Bosch drill sparking/flaming - advice please

Posted 30th Jul 2016

I recently bought a 'Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill Driver' from amazon and it sparks and produces a quick flame inside the ventilated area at the back after pulling the trigger. Is this normal? Having googled it, it appears opinion is divided on this?

I emailed Bosch a couple of weeks ago and haven't received a response.

Any input would be appreciated.



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  1. krisward7955's avatar
    The brushes can spark. And as it's new it may have oil residue. I wouldn't worry about it, but just be wary of it. It will probably die down the more you use it.
  2. deleted1163056's avatar
    as above, new electric motors do tend to spark whilst the bushes wear in, should subside with some regular use just avoid touching it, for obvious reasons
  3. philphil61's avatar
    As above but you've took the time to email the manufacturer for advice and haven't received a response and I assume you would prefer a more professional response to "ease your mind" which is quite normal

    Why not contact Amazon just to make them aware of your email and/or post in the questions section on the item page?
  4. wayners's avatar
    Normal to have a few sparks. Looks worse if you use drill at night or in dark area. You have to decide if it's seems dangerous and not right. Smoke. Strange noise or drill not having power then stop and contact customer support.
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