Cost of running a gaming pc?

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Posted 4th Aug 2022
My son has a gaming pc that he built,I'm a little concerned about the cost of running it,can anyone tell me how much they think it would cost to run per hour please as i haven't got a clue,we're with octopus and electricity is 27.63 per kw/h

It has a 750 watt power unit
Ryzen 7 3700x cpu
Ge force rtx 2060 6gb graphics card
2 monitors both AsusVG248 24"
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    I’d assume the easiest way to calculate would be to take a meter reading at a set time, set an alarm for an hour later, and take a reading again. Then have your son turn the PC on and use it for an hour, set another alarm and take the reading again. You’d just have to ensure that the same electronics are in use during the 2 hours if you want to get it as accurate as possible.
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    I’m sorry you’re in panic mode, I know the cost of living is a daunting prospect for many right now…eme it may be worth seeing if you’re eligible for this scheme, which can be granted in addition to the £400 energy rebate, to help with your bills.
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    Ask your son to look into undervolting the graphics card and perhaps the CPU, educational and will save on the bill.

    If not gaming some phones double up as a PC and are much much cheaper to run, you can also buy a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 which works well as a computer for anything other than gaming (will run only very lightweight 2d games).

    Also there is no point in idling a computer so if it's not going to be used more than 5-10 minutes turn it off or set it to go to sleep. Turn the monitor off after 5 minutes of not using it (standby mode is fine). (edited)
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    Give me a shout if you get stuck at all. I've also found stability issues in non RT games with voltages that RT games didn't like as well so best to find a stable voltage in a RT game and stick with it. Sometimes you can run a non RT game for hours and then bam, game crashes. A bit annoying but priceless for saving energy, heat and getting more performance
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    Buy a tp link smart plug with energy monitoring for 9.99 that way you get real-time info via app and can turn it on with 1 tap on your screen
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    Simplest way is to measure power usage at the socket.
    If you don't have a monitor you can put between the pc and the mains, then turn off everything in the house(it won't hurt the freezer etc for 10 mins) and watch the reading on your electric meter. Make sure speakers, monitors and any accessories are fully live.
    Make it 10 or 15 mins, then multiply usage by 6 or 4 to give yourself a guideline.
    It won't be fully accurate, but enough to within pennies on the day

    Smart plugs with monitors are available for less than £10, and can be used to check all of your devices (edited)
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    Thank you
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    It doesn't use a set amount, it depends what he's doing. For example my brother used to pause in game then go out for a fag and often wander off forgetting, with it's fans running full whack to cool a system that was showing stuff for no reason! While in game it will use much more than when in windows, since he moved out we dropped over 5kw/day just from his room!
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    It depends on what he's doing but under load (gaming) I doubt it would pass 400w, so based on that it would be 11p an hour if he was constantly gaming. Browsing the web, watching vidoes/streams etc I doubt it would pass 200w which would be around 5.5p an hour. (edited)
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    Yeah, unfortunately the gaming industry is sticking it's fingers in it's ears. There's far less of a focus to get gaming to laptops and other efficient machines than there should be, it's all about the biggest and most power hungry hardware out there.

    But to get back on topic the power consumption is dependant on what it's doing, computing devices these days are very good at scaling power use down when it's not absolutely needed (because a lot of them are laptops and battery powered).

    Looking at reviews the 3700X's maximum power limit is 90W while an RTX 2060 hits 170W. Add another 100W for any specific manufacturer boosts, draw of the other components and the efficiency of the power supply and I'd say it's likely to be around 350W-400W when being pushed to the maximum.

    Some games will do that, but many other things related to gaming won't and power consumption when doing less demanding stuff like watching a stream is probably around 50W or so.
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    With the details that you've provided, this estimates around 60/year but you're able to get more specific information the more details you put in.

    Also this is based on 4 hours/day of gaming. Also no idea what unit cost of electricity they're using. Link below if you wanna plug in more information.…tor
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    How old is he? Would he be willing to do odd jobs/ paper round etc to help contribute towards running costs?
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    Prices have tripled for some people, so although it may have been affordable originally, it may be less so now. Plus potential of reduced household income, it could easily cause something that used to be easily affordable to be much harder currently.
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    The cost of gaming is getting significant with energy prices these days - also a OLED TV looks great but that can also have significant consumption when in HDR. Together its easy to hit 500W which is 25p an hour.

    Things are going to get worse with the next gen where both GPU and CPU TDPs are going up - poor decisions given the energy situation.

    Ive under-volted the GPU and limit it to 80% GPU load max but in fact have started to use the Switch a lot more and you can easily see the benefit on the smart meter data. (edited)
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    As others have mentioned, a lot of the cost will be dependent on the use. OCing high demanding games while streaming & chatting will be maxing out the 750w PSU. Plus other devices used at the time that are not through the PC, monitors, speakers, lights, camera's, etc.

    You can see my usage went up a lot a weekends when I was mostly gaming online. I'm a mod/admin for a few discord servers so my PC is on 24/7, in Windows Power Save when not in use.

    In June I was using 2 monitors but I'm now just using 1 as that helped dropped my usage a bit. In July I was using 2 USB fans through my PC so the usage went up a very small bit again.

    47957457-MoMpr.jpg (edited)
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    It's costing me 15p to 25p per hour when I use my pc for gaming. Going off smart meter readings. Soon gaming will be for the rich folk.
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    A 750W PSU - well there you go - that's the maximum power draw. It's unlikely to draw the full 750W, it depends on usage. You can make the maths easy and go with 500W (don't forget to include the power draw from the monitor/s - however we can assume 500W covers those as well) 27.63 per kw/h so a 500W draw would cost 13.815p/hour. 4 hours a day that's 55.26p, 8 hours a day that's 110.52p.
    Sadly without some form of power monitor you can only make guesses as most PCs throttle power usage so it will vary depending on use. I would budget for £1/day
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    So a budget for £1/day makes sense...
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    i remembered measuring my own gaming pc years ago before (had fairly efficient components at the time 3570k, asus 7850, 3 fatty hard drives and two LED monitors, with a 750w seasonic gold).

    It changes between idle and playing intense games.

    At idle (office work, watch youtube) it does around 120W. At load (playing fortnite for example), it can do 250-290W if my memory serves me correct. Running through the calculator, its pretty cheap even with the current price cap, if you play 2 hours, surf for 2, probably less than 40p day. Im not sure about your current setup, but it must be in that ballpark
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    Not sure about newer gfx cards,
    but running 2 monitors may well make the gfx card idle at a higher mhz (higher power draw) when not gaming,
    that's the reason i've always just stuck to one monitor
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    This has been proven false or so negligible it really makes little difference I done many hours of tests on gaming or movies and the other either turned off or just on desktop and the screen uses idle power 20 Watts less than 0.05p tiny amounts and the gpu power drawer was the same gaming going between 200-220 Watts but turning the 2nd screen doesn't affect it at all maybe 2-5 Watts, so it's costing basically nothing extra, obviously if you have 2 GPU intensive tasks that's different and will use 2x power as your essentials running 2 pcs.basically if you want a qnf screen for idle or light work it won't use much more power at all, 1 screen 4k gaming uses 100% power 2 screen one gaming at 4k and one idle or Google or Facebook etc the 4k gaming uses between 1-2% less don't let it stop you.

    Also on a side note, same principle FPS in game doesn't change benchmarks on games was 105-120 in far cry and with second screen on a YouTube video guide it was 103 minimum but max was 126 even more somehow haha so again the difference is basically nothing.
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    A xbox series s might better for cheaper bills then a pc possibly for games youtube movies
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    What a world we live in, they bring out the latest greatest tech but we cant afford to run them. That's progress.
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    Tell that to people who use food banks then.
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    I think he plays role playing games,the last one that I knew about was called Elden Ring but he's completed that
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    Think of it as free heating for his bedroom!
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    lol wish it could heat the rest of the house
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    How old is your son? Charge him rent for it
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    Hi he's 19 and does contribute towards the home,I've just had to increase what he pays
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    Just been looking at this myself. It would seem quite a few of the calculators out there are wide of the mark, for the most accurate you sort of need to work it out yourself.

    My rig is pretty much the same spec as mentioned in this so can nab those figures but it is possible to work out exactly using those calculations.
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    I only scanned the article, but that didn't seem to provide a source for that 450W figure at all. Power consumption is considerable on such a card, but even so that seems high.

    Kitguru found system power consumption on an overclocked i9-10900k with an RTX 3060 to average 300W on Cyberpunk:…30/
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