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Updated 26th MarLast updated 26th Mar by bracey100
Anyone know a good travel mug leak proof and which would keep my coffee warm for more than enough hours at work, trying to take coffee to work and make it last rather than poppin t… Read more

nice (y)


Went to Asda and got it for £8


I’ll check them out too!!


Brilliant I’ll pop in my local Tesco today and see if there’s any on the shelf :D


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Updated 24th MarLast updated 24th Mar by liamcupra
I’m looking for a good but not over priced car travel mug. Any advice please?

Which one did you go for??


I’ve clicked on the link but can’t find the travel mugs :/


Contigo travel mugs are great :)


Emsa were good too think they got bought by group that owns Tefal


Thanks. I was looking at several yesterday and Contigo flasks had the best reviews (aside from a few about the colour wearing off which I'm not worried about)

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Updated 15th Dec 2020Last updated 15th Dec 2020 by misslu
Travel mug recommendation for going on walks please
Want to get a good insulated non spill travel mug for my dad to take on his daily lockdown walks as it's pretty chilly at the moment. Preferably without a handle so he can fit in … Read more

Another Contigo vote from me! The whole family use them and they are without doubt the best for leakage. I once had to re sit the black rubber band inside the lid as it wasn't in properly so the drink spilled slightly when taking a drink but once back in place has been fine. Keeps drink hot for hours but will start to cool if you're taking regular sips therefore opening the spout a lot.


Cheers everyone. Contigo it is


Yep Contigo, we’ve tried several and contigo never leaks. Chilli were ok. Sho cup lid was poor sealing.


Contigo. Never had a leak and kept my drink hot - when I used to have a commute into the office. Long distant memory now and my mug is sat unused in the cupboard!


Another vote for Contigo. Use some when little ine was tiny to avoid her knocking hot drinks. Number of knocks and drops it survived

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Updated 12th Sep 2020Last updated 12th Sep 2020 by andy2513
Wanted personalized photo mug
Want something similar to this as want to upload at least three photos cheapest I can find is £20 with delivery
andy2513 Not travel mug but cheapest on ebay with good reviews


Ah yes its a travel mug with out a handle. I apologise!


Thanks that’s just a mug wanted travel one x

Tiddly_fiddly!/pdpview Get 40% off... BEST320 Total: £13.78 You could create a high quality collage of the three photos you want and use it as one image.


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Updated 31st May 2020Last updated 31st May 2020 by GapsOfTheGod
FREE THERMAL MUG Contigo West Loop Thermal Mug Sample Price: £0.02 Actually, we're going to give you our two pennies worth. At 4imprint, we think samples should be free. Use t… Read more

The site must be compressing it.


That is one blurry image (lol)


Yes. It was off a email offer thingy. Never got mine either. (annoyed) I wasted about 5 minutes of my life applying for one of those things. I'll never get that back you know ...



@oliviasgrandad, did you get this offer in the form of an email? I'm looking for a screenshot of the description text you put in the original post. Any ideas?

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Updated 1st Jan 2020Last updated 1st Jan 2020 by heresthedeal
Hi, I'm looking to get some glasses and mugs that'll fit with the compact Tassimo Vivy machine, especially for the XL lattes e.g. the Carte Noire latte macchiato. Even when I take … Read more

I bought the dunelm ones for my tassimmo happy and it's perfect. They hold 10oz almost 300ml .The reccomended glass size for the lattes on the tassimmo discs packet is 285ml,but that would mean an overspill.Dunelm currently offer them at 1.75 You do need to slide the overspill tray completely off for the lattes but thats never an issue


I've only tried the Carte Noir latte macchiato since they changed them and yes it isn't as good as the original that's for sure, the biggest change I've noticed is that I get more residue at the bottom of the cup than previously and the milk isn't as frothy. The taste is alright, but no where near as good as the old ones sadly, hopefully Tassimo will see sense soon and change them back. As a side note, I had a bit of a result with finding a glass to fit the Vivy, I found as part of the sales at Tesco a pack of 6 Bodum glass mugs for £9, they work a treat. Can be bought online, but currently out of stock by the looks of things;


I buy the oreo but just hold thd button down longer for more water, only slight taste difference and you get a full latte glass instead.


I got a tassimo for christmas have spent a fortune on pods and have yet to find one i like. Costa vile, others all ok but leave a sweet taste in my mouth (i dont have sugar in coffee) got the cadburys hot chocolate for the kids, very watery and again fake sweet taste, my son said 'is ok but when can we get the hot chocolate we normally have', bought oreo today and it was a hit with my son, but makes such a tiny drink! 190ml so works out so expensive!


I had to order the Costa latte 'original recipe' pods from Amazon. bloody expensive but had no choice as I had read these bad reviews of the Costa lattes tasting disgusting with the recipe change. they should be arriving in the next few days. My husband will be none the wiser as this is our first coffee machine and I got it as a present for him (funnily enough I don't drink tea or coffee) I want to buy some hot chocolate pods for myself but I'v read they have changed the cadburys ones and I'm a massive Cadbury fan so I have no idea what il be drinking! not a good time to buy a coffee machine when they have changed the recipes! Sod's law!