Posted 17th Apr 2021
my first time posting on Gumtree and within minutes i received a whatsapp messge

"hello, I saw your ad for sale, are you still selling? i want to clarify right away if gumtree delivery is right for you. you know how it works"

its a kids bike, £20.

but didn't even know gumtree did delivery (they do i have just found out with Parcel to go) but still not sure how legit this is? Any knowledge able people on here can give advice?
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Many don’t realise that Gumtree actually offers a delivery service in partnership with Parcel2Go. First things first, what is Gumtree Parcel2Go delivery? Well, Gumtree Door to Door means that people who aren’t close enough to pick up an item can get it delivered to their doorstep. Gumtree sellers can therefore choose from more potential buyers as they don’t need to be living in the same town to buy something from Gumtree. Delivery fees start from £2.25 and range in price depending on the size of the parcel.

What is Parcel2Go?

Parcel2Go is one of the UK’s leading delivery companies, with 10 years of experience in delivering parcels across the country and abroad. Gumtree works with Parcel2Go in order to offer a delivery service that allows buyers a safe, contactless purchase as well as the opportunity to track their parcel. Parcel2Go work with some of the best couriers such as Hermes, UPS and DHL in order to ensure a swift delivery.

Gumtree Delivery Scams Whatsapp

Even though Gumtree partners with Parcel2Go, there have been a lot of Gumtree Whatsapp message scams.

Usually, the scams go something like this: you will list something on Gumtree, then you might receive a Gumtree delivery scam Whatsapp message enquiring about the item. This potential buyer will ask to buy it and for it to be delivered. Then comes the scam, they will then send a link to what appears to be the Gumtree website, and you will be asked to put in your bank details to arrange the sale of your item but this is all fake. This is how scammers attempt to steal your bank details.

Fraud via a Gumtree scam Whatsapp message has been a popular way for imposters to steal your money as they play on some Gumtree users’ lack of knowledge about Gumtree’s delivery service. Therefore it is best to head to the Gumtree or Parcel2Go website and read up on their partnership for delivery services, this way you will have all the information you need to spot a scam.

How to Spot Gumtree Parcel2Go scams

There have been so many people who have experienced Gumtree scam Whatsapp messages that Gumtree have a warning on their website detailing the potential scam. Gumtree states that the best way to spot a Gumtree Parcel2Go scam is to check that the URL you’re using has “” at the beginning.

Also, you should communicate with potential buyers on Gumtree Messenger as this is the best way to ensure a safe and secure transaction. Do not use Whatsapp when organising a potential Gumtree buyer to prevent yourself from falling victim to Gumtree courier scams WhatsApp messages.
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