Can I use a DPF cleaner (Redex) instead of a Pat/Eolys fluid?

Posted 22nd Nov 2021
I have had some issues with my car with the dust particulate filter error coming up on the dashboard. I wasn't sure what fluid my car used, so I put in a bottle of Redex DPF cleaner with my tank of fuel. I did this about a month ago and since then I have had no issues - the car appeared to do a regeneration whilst I was driving it down the motorway and the error code disappeared (it hasn't appeared since).

However, tonight I've had my car towed to my garage as an engine fault error came up and it went into limp mode (18 mph along the motorway). The breakdown man said it was an error fault with injector number 1, however, that was only replaced 2 months ago (as the limp mode issue happened then), but when restarting the car, the breakdown man said that the injector error fault had disappeared.

I'm now wondering if the issue is with the Redex DPF cleaner that I have been using? I'm saying this, as I have just found some paperwork (from the previous owner) for the car, saying that in 2019, Pat Fluid Fuel Borne was added to the car - on looking that up, doesn't that mean that my car uses an Eolys system for regeneration? Also, I am wondering if the current engine warning issue is due to my adding the Redex DPF cleaner instead of what should have been Pat Fluid (I have had no error message coming up on the dashboard to say that the Eolys system needed topping up). I did not even know what a DPF was until about a month after I had bought the car, as my previous Citroen Xsarra Picasso diesel car did not have one. The garage will probably look at the car in the next day or so, but I'm wondering if I should ask them if the Redex DPF cleaner could have caused an engine issue? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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