Faulty Samsung TV and my rights?

Posted 31st May 2023
Right long story short I bought a MiniLED TV from Samsung
After 9 months it's developed 2 issues

1)Dark black patches in the corners
2)Vibrating from speakers

The speaker issue I've rectified somewhat by adding a soundbar
Threads and forums state design fault which makes sense as newer range they have fixed the issue (back panel of tv is very thin and often unclips from the back) in turn rasping/vibrating

The main issue with patches I can't fix

I've contacted Samsung
After sending pictures and a live video call they say they see the issue
Was told a authorised repair center would come out
They never did
Stating I need to send them proof
So sent them the same pictures
They said they spoke to Samsung who insist this is within specifications and in turn will not do the work

So a few questions

1)The patches are within specifications!
How is this possible when it's a tv and designed to be watched and the issue is a major one considering what the product is and the issue is?
How can dark patches be normal?

2)The proof!
After sending images to Samsung why did they redirect me to 3rd party if its within specifications?
Funnily enough After Samsung told me they would come and repair they said no we have to see it and they allegedly then discussed it with Samsung who then said its within specification.
So why did Samsung diagnose it with pictures and agreed to fixing and even stating they would come to the address and sort (no mention of me needing to send pictures to them too and in turn doing the same thing twice)

I've read it can be debris that can contaminate screen in the factory
Or due to the rear popping off something could have fallen in

Surely this is a design flaw and even if it isn't how can patches be deemed normal

It's getting worst and at wits end

Paid via CC and read up about the consumer acts but don't know next steps
Charge back
Small claims court

Samsung are digging deeper too and said would reply by Friday once they spoken to the people in the know

More detail too but that's a overview which covers important factors

Pics to follow

Any input GREATLY appreciated from a legal point of view
Perhaps you have gone through similar
Anything really
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  1. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Basic observations:

    1) the merchant that sold the rubbish, not Samdung, holds the statutory (legal) product quality and durability obligations.
    Samdung warranty is effectively gesture of goodwill, even if the product was purchased directly from Samdung.

    2) after 6months from product receipt the onus is on the consumer to show an alleged fault was present on receipt. This would typically be accomplished by the consumer commissioning and obtaining a credible independent 3rd party report to confirm the issue, and its cause - typically premature failure.
    Generally wise to notify the merchant that the cost of the report will be added to the claim.

    3) if the report finds in your favour, the merchant has the choice to repair, replace or provide pro-rata refund.

    4) if the report finds in your favour and the merchant declines to play ball you will need to consider legal enforcement. Reasonably straightforward, but hassle.

    Source of above: Consumer Rights Act 2015.

    5) anything available beyond above is gesture of goodwill, such as any available and willing manufacturer warranty.

    Consider starting your CRA claim against the merchant that sold your quality Samdung by completing the reasonable template provided by Which? at
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    Very insightful
    Number 2?It's on me to prove it but how would I show it was like this when purchased and if I can't and its obviously here now as I'm looking at it then is it me to blame?
    If its premature failure
    Basically I think that means its not built to last I guess that's Samsung at fault and they can't pin it back on me?
    Don't suppose the best way I'm finding someone to carry this out?
  2. Gollywood's avatar
    1) Avoid Samsung
  3. cathal76's avatar
    I had same issue with my samsung tv paid £1500 for it pic quality was awful after 2 years problems devoleped and i got screen replaced through warranty then about 6 months later some of the led went so i through my warranty again and they said tv was not fixable and the offered me full refund and i bought an lg far better tv
    EmmaFuller's avatar
    I've actually had no issues till now
    Had numerous over the years
    No issues
    Same with appliances
    This the first and possibly last Samsung pending outcome
  4. james.curry's avatar
    Pmed you
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  5. AndyRoyd's avatar
    So likely summary:

    Samdung as the merchant and manufacturer believes the issues are visible & audible but not sufficiently out of spec,
    so do not qualify for warranty service.

    In which case a credible 2nd opinion is required,
    as similarly required by legislation if a claim was to be presented to the merchant and / or the credit provider.
  6. EmmaFuller's avatar
    Right side worst
    Kinda thing you can't unsee and slowly spreading

    The TV is a 2021 QN800AT
    Purchased August 2022
  7. IAmATeaf's avatar
    I don’t see any pics?
    EmmaFuller's avatar
    Should be Im comment above but coming up as image In text only
    Maybe being vetted
    Or maybe I've done something wrong
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    50282022-CW2NN.jpg (edited)
  9. paulj48's avatar
    who's the retailer? personally I'd go the Section 75 route if you've allready been messed about and you have evidence of this.
    EmmaFuller's avatar
    On a 5 year warranty Too!
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  11. RoosterNo1's avatar
    Go back to your retailer and state that the TV is faulty and what options do we have ?
    Theyll want to attempt repair, so state a time limit, say one month and then see what they say.
    If you're still not happy after the month is up, go back to the retailer and say why, and demand a refund - now this won't be the full amount as you've had use of the TV for several months, but you may get lucky if you get a decent manager.
    If they still want to play games, raise the issue with your credit card company and let them sort a full refund.
    EmmaFuller's avatar
    It was with Samsung online
    And trying to sort it now

    Will keep you all posted
  12. deleted2808586's avatar
    Samsung are the worst
  13. Daniel789's avatar
    For balance, I've owned Samsung TVs, phones, a washing machine and vacuum cleaner and all of them have been absolutely fine.

    Disappointing to hear how they treat warranty claims though. (edited)
  14. EmmaFuller's avatar
    Quick update
    They logged it
    They queried with in house specialist who agreed within specifications
    The person handling took it above them and they agreed to replace

    Not exactly sure yet what but that will be discussed soon

    Have been assured it will be like for like but being a 2021 8K MiniLed that I'm assuming is now OOS/Discontinued it will be a more recent one

    That or a full refund

    So in all happy
    But having to jump through loops shouldn't be required
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