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Updated 21st Nov 2020Last updated 21st Nov 2020 by JaxStorm
what the best place to buy 16gb DDR3 Ram ?
cant seam to find any at a good price its seams higher in most places than ddr4 :( looking for it in either x2 8gb or a 16gb strip would be better.

i looked around and found Kuesuny 16GB Kit (2X8GB) DDR3 1600MHz Udimm Ram PC3-12800 PC3-12800U 1.5V CL11 240 Pin 2RX8 Dual Rank Non-ECC Unbuffered Desktop Computer £54.99 is that ok as i wasnt sure what unbuffed meant?


yeah i understand thanks, last time i tried to get some ddr2 from cex and they sent me ddr1 and was a nightmare to send back so in the end i gave up but i will check


Novatech are a good company for computer stuff


Yup - agree about CEX - only problem is if you want specific speeds/brand. Early on during lockdown (the only time so far :D) I ordered 2 DDR3 SODIMMs for an old Mac Mini, and got a DDR3 and a DDR4 stick - so they're not always too careful on stock picks either. The return process was OK though, and for price and availability, probably your best option.


CEX. If you don’t mind used (and you probably shouldn’t this late in the memory day). Just search for 16gb DDR3. A few options there from £38 desktop.

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DDR3 Ram
Hi I need some advise on ddr3 Ram. 1. I currently have 2 x ddr3 4 gb Ram 2133 mhz installed. 2. I want to purchase 2 x ddr3 8 gb Ram 2133 mhz. 3. Will 2400 mhz Ram be compatible… Read more

If you already have 2x DDR3 2133MHz RAM and you want to max out your slots then pop down your local CEX You'll never know what you might find.


As an example, ebuyer has a 4 RAM slot motherboard for £51.99 - now that would give the option of getting another 8GB kit (2x4) and combining with the existing set. instead of getting a 16GB set - but what you save on the RAM, you spend on the motherboard and the aggro of swapping it.. But on the other hand, buying a new Skylake / Kaby Lake motherboard now would be a negative move, as the newer Coffee Lake series (and the one after it) need a Motherboard with a 300 series chipset - and they are NOT backward compatible either.


Yes i see the ddr 4 wrote on the motherboard, i have since looked into it & the motherboard can take ddr 4 2400 mhz memory sticks. Just Cause 3 has problems running with just 8 gb of ram, unfortunately this seems to be a common problem Fallout 4, GTA V & Gears of War 4 all run fine. Giving the rise on prices of computer hardware i might opt in holding back for a while regardless. Having said that if anyone can reccomend any ram either 8gb or 16 gb ddr4 2400 mhz x 2? Many Thanks to everyone involved in this forum for all the effort. (y)


You don't capture the labels on the memory in those photos but you do capture the motherboard model number and the GA-H110-H only takes DDR4 according to GIgabyte's website: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-H110M-H-rev-10#sp It also appears to have DDR4 printed next to the memory slots. Without knowing why the game isn't running correctly it's impossible to give advice on what might fix it.


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(_;) Could do with some spares ,,, many thanks


Thanks! :)


Many thanks Look impressive but complicated Guess the other half would be happy with it


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