Windows 10 Pro including Office £10.99

Posted 1st Feb 2023…nal

Is this a Windows 10 Pro licence or is it training software?

Seems to say it's 10 Pro with 2019 office software..

Please note; all programmes are refurbished licences....
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    If purchased, I would expect an activation key. Same as a key from some random on eBay, AliExpress, or any number of 'cd key resellers'.

    It won't be a legitimate Microsoft licence; in layman's terms, it's software piracy. But it'll most probably work, and that's all most people care about.

    Could get cheaper elsewhere (or free if your Google skills are up to it).

    It doesn't include Office; that's available on a separate (currently not available) offer. (edited)
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    I got the Adobe bundle and seams to work. Tried to update but error pops up and says been disable of this device contact administrator? I’ve Googled forums but no help