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Updated 24th MayLast updated 24th May by x4h44
Hi there, Any idea how to open those curtain railings to add more hooks? No luck pulling on the little plastic cap. No grip on the screw (button style). Thanks!

Only the flat ones (cheeky) The Philips screwdrivers and chunky Allen keys get plenty of use. The joy of assembling furniture! Used a hammer to build a wooden lamp at school. And a circular saw. Was about 10yo. Doubt it would happen these days (:I Haven't used since


first time using a hammer and screwdriver? wow :o


No chisel indeed (unicorn) We actually used our hammer and flat screwdriver for the first time 8)


i have a handy little chisel that i use to knock anything and everything, lol. that would be the perfect job for this but i didn't think you would have one so i said a flat head screwdriver as that is a tool everyone would have in their toolbox. hopefully you won't break it further when you hammer it back on XD


Yes, had removed the screw (y) Tried the silicon spray first. No luck (strong) Then the gentle tapping with the hammer on the flat screwdriver. The cap finally came off. But the hammering was not-so-gentle at that stage. A little broken (:I Will put the cap back on, somehow, another time. Enough emotion for the day (embarrassed)

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Updated 29th MarLast updated 29th Mar by sussie0509
I'm looking for matching duvet set (cover and pillowcases) but need matching curtains. Apart from Dunelm? Thank you

Terrys fabrics


This was the set we wanted from Dunelm but there are no matching curtains and the grey ones in the pictures don't look right. Just my opinion.


Thanks everyone. Nothing wrong with Dunelm whatsoever. They just don't have curtains to match the duvet set we wanted! Argos don't have a matching set we like either. Won't touch Studio with a bargepole but will try next and Habitat. Wilko have some nice bedding but no matching curtains.





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Updated 28th MarLast updated 28th Mar by Frankie77
really weird one. any good recommendations for good quality shower curtains. preferably something that would withstand machine washing. there was a brand maybe called seal somethin… Read more


Wash ours regularly. Never had an issue. Got three or four, just rotate them for fun..


Aren't all shower curtains water repellent?

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Updated 7th Nov 2020Last updated 7th Nov 2020 by ZanyAngel
Cheap 100% blackout curtains
As per title, I am after some not expensive 100% blackout curtains. (:I Any recommendations?? (y)
ZanyAngel (y)


If you have a decent blind, and your blackout curtains are really wide, they do. I have a decent blackout roller blind that's nearly exactly the width of inside the window recess. Blackout curtains that are a few feet wider than the window itself. Yeah, I hate light when I sleep. (y)


The other option is something like this from Amazon. I use them when I’m sleeping between nights and they block out almost all the light.


They're never work well. Face mask blocks all light or you need pelmet and side covers for curtains. Just saying.


Julian Charles where I got mine

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Updated 14th Sep 2020Last updated 14th Sep 2020 by sambond1975
Curtain pole
Anyone know where I can get one of these? They don’t have in my love b and m thank you

Amazing thank you x


£22.95 delivered from ASDA:,default,pd.html Maximum length slightly shorter than the one at B&M though - 210cm vs 220cm. Alternatively, try The Range.


Thanks There £42 on there didn’t quite want to pay that much


Just Google it and see what you find.


Ebay, type in Barrel Extendable Curtain Pole

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Updated 12th Jun 2020Last updated 12th Jun 2020 by ran123ran
Plasterboard wall plugs for putting up heavy curtain
Please can someone advise wall plugs to use to put up pole to hold very heavy curtains. The wall is plasterboard.

The curtain was hanging on the left side of door during the day but brackets started to bend forward with the weight of the curtain and they looked lopsided. Fixing bracket/ends like those in pic below on the side walls should hopefully hang them better.


Looks like you have tried before and failed, if you fix a pole or anything where you have put the dots it will look ridiculous. Your best points are top left/right above the door on the front wall (covering the alarm PIR mind) and as stated a few times, will be dot and dab, so long fixings to go through the board and into the breeze block behind, I'd suggest a track to distribute the weight too.


If you could drop that a few cms to just above the level of the door frames you should be screwing into brick or wood after the plaster layer.


The brackets are going on side walls either side of dots in pic below


What? On an external wall? Are you sure? I doubt it.