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hi everyone, just wanted to ask if anyone has purchased perfect fit blinds recently and if so where from. theres a number of companies who do so and the prices and really differe… Read more

Why not go with the websites recommended on this thread? I'm sure I've seen that option.


Any one has advice on where to buy good blinds for anthracite grey bifold doors, thanks. I have previously asked and checked some of the recommendations from this thread, but looking for fresh advice. Thanks


Thanks. Right, enough concensus to let me know blinds2go will be fine. Thanks everyone for the input (y)


Purchased from Blinds2go for our full house. No issues


Thanks for the name. Will look into them.

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I've seen 210cm in Dunelm but that's the widest I've been able to find apart from some on amazon that are 240cm but no idea what the quality would be like and imagine it would be a… Read more

Solved, Harry Corry do 240cm wide ones for less than £40, bargain! Link just in case anyone else is ever looking,


Blinds2go will do the width size for around £80 are slightly cheaper and have a £10 discount voucher when you sign up too. I’ve just ordered a Roman blind with blackout lining from them with a wider width of 265cm for £108, made and delivered in 12 days.


I don't know where you are but...look here

Hotukscams Not roller but right width.


It is a big size so probably made to measure is the only way to go really.

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Updated 28th AprLast updated 28th Apr by u664541
Suggestion for shutter blinds
Title says it all but looking for shutter blinds for office and lounge and looking for a recommendation please. Happy to provide measurement and do a DIY install. Might also cons… Read more

Sent pm with the dimensions. We went for the "hidden" tilt mechanism.


D'oh! Include everything but the important bit! Total cost including: Supply, installation, consumables & VAT = £1760.00 I'll get measuring later.


Hampshire based, do you have rough sizes and what it costed for Above if you don't mind me asking for a comparison.


I used California shutters for mine and my parents Think it’s now an arm of B&Q same as every one thou made in China and shipped


You're not Surrey based are you? Guy who did our shutters (recommended by best friend) and has subsequently fitted at 3 of our neighbours houses. Our quote (albeit from 2017) Lounge bay window – opening = L // LR // R (4 shutters) Master bedroom – opening = L post R post R (3 shutters) 2nd bedroom – opening = LR (2 shutters) Style: Full height Louvre size: 63mm with hidden tilt split at handle height Colour: Pure White Material: Composite And yes all shutters are made in China.

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Perfect fit blinds VS intu blinds which one is best to get?
Very dull adult decision anyone recommend which one to get? Both would be venetian style. Do not want to spend a lot of money and get wrong product. Any recommendations on where … Read more

What material and colour did you guys go for? I am thinking white and aluminium (not an interior design guru (lol) )


We got our wood venetians from Swifts Blinds. Good quality and easy to fit . Look exactly the same as the ones my sister paid 5x more for.


Have used perfect fit blinds and would back to any others now. So easy to fit and look good. A little more expensive but worth it in my opinion.


I haven't got any Intu blinds so can't really comment on those, but like the person above, we've got perfect fit venetian blinds on our patio doors and the windows alongside them. However, I haven't had any issue at all with them gathering dirt, but we don't often use the doors so I wonder if that's why? I love them, they still look great about 5 years after fitting and they function well! We got a local company to supply and fit them and they did so at a really good price, so worth looking around at smaller companies. Fitting only took minutes and looked really easy, so if you're confident in doing it yourself you could maybe purchase from Blinds 2 Go as I know they sell them. We've bought other (non-perfect fit style) blinds from them and they were super cheap and great quality.


Where does the dirt go at the bottom? Thanks for feedback I am wanting to get some for bay window and bedroom so maybe not as much of an issue with dirt but unsure.. Thanks for feedback back appreciated

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Blinds for a rental
I need to buy 6 blinds, all different sizes for a property I'm about to rent out. Just wondering if any knows anywhere to start looking for some robust reasonably priced blinds. Ch… Read more

If you don’t have big bay windows like myself and off a standard width/drop....your best bet would be argos/ikea as you’ll pick them up reasonably priced from these places!


I was looking for blinds couple of weeks ago and price checked about a dozen various online companies. Swift Direct Blinds ended up being cheaper than Blinds2Go and that was even with paying £10 extra for fast delivery (They took 3 days to arrive from ordering) though they dont seem to offer that on every order as I've made another from them this week which didn't offer it. Quality was fine and sizes where spot on.


I got some venetian blinds from Wilkos only 9quid each


ok you have had a completely different experience to me I have always had them included in unfurnished rentals I suppose it depends on the landlord. My last rental was a converted school with 7m high ceilings and 4m high windows the curtains would have cost me a lot so glad landlord provided



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Updated 28th FebLast updated 28th Feb by zhialrs
Hilarys Blinds Or elsewhere reasonable?
Hello Everyone Looking at having shutter blinds(Wooden) fitted and thinking of Hilarys mainly because they will supply and fit as well (cannot fit myself so need someone to do the… Read more

Thank you all for your advice/info it has been really helpful, take care everyone (y)




Suntec blinds for original supply and fit. The hangers were free from Suntec blinds, I went in to see what they had for replacing the slats but did not have the exact colour I needed. Asked about hangers, Lady just said how many and gave them to me for free. That’s customer service for you. Then replacement slats from eBay seller. Got them when eBay had 15% off code.


If you like throwing money away then Hilary’s is great, otherwise go local and save yourself a lot of cash.


Do you remember the name of the company?