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Yeah, sorry forgot to add it was with the 10% discount for being a protect plus subscriber


I just checked, they are £189 today? https://en-uk.ring.com/products/3-pack-stick-up-cam-battery-1


Bought the 3 pack for £170.10 from Ring.com yesterday and they arrived today.


Last time they were that price was black Friday :(


Waiting for it to drop around £60

Ring Solar Panel for Stick Up Cam £35.99 + £5 delivery @ ITS
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Posted 31st Dec 2020Posted 31st Dec 2020
Ring solar panel for Stick Up Cam and possibly spotlight cam. Dont know version but £15 cheaper than Amazon Free delivery for £100 spend or £5 if spending less

Agree misleading on the sellers part as they use images of both the current generation solar panel and the original generation solar panel which is what this is. This solar panel is for the first generation Battery powered Stick up cam that ring made which was square shaped looking similar to their doorbell design and came in black only. It will only work with this:


Who me? I definitely am. Blink cameras front and back. Many smart devices in the house. Why do you think I'm not?


Zackkr, yours is a Stick Up Cam - Battery. Both the Stick Up Cam - Battery and the Spotlight Cam - Battery have a barrel connector. They use the same barrel connector. The Ring solar panel works with both the Stick Up Cam and Spotlight Cam - Battery versions. Also, Wasserstein make an excellent solar panel for these models. The micro usb solar panel fits a Ring Stick Up Cam - Powered. The 'Powered' version can also be powered via PoE, power over ethernet. The seller should really make this clear


It doesn't sound like you are a tech fan.


(y) 8)

Echo Show 5 + Ring Stick Up Cam Battery bundle £89 @ Amazon
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Posted 21st Dec 2020Posted 21st Dec 2020
Echo Show 5 + Ring Stick Up Cam Battery bundle £89 @ Amazon£89£168.9947% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Can get the bundle for a decent price but you might also be able to order and cancel one or the other to get a decent discount. Not sure how much this would be but I did exactly t… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

That was for the plug in cam, this is for the battery cam


You can't anymore and it was a cheaper camera (indoor only) than this one.


Where can I find the echo and ring for 69.99?


Interesting how long would you say it lasts? I might buy it then for the camera to do some tests and maybe a youtube vid and sell or cancel the show 5? Hmm reviews are not great and you need a subscription to the cloud which is a ripoff for all ipcams https://www.techradar.com/uk/reviews/ring-stick-up-cam The old ones i have allow web access via a browser and easy to move the camera 360 degrees up and down with zoom and night vision and they also store the video footage either on a tfcard in the camera or to my laptop, home server or pc locally using ispy or even get the alert pictures via email - the old cams have so much more funcitonality than these so called cloud cams the only downside is the resolution is restricted to 720p! All these new cloud cams are a downgrade and a ripoff in my opinion from the good old 720p cams i have running on all my properties. I have a dbpower and easyn which have been on 24 hours a day for over 7 years in my home in St Petersburg and without single fault so that proves the old comment of "chinese rubbish" is not true! (confused)


Or punt it on ebay if you cant cancel it and get the deal trick! (shock)

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Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD 720p £59 at ao.com
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Posted 24th Nov 2020Posted 24th Nov 2020
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD 720p £59 at ao.com£59 Free P&P Freeao.com Deals
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD 720p - White free del

Gone up to £69 in the Ring sale.


Thanks OP!


I bought this and it arrived today. The box says it is 1080p


You’re better off buying the Echo Show 5 + stick up battery for £79 and then selling the Show 5, that’s what I’m doing.


1080p one is £54.99 + delivery (£3.49 for super saver) from eBuyer.

Ring stick up Cam & Amazon Echo show 8 for £78 at ao.com
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Posted 24th Nov 2020Posted 24th Nov 2020
Ring stick up Cam & Amazon Echo show 8 for £78 at ao.com£78 Free P&P Freeao.com Deals
If purchasing the ring stick up cam and the amazon echo show 8 together use code SHOW40 to take off £40 So it makes the Echo show 8 £19!!!

(lol) (lol) (lol)


Not often im right well most days ;)


(lol) you did!!


Knew it :p


Deffo 1080p !!