Can anyone recommend a hire car excess insurance company?

Posted 20th Jul 2022

I'm hiring a car in Spain. Does anyone have experience with hire car insurance excess cover?
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    Oh and don't tell the car hire people you have separate insurance or there's a good chance they'll try to say it isn't valid and you still need theirs. I can confirm from multiple experiences.
    A car hire excess insurance is you being insured about the hire car. It is none of the car hire place's business as you still pay the excess but you claim back, therefore is irrelevant them being involved or having an opinion or trying to suggest otherwise. I just tell the car hire place 'no thanks, I'm ok' when offered their own (very expensive comparatively) insurance product.

    I also recommend when travelling abroad (and you have roaming which is not expected to cover extra for a bit of data above what you will use anyway) to bring a universal mounting phone cradle (I use one that attaches to fan vents), a cigarette lighter socket to USB adapter, and your relevant USB cable as never know when android auto or apple car play etc will be present and active in your hire car), and hiring a separate satnav is generally extortionate from the car hire places. (edited)
    We had a company insist we needed theirs, wanted £150 for a week when the car only cost £70! We said no, especially as they went round the car with us first agreeing current damage and I had to point out half a dozen they had 'missed'. They got a bit annoyed when I got the phone out and videoed the whole thing as I didn't trust him. Anyway, some bugger hit our wing mirror in a car park. Tried to fix but no spare parts on the island, so thought what the hell we'll pay for it then claim it back. Car hire lot were ecstatic we'd got damage, kept saying this is why we need their insurance, but I said we had our own and they insisted it wouldn't be covered and I'd never get the claim through.

    So, put the claim in, it's refused. Despite circling the damage on the receipt they'd put the reason down as excess cleaning fee which isn't covered, not being able to read Portuguese I hadn't realised. Took 2 months of back and forth to get it sorted as we had to get the original hire location to reissue a proper receipt and they were refusing, I'll never touch Goldcar again.
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    Best place to check is here on Moneysavingexpert and scroll to excess insurance.
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    I used in 2019 and had to claim on it. No issues whatsoever. Paid out w/o a fuss.
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    I have used this company 3 times and found them to be good, only had to claim once and all was promptly resolved.

    Also found they were helpful with any questions / queries before hand
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    I also use icarhireinsurance for an annual policy. Not yet had need to claim though.
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    I am about to renew with Questor Insurance via MSE for £33.73. Never had to use it, but seems to get good reviews on trustpilot and covers you for the UK too. Also provides towing cover which some do not.

    Replying to

    If you go to the mse website and click on the link there it automatically deducts the discount, or it did when I was there last.
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    There’s at least one car hire company that the excess insurers won’t touch. Should give you an indication of that particular company’s tactics.

    Can’t remember which one it is but should be on the insurance company website. (edited)
    Was it Green Motion?
    Probably just committed libel.
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    Done it previously and had to use it, got to say the insurers were easier to deal with than the car hire company! We just added it to a travel policy we were getting anyway, RAC I think it was, cost about a tenner for 2 weeks and saved us £150
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    I also use icarhireinsurance, recently took a worldwide policy out with them again, £89 and 10% TopCashback. Not yet claimed but when I’ve emailed any questions they have been quick to respond.
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    which recommended chewinsurance and I used them for an annual policy - it was about £50 for up to 60 odd days a year, I think - didn't need to use it , glad to say
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