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Found 10th Jun
Currently using a 240gb SSD with 53GB of stuff on including the OS etc leaving just under 200GB free.
Does anyone know the most simple way to create an exact copy (ISO for example) of those files in such a way that I will be able to acess them easily? I would be copying the image to an external drive eventually but was hoping to keep both the files and the copy of the files on the same drive for a few days.

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Some back up software allows you to create a partition on the same drive to store the backups, this can then be copied to your external drive when you want. But just to add it's not recommended to back up to the same drive even a seperate part on as if the drive goes it will take your backups with it.

FYI I use Paragon ​Backup and Recovery.

As said by stoneblade, create another partition, use Easus todo, Paragon Gparted, MiniTool Partition Wizard

Then using Clonzilla, Todo Backup or Paragon, create an Image of the main partition, saving it to the second parttion. That means, if the main partition is corrupted, you can restore the image from to second partition to the first.
You can also save files on the second partition, but just as files.

But thinking long term, why don't you save important documents to a cloud like gdrive or Onedrive

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Thanks for your help guys. I actually ended up using Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11 haha. Super Simple and did what I wanted quickly and effeciently. Thanks again.

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Off-topic but why make a new thread?
I was browsing the site yesterday and it had a whole new layout etc and was so much better. I am back today and it has reverted back to the old site. Is that for everyone?
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