPhone XS Max. Not in stock but available to order. Seems like a good price. Black version was as low as £43.74 at the back end of last year.

Mophie ones are available in B&M for £5. edit, it is for iphone X, not max


Was the day after an election for a joke (y)


Oh I thought u meant this one (lol) Anyway why do I seem to attract trolls, what do u need? Why are u having a fit cause I made the big mistake of having an opinion. What u just posted is Irrelevant to this deal?!




R u still here comparing Apple and potatoes (lol) . Why are u always this angry? And my deal was voted hot for a reason, this is cold for a reason. Either way I also think their phones are very expensive but at least they work smoothly. But this is an unclever price of plastic no different to eBay £1 plastic cases. Anyway, what is it you need from me or want?