Cadbury Easter eggs - is it me or do they taste bad?

Posted 26th Feb 2023
Bought one of those little Freddo Frog eggs as a treat a couple of days ago.
Yes it's small, and they're saving money on the packaging by put the Freddo Faces loose inside the egg, but the taste
Seemed like a dodgier Hershey's bar to be honest. with a sort of sickly / sour taste. It didn't come across as anything like normal Cadburys chocolate to me (although it's not amazing anyway).
Either a dodgy one, or the recipe has worsened.
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  1. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    All the old well know chocolate brands like Cadburys, rowntree/mackintosh, Frys, bendix of Mayfair etc have all been taken over by Mars, kraft/mondelez, Nestlé or companies from Europe. Some of it, is not even made here anymore.

    They have also had their recipes changed, to save money and increase profits. Primarily the reduction in cocoa or coco solids. The increase in the use of vegetable or palm oils and more sugar or worse still, glucose fructose syrup. There are also a lot of bars with extra added things like biscuit, fruit, cereals or jelly bits. As it pads the bar out, so they can use less chocolate as the other ingredients make up the weight.

    Real chocolate doesn't contain vegetable or palm oil. Only coco fat or oils from the cocoa. That is why a lot of chocolate is so hard and waxy now.

  2. AMaky's avatar
    just buy a decent quality high cocoa chocolate bar and enjoy
  3. matt.whats's avatar
    Cadburys chocolate is ©®ap because of all the constant changing of ingredients. Galaxy on the other hand .......... 🤤🤤🤤
  4. Gingerdan's avatar
    Have you done a covid test?
  5. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Mars inc eggs are the ones you want 🤤 (edited)
    MonkeysUncle's avatar
    Exactly this.
    Galaxy chocolate is way better than Cadburys.

    Cadburys has gone from one of the better chocolates to not much better than nestle crap.
  6. bracey100's avatar
    last years stock
  7. redmouse2's avatar
    nestle much worse
  8. galareho's avatar
    Bought some on offer from Morrisons and cant believe the size of them now, even for £1 they’re tiny.
  9. xenole's avatar
    I did try some Dairy Milk yesterdays and far better.

    I do tend to eat mostly M&S 100% cocoa chocolate and 85-90% varieties. Maybe these have changed the way I taste sugary chocolate?
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    I had a look at the ingredients on one of those fredo mini easter eggs. When I was in Sainsbury's the other day. They only have 19 or 20% actual chocolate in them. So the rest is sugars and fats. Probably why it tasted horrible.
  10. superjediman's avatar
    I enjoyed the Buttons Easter Egg, which tasted closer to the old recipe, but the Mini Eggs Easter Egg tasted terrible and it went straight in the bin.

    My wife thinks the Buttons egg was made in the UK, but I'm not so sure.

    I know that since they changed the recipe, I've eaten less Cadburys chocolate. Do they not realise they are pushing us to other chocolate brands, or even worse we stop eating chocolate and eat other things.

    Bring back our old milk chocolate. (edited)
  11. dealpickle's avatar
    I know that Cadbury's has generally gone down the pan in recent years, but i've largely found that their eggs were still pretty great. That said, even I thought that my Buttons egg was really poor this year - apart from the obvious size issue, the lack of foil meant that it couldn't be re-wrapped properly after eating part of it, and the consistency of the chocolate was shocking, it became a kind of odd sludge after just holding it for a minute or two while eating it. It even seemed to lack a bit of taste this year. I only bought it in the first place because of the TCB offer, but i think i'll be buying eggs from other companies in future. (edited)
  12. davejb's avatar
    try some of the aldi or lidl chocolate... much better quality than the big named brands and loads cheaper!
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