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Garmin Edge 130 GPS Bike Computer - £99 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Simplified, compact, easy-to-use GPS bike computer with rugged design and 1.8” display that’s crisp and easy to read in sunlight or low-light conditions With GPS, GLONASS and Gali… Read more

It would appear so, although someone in the Edge 130 Halfords deal used the discount the other week, so I guess it just depends if person on the checkout is aware of the the T&C or not.


Doesn't that discount exclude cycling technology?


This can be had for £89 since you get a further 10% off from Halfords when you purchase in store with a blue light card or a British cycling membership (maybe Totum and the likes)


It's not cold


cold already posted at halfords

Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer - £99 delivered @ Halfords
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Thought this was worth a repost (y) Just incase anyone missed it last time 🤘 Plus 3% Quidco … Read more

The watch alone has GPS and maps, so tracks your route and speed/distance etc. On the wrist it also does heart rate, but I'm not convinced any wrist-based HR is all that great. Might be my hairy monkey arms tho. XD If you mean sacrificing what you can see on screen then yes, you just get to see the map/directions, unless you scroll to next screen. You can configure multiple screens and cycle through them to see different combinations of stats. Clearly less convenient than having it on a larger cycle computer screen but a compromise I'm happy with. I've added the Garmin HRM-Tri for chest heart rating monitoring. That also gets you a few extra running stats like cadence, ground contact time, oscillation. Even stores HR info when underwater which many don't. Don't think it gets you anything extra other than HR data for cycling. As I mentioned I've also bought the speed and cadence sensors which attach to bike ( The metrics are based on the bike itself rather than GPS so should be more accurate. Without, you just get the normal speed/distance metrics.


It is more a bike computer for showing and recording speed, distance etc etc but with the bonus of having (limited) navigation aid. After creating a route the screen whilst riding looks like ; ...and approaching turns it looks like ;


A I correct in thinking you are sacrificing the stats sensors then though, or are you using a separate device?


I have a Fenix 5 Plus and I use it instead of a smart phone or cycle computer. I got a handlbar mount kit for it (basically just wrap the watch around the bar...). You can plot your route using Garmin connect and upload it to watch. Obviously the map on the screen is pretty small and I didn't really buy it for the map feature, but I've found it to be really good and gives you direction prompts. Suddenly I didn't feel the need to buy a cycle computer any more. (y) Disclaimer, I find Garmin Connect a bit fiddly for plotting routes. It's nice that it auto-generates a route but often puts me on a major A-road... I end up using Strava to plot a route then import the .gpx into Garmin connect. You don't get to see your speed, gradient etc unless you cycle through the screens on watch since it's small but I'm not that fussed while I'm on a new route. I pair the watch with bluetooth earphones when running and it prompts with pace etc and beeps for turn directions. I presume it does the same for cycling but don't use earphones. Worth considering. If I was just a cyclist, the cycle computer would probably be more desirable, but I got a Fenix as I do a bit of everything, running, swimming, cycling, rock climbing etc. Works with all the usual devices too, so I have it paired with a garmin HRM-Tri and just bought speed and cadence sensors for the bike. If you bought one of the radar/rear light devices, it will also display the prompt that a car is approaching from behind on the watch. I haven't got that myself to confirm tho. :)


Went into store to buy one earlier, managed to get an extra 10% off with my British Cycling membership, but you can only get this instore. So just over £89 :-) thanks OP

Garmin Edge 530 GPS Cycle Computer / Cyclometer - £199.99 + Free Click and Collect / £3.99 delivery @ Decathlon
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
First time I've seen this unit under £200 available to everyone without any redemption or to those without access to the TOTUM (NUS) or Blue Light discount. Comes with a 2 year gu… Read more
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I'm still waiting for my card to arrive, grrrr....


Alright thanks for your advice. I think I will go for the 830, simply because of the more compact size and more positive user reviews – and who knows maybe I’ll get more interested in ride stats in future. For the sake of £50 or so extra it seems the better bet.



It is solid it can navigate better than the 530 for example as it can see points of interest around you and I think it even accepts post codes and navigates on the fly. The 530 is the one to get if I am honest. The 830 does this and other than no climb Pro has exactly the same navigation features. The edge explore is a very popular device and doesn't accept power meters is the only reason I can see it gets people not liking it. But for navigation and 85% of the 830s stats it's hard to beat imo. You could probably get an edge explore for 130 on ebay? Dc rainmaker video below.


Sorry which bundle are you referring to? So I'm pretty sure I want the touch screen. And so if the purpose of buying this device is really primarily navigation and not for stats/training, would you recommend the Explore (at £185) over the 830 (at £240)? I noticed the Explore doesn't have as good user reviews as the 830, so trying to work out if it really is as solid at navigation. Cheers

Garmin Edge 1030 Cycle Computer £299.99 @ Wiggle
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Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Pretty good price, Garmin must be trying to get rid of stock as the newly released Garmin 1030 Plus has taken its place. But that's £519.99! Top Features: 3.5" display size Com… Read more

I'd actually check the app before posting, only thing im not sure and I don't thing it has is support for the garmin radar. I use one speed/cadence sensor from trek temp sensor from garmin and a wahoo hr monitor I know for sure it has support for power meters. If you have a bit of knowledge of nodding phones you can make a 4k mAh 5" phone last literally over 24 h ... and that is a setup u can use on a cheap bike as well... I admit I only cycle for cardio I have something else to do not just running... But I did did have a week with over 500km during the last week of lockdown including a 150km day (80 morning, 70 evening).... And that's on a ds 3 bike that weights about 16kg with everything except the lock... Pretty cure it would be easier on 7-8kg bike going only on roads... Only downside is, from my point of view is that it lighter.. I do have to keep a stock of bryton plastic inserts... I do light trails/gravel so those do have a tendency to give up on me... At 2 quid a pop it adds up. Another downside might be if you want to pair the very latest thing I would imagine that if it uses different protocols it might take a bit for the dev. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against those, is just find the prices absurd. I didn't mind paying 200 £ for some custom made rims but paying several hundreds on a cycle computer and even more for power meter is not worth it unless you're going super serious... And even than. For power meters there aren't alternatives for bike computers there are plenty and they are actually better.. Not user friendly at all yet... That is true£

doesn't have collision detection... doesn't show current gear as Garmin does with Di2. Cadence, watts from Power meters. If you're a social rider phones are adequate but no serious rider would use a phone, simple as. And when I talk serious rider i'm talking about people doing 10hrs+ a week structured training with a mix of turbo and IRL.... I've heard all the phone arguments before, they are a cheap imitation. Great if you want a cheap solution but no comparison.


1. Buy a Xiaomi redmi 4 (~50-60£ on eBay, 4k battery and has ant) 2. Buy a cheap screen protector and case and a coupe of mount inserts 2. Install ipbike app (a couple quid) turn airplane mode on than turn Bluetooth on. Does all you said and much more, only downside is it is a bit heavier, perfectly fine for road... Might need to keep spare plastic inserts if you do some heavier gravel riding


The 1030 is out of stock now, I think you’d be lucky to get £150 for a 1000. I’m not sure the 530 is faster, my wife just got one and it took longer to calculate a 100k route than my 1000.


I use an old iPhone in a windowed bike pouch attached to the handlebar stem. It is well protected in the event of a fall. I don't see how this thing is any less vulnerable. Glass screens are glass screens whether on phones or cycle gadgets.

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Garmin Edge 130 GPS Bike Computer £99 at Amazon
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Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Garmin Edge 130 GPS Bike Computer £99 at Amazon
Simplified, compact, easy-to-use GPS bike computer with rugged design and 1.8” display that’s crisp and easy to read in sunlight or low-light conditions With GPS, GLONASS and Gali… Read more
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Garmin released the 130 plus today so this may drop further


No, just the GPS unit on its own, speed and cadence sensors are around £30 each


Does this come with sensor?


Great price! I have an Edge 25 which has done me well for the last 3.5 years with no issues! The Edge 130 is bigger and has more features. The Gamin Connect app is excellent. Creating routes is easy enough on your laptop/PC (and phone?)


you are right sir :{ just kind reminder, as far you are more cautious what's happening around you than monitor your speed on the display constantly, this can be a "killer"

Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer - £99 delivered @ Halfords
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Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer - £99 delivered @ Halfords
£99£103.995%Halfords Deals
Plus 3% Quidco Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer. If you need a streamlined cycle computer that doesn’t … Read more

Thanks. What’s your preference for route building? Contemplating whether to stick with Strava and just pay premium or go with Komoot and pay the one of global map fee.


Yes any app that saves the route to gpx format (which they all do) you can then send to and open with garmin connect on your phone or laptop which will sync with the device.


Does anyone know - it looks like Komoot allows you to build routes for free, so is it possible to use a Komoot created route on the Garmin device, but still track ride/stats on Strava?


That's different when land owners have given permission for cycling on paths on or crossing their land for specific events, however in this scenario someone at some point thought hey what a great hill, posted it on Strava and now mountain bikers are tearing up my friend's path flying down at high speeds almost hitting their kids and other walkers, it's ridiculous and illegal, the path is a footpath only and Strava knowingly just turned a blind eye to it which I thought was really poor, so will I always ensure products can use other apps and aren't tied to Strava in any way as have no respect for them.


The governments bound to open up more cycling paths in the wake of covid and climate change ! not that i would pay stava to tell me im 2 seconds faster over a segment anyway

Aldi Cycling Gear-FULL LIST-Items From £1.49 - Hydration packs,bike stands,wireless cycle computer, clothing,helmets etc (National/Instore)
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Aldi Cycling Gear-FULL LIST-Items From £1.49 - Hydration packs,bike stands,wireless cycle computer, clothing,helmets etc (National/Instore)
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsib… Read more
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If anyone has seen it, hows the cycling rucksack?


The light grey cycling shorts start at small and are a good fit. Black start from medium, unfortunately but Aldi and LIdl rarely do any clothes or sportswear in small for men, so anything is a bonus. I do like the shorts. Took them for a spin yesterday and would buy again. Only question is longevity as the outer layer does feel a little fragile. I've had Aldi/Lidl sportswear split and tear after one or two wears before. The small trip computer is not worth it. The speed readings compared to my gps phone alongside are about 5-10% out. For short journeys probably not a real issue but if you want to use it to gauge distance over a long period it will be a fair bit out. There are only two buttons and it's a bit of chore to cycle through the options. The screen is a bit dim and not at its best in direct sunlight. The helmet is the same as the ones in Lidl in more contrasting colours. They seem frankly as good as the one I tried on in Costco for £65. Not sure what more money brings you as it seems to be made out of the same stuff. I am happiest with the stand. About half the price of the cheapest equivalent on eBay but the long prongs means that bikes like mine with disc brakes can only have it on the side of the front wheel away from the callipers as mentioned above, which does affect stability somewhat so a sharp knock will still likely topple it. Not sure with the setup on my bike that cutting away most of one of the prongs will help as there isn't enough of a gap between the rear wheel calliper and the axle. Unfortunately, it's only something you can really judge when you try your bike on it.


Depends on your point of view. "The experience of a solicitor specialising in cyclist injuries (BHRF, 1173) supports the view that deaths solely due to head injury are unusual. Furthermore, fatal head injuries typically involve rotational forces, which cycle helmets do not mitigate and may even make more likely (BHRF, 1039)."

No worries. It's a great little computer !


Thanks for everything! Enjoy your weekend!

Garmin edge 530 for £172.49, edge 830 for £239.99 GPS bike computer at Garmin Shop
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Garmin edge 530 for £172.49, edge 830 for £239.99 GPS bike computer at Garmin Shop
£172.49 Free P&P FreeGarmin Shop Deals
Garmin edge 530 and 830 discounted again!

Thanks. Got a dispatch email a little while ago. Hopefully it will turn up OK next week.


0808 238 0000, try this number. Unfortunately they use ups which is the worst delivery company ever. I ordered and received empty box, professionally cut on the side. Its a long story buf i know it's the delivery man or someone in their sorting centres. Im in communication with garmin and hope another one will be sent


You can phone them - Did you checkout as guest I'm guessing? If so, go back to their site and register and you can see the status.


did anyone order this from Garmin? I ordered on the 16th and have heard nothing since. There is no way to contact Garmin on their website. I've messaged their Twitter and Facebook accounts with no success :(


Bryton Aero 60 GPS Bike Computer £114.99 @ TriUK
132° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Bryton Aero 60 GPS Bike Computer £114.99 @ TriUK
£114.99TRIUK Deals
Costs £134 @ Amazon / £149 at Chain Reaction and Wiggle Well-specced bicycle computer with epic battery life (32 hours) and Bluetooth/ANT+ support for sensors. Phone app links the… Read more

Thanks, just purchased this. I have been using a Bryton Rider 100 and it's a great little unit, but time for an upgrade. I've tried Garmins in the past, and while they are undoubtedly good at what they do, they are much more expensive. The Bryton units provide the basic information that I need on my bike, at a more palatable cost.


I was going to tek the slash and say dynamo... no, not the little awkward lad from bradford, but the original free bicycle power supply... a qwik look on ebay and theres one with usb lol... thats me dragon den idea wiped art....


Off the debate of phones v dedicated unit. How does this compare to similar priced garmin. Has anyone experience of both?


But if you use your phone on the handlebars just for GPS navigation on short rides then it probably is better to stick to the phone: compared with phones the bicycle computers have clunky interfaces and menus, and your route has to be pre-planned - it is a faff too alter the route halfway through etc. whilst on a smartphone with Google Maps that is a doddle


You can pick up second hand garmins on ebay for between 50-60, over a phone you can attach HRM, power meters, cadence sensors etc. As the other poster said these last a lot better than a phone. The garmins have live tracking ( so people can track you) and live segmenst so you can race yourself.

Garmin Edge 130 GPS Bike Computer (Black) - £99 @ Amazon
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Garmin Edge 130 GPS Bike Computer (Black) - £99 @ Amazon
£99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Garmin Edge 130 - Compact It’s time to get instant data and automatic street cred with Garmin Edge 130. This ruggedly compact GPS cycling computer has everything you need to naviga… Read more

Can you elaborate? If you mean cadence, then no, but it can pair with them. Same goes with heart rate sensor and so on.


Does it com with the sensor?


Does the F5+ have the ability to record power output from a turbo trainer? I have a FR245M but it can only record speed and cadence from my Tacx Vortex, ideally I want to work with and record power. Also which of the Edge devices would do this? Not that I want to spend anymore money on my indoor setup ;(


So went for this as using my fenix 5 was a bit of annoying unit is superb works well connected straight away to my heart rate monitor £99 was a great deal, unit is very small but due to this works better on my bike set up :)


The QVC tip from @jimrich above looks good, in stock and £5 off for new customers.

CatEye Grey Velo 7 Wired Road Bike Computer - £17.72 (Prime) £22.21 (non prime) @ Amazon
99° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
CatEye Grey Velo 7 Wired Road Bike Computer - £17.72 (Prime) £22.21 (non prime) @ Amazon
£13.99£19.9930%Amazon Deals
I'm after a 'bike computer' , I only need to know the travel distance, so this would be enough for me, good brand and good reviews, so worth a shot for £17.72. Also CatEye Velo 5 … Read more
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Returned this one and purchased the Aldi one. It's great!


If you want something really basic, Aldi has wireless bike computers in for £5 at the moment. Use one myself as well as my phone. Work OK.


I use one of these type (and Strava if going on a long ride) but phone can stay in back pocket. No point having a phone screen on all the time and at risk in a crash. And I use the phone for tunes. Besides, this thing can stay on the bike all the time so it's always ready as soon as you start riding. As long as you get the wheel circumference correct they should be as accurate too.


I would still use my wahoo though lol.


Why not just get the xoss g+ think it's £19 on wish . I use a wahoo but that's over 200. got one of these as a backup works pretty well. Some reviews on YouTube. Then you get the best of both worlds and cheap.

Bryton rider 10 bike computer for £51.16 delivered from Amazon
-51° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Bryton rider 10 bike computer for £51.16 delivered from Amazon
£51.16 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
After witnessing an expensive deal for a bike computer recently, I thought I'd try to dig up something, well, cheaper. I haven't tested it, but Amazon buyers seem universally hap… Read more

I've had the very basic Bryton rider One for a year. It works fine and syncs no problem with strava. I bought one for £33 with a cadence sensor from amazon last year. I can't speak for the more complicated ones with mapping but one pro team used their top of the range aero model last year.


Decathlon sell the newer rider 15 for £49.99


I suspect the reputation of their poor previous offerings had stuck. Sounds positive that they are getting their act together though.


Indeed, but it without any lycra premium, its cold...


These aren’t bad at all. I bought one from Amazon warehouse for about £35 and it’s pretty good. Syncs straight to Strava and is pretty accurate. You can’t do a lot better for £50

Garmin edge 530 Bike Computer £172.49 Garmin Shop
392° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Garmin edge 530 Bike Computer £172.49 Garmin Shop
£172.49£229.9925% Free P&P FreeGarmin Shop Deals
Can't seem to link directly to that price, so here's what you need to do if it comes up more expensive. 1. Click here to get to the Garmin store 2. Search for a 530 3. Enjoy the… Read more
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Nope no cheapo ones here lol! These are my prescription sunglasses


I have the issue with my polarised sunnies but not my cheapo ones. You may find it's that.


Cheers I’ll give it a go


Footpath. Amazing app. With the cycle map option, it has a ‘snap to road or path’ feature and is a lot better than Garmin and Strava’s own planners. Click expert. Select GPX, click Garmin Connect. This saves it to your Garmin app. Then send it to your device whenever you want.


You could get 820's pretty cheap on Halfords with British Cycling discount. I know someone who doesn't think their battery life is very good. But then he does audaxes!

Garmin vector 3s Garmin edge 530 bundle £559 / £534 w/code @ sigmasport
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Garmin vector 3s Garmin edge 530 bundle £559 / £534 w/code @ sigmasport
Garmin vector 3 single sided power meter and Garmin edge 530 computer. Use code SIGNUP25 for £25 off price Armed forces, NHS, and other emergency services can get 10% off instead… Read more

Can you use both promo codes? Nhs and signup? When they are back in stock want the power meter not the computer


Even after a few iterations the battery covers on the vectors is not up to scratch. They don't seem to hold the batteries in place or protect them from water. Lots of power spikes and missing pedals reported. Wouldn't be surprised if they release a vector 4 that is only a minor update but works - maybe with rechargeable batteries that are less trouble.


Interesting observations on the vector 3s. I have the original "s". PITA to set up, but has worked faultlessly for years


A friend of mine in Germany has said that they are no longer sold. I imagine Vector 4’s will be released this year. Then I will take the plunge


As a previous owner of vector 3’s - following the 4th warranty replacement I sold them on eBay and bought some assiomas, which have for the last 6 months been flawless

Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer 2.8cm x 3.6cm Screen Water Resistant - £99.99 @ halfords_1 eBay
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer 2.8cm x 3.6cm Screen Water Resistant - £99.99 @ halfords_1 eBay
£99.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Battery life: 15 hours Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Water resistant: Splash proof Weight: 33g Screen Size: 1.8" (2.8 x 3.6cm) Bluetooth compatibility Anti-glare display … Read more
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Good prices, ut all say out of stock., but show as stocked in store, but stores closed ;(


Really? Wow, no one's ever said that before (skeptical)


Oh dear


It's not well suited to use on a bike, any phone is going to be far larger especially with a decent sized case to give it protection which makes it clumsy on the handlebars, mobile phone screens are often not good in bright sunlight and I find mobile phones tend to drain the battery heavily when running GPS constantly. I use Garmin units as they're much more compact than my phone, they're very durable, their displays are better suited to outdoor use and at a distance (the interface is much larger), they can be operated with thick gloves on, they have superb battery life even with turn by turn navigation and it can connect to advanced systems like the rear facing radar or di2 electric gear shift system.


Good price for top training aid, heat added

Garmin Edge 1030 Cycle Computer - £299.99 delivered @ Wiggle
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Garmin Edge 1030 Cycle Computer - £299.99 delivered @ Wiggle
£299.99£44833%Wiggle Deals
Good price (y) Amazon Price £448.99 Top Features: 3.5" display size Comprehensive navigation, performance and cycling awareness features Trending popularity shows you the… Read more

Read the DC Rainmaker reviews. Garmin and Wahoo leapfrog each other.


I researched heavily when buying my 530, and it was apparent that for 530 vs the Roam (both which came out about the same time and the same price), the 530 was faster and overall better. For previous generations of both, Wahoo came out on top. I think Wahoo still wins on build quality (and out-of-box QC), and customer service though.


It competes with the 500 series and the 800 series. The competition is based on price not features. You get more features in a Fiesta than you do in a Rolls Royce but they don’t compete with each other.


What? Wahoo’s range equivalent trumps Garmin all day long. Real cyclists know that - you can’t have used Wahoo before. It’s vastly superior in functionality and customisation.



Garmin 520 plus £160.99 Amazon
-118° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Garmin 520 plus £160.99 Amazon
£160.99£173.677%Amazon Deals
Garmin Edge 520 Plus Advanced GPS bike computer for competing and navigation, Black 179.99 wiggle 179.99 chain reaction Key Features Advanced GPS bike computer for competing and… Read more

There isn’t a code otherwise I would. You have to log in via a portal from something like defence discount service, student discount like unidays or totum etc


For those who aren’t in the know & wonders why this is cold, it’s old tech for new tech money. The 520 has been out a long time & all the plus model did was add mapping. The problem is that the underlying chipset wasn’t updated which meant it wasn’t that fast. Combine with the fact that you could load maps onto the original 520 yourself meant that it was a strange move. Oh and that the 530 is it’s successor which improves in practically every single aspect makes this a cold deal. Sadly. Also that you can buy the 530 for around £170 via Totum...


Can’t you give me a code to use?? ;)


Really?! I’ll have to have a look into that


Get TOTUM (NUS extra) account and its £179.99 direct from Garmin

MIO Cyclo 210 Bike 3.5" Sat Nav - Full Europe Maps £129 delivered at Currys PC World
235° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
MIO Cyclo 210 Bike 3.5" Sat Nav - Full Europe Maps £129 delivered at Currys PC World
Explore the world on two wheels with the Mio Cyclo 210 Bike 3.5'' Sat Nav and take advantage of turn-by-turn directions, an intuitive interface, and waterproof design. With pre-… Read more

For the money, I'd suggest sticking to Garmin or Wahoo or Lezyne. A friend had an onset model and it was too frustrating and unreliable. Not useful when racing and you need to rely on it. This range may have improved, so at least do your research.


Carrying a battery is no problem per se, its just that a phone uses 3x the power for a given ride. Also usb charging is rarely well weatherproofed.


Maybe mount a battery pack on the tube? Useful for more than just the phone.


Even if using a cheaper phone I've always found phones to be substandard compared to a proper computer. While the run time might not be dissimilar the battery capacity expended will be greater. So along day using your phone means a 5000mah spare is needed. The same 5000mah battery will recharge a bike computer three times. After that there's operating it in rain or with gloves, visibility in bright sunshine, wanting to stop and take a photo, interruptions from messages and calls. It sounds a bit hypocritical but I would never dream of buying a GPS to use in my van, much preferring my phone but on my bike I'll always use a specific device! (y)


Think I’ll stick to Strava thanks (y)

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer £139.99 @ Amazon (Lightning Deal)
440° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer £139.99 @ Amazon (Lightning Deal)
£139.99£17922%Amazon Deals
Down from £179, Lightning Deal. The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS cycle computer does more than track your best times, it helps you achieve them. Packed full of training features, and eas… Read more

You must be The Chosen One. I've contacted them five times since it came back into stock (but had not dispatched). I've tried the "charming" approach, the "dispassionate" approach, the "disgruntled" approach; nothing has worked. One of the CS rep's spoke (typed) nearly entirely in broken haiku!? I have become convinced that the Amazon CS system is now nothing more than an experiment in Deep-Learning AI.


Fyi they took the money out of my account on thurs but hadn't dispatched. I complained, and surprise, it turned up today 😁😁


I don’t like the idea of coming off and needing a hospital, or using the NHS when it’s in such huge demand. Not driving for similar reasons.


Damn missed the deal :-(


Mar March the 27th advice... Recreational cycling is still an option in the UK providing you adhere to the government’s guidelines on social distancing.

Garmin Edge 1030 Cycle Computer £299.99 @ Wiggle
448° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Garmin Edge 1030 Cycle Computer £299.99 @ Wiggle
£299.99£39925%Wiggle Deals
Same price Halfords (credit @redcup ) Top Features: 3.5" display size Comprehensive navigation, performance and cycling awareness features Trending popularity shows you the… Read more

Back to 299 at halfords too


I'll stick with my £4.99 Aldi cycle computer. It tells me my speed and records my trip distance.


New model will be circa £500 and won't add much. I had the 1000 a while back and the 1030 didn't add anything I thought was significant.


Not sure tbh. I just find ant+ to be really reliable in my experience.


You can buy cheaper units that will do what you want... I had one that was about £30 and had gps

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