Tablet advice: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite or A8?

Posted 27th Nov 2022 (Posted 5 h, 46 m ago)
Looking for a new tablet for my Mum for Christmas. Just web surfing, Facebook, Video calls, iPlayer, the usual stuff.

Looking to spend around £150ish

Was set on the A8 (she will want BNIB) for £160ish from Currys/similar but lots of S6 Lites on eBay sealed which I could go for instead for similar price.

it's a minefield, so any advice much appreciate, thanks
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    Definitely the s6 lite, has better specs.

    Be aware that some of the s6 lites on ebay may be the 2020 model that samsung were offering cheap deals on 18 months ago (that's when i got mine)
    But the specs are still better than the 2022 a8 model
    If you end up with a 2022 s6 then even better

    Looking at Ebay listings, SM-P613 is the 2022 model of the s6 lite, released may 2022.
    SM-P610 is the version released in 2020 and must have had the stock cleared out earlier this year

    Link comparing the s6 lite 2020 with 2022 a8…265

    The only thing to be aware of is you can get the a8 from John Lewis and get 2 year warranty for £159 and a bit of cashback.
    But with the difference in storage and RAM plus the stylus I'd lean towards the s6 lite (edited)
    I didn't realise there were two options so that's really helpful to know. Thanks a lot!
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    I really enjoy my s6 lite, also good for drawing with the s pen!
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    S6 Lite is the better tablet so I would go with that.
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