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7" Digital Photo Frame - £41.12 (exc del) @
Posted 7th Feb 2007Posted 7th Feb 2007
7" Digital Photo Frame - £41.12 (exc del) @
7" Digital Photo Frame 480*234 Pixel TFT LCD is £41.12 inc VAT @ FREE delivery on all orders over £49 or £46.17 inc Supersaver delivery. Description : It's considerabl… Read more

£40 here and its a new product hence the question. I suppose its easy enough to move stuff to an SD card.


Cibox one has a remote. If it can't be read by most card readers then I guess it won't as its only £40. And reads SD card.


excellent price,now I really don't have any excuse!


I think this is the Cibox on? Anyone know if it will take Fuji type H XD cards? The ttype H are the larger faster version and can't be read by most card readers .


Very good price edi, i've been considering getting one of these .... :thumbsup:

HIGHEST Spec 7" Widescreen Quality Digital Photo Frame
Posted 4th Feb 2007Posted 4th Feb 2007
HIGHEST Spec 7" Widescreen Quality Digital Photo Frame
£66.61Scan Deals
Unable to find any reviews - although description sounds good... The HIGHEST Spec 7" Widescreen Quality Digital Photo Frame in the UK. White with Clear Surrounding Frame. PC/Mac … Read more

Can you confirm this? I'm so tempted to buy this :thumbsup:


I am worried about anything priced 666 :w00t:


Hope it's not the same as the one they sold in november under the "sherwood" brand ( it looks the same ):-( If it is, it's total garbage:x


This was an offer posted on these forums before Christams, you just had to register your details and you got free deliver from Scan for life. Was only open for a day or 2 I seem to remember. I know a lot of people went for it, very useful :)


Hi Richierea - how can you get free delievry ?

Ebuyer 7" Digital Photo Frame 480*234 Pixel TFT LCD @ £48.04 delivered
Posted 22nd Jan 2007Posted 22nd Jan 2007
Ebuyer 7" Digital Photo Frame 480*234 Pixel TFT LCD @ £48.04 delivered
Looks to me to be the cheapest 7-inch Digital Photo Frame around... £46.99 delivered and you get 1.5% Quidco. Am a bit lazy, so will only copy paste from Ebuyer. Website is here (h… Read more
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Sorry Emma. Didn't spot that you'd altered the headline price later to include delivery.


Emma added it after I posted, it was actually £39.99 but I left postage off because of the numerous options you coud choose from. Can't understand companies altering their prices in this way though.


The previous posting didn't include P&P Emma so it has actually gone down in price by a couple of pounds since then.


It's gone up £3 since ][COLOR=blue]last posted[/COLOR]... P.S. Above post came to £48.04 with postage

7" Digital LCD Photo Frame  £46.94 (£52.41 inc p&p)
Posted 17th Jan 2007Posted 17th Jan 2007
7" Digital LCD Photo Frame £46.94 (£52.41 inc p&p)
dont know how good this deal is.. and another 4% off via quidco (about £50.31 i think inc p&p) Product Details View your favourite pictures on your desk or on the wall. Its … Read more
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][image missing]Looks very similar indeed to the ebuyer one posted ][COLOR=blue]here[/COLOR].

7" Digital Photo Frame 480*234 Pixel TFT LCD £45.04
Posted 16th Jan 2007Posted 16th Jan 2007
7" Digital Photo Frame 480*234 Pixel TFT LCD £45.04
This is probably the cheapest I have seen these digital picture frames. Please add delivery to the price as there are different options. Description: Display: 7" 280*234 Pixel T… Read more

For today this is back down to £34.99 plus postage, which makes it £40.52 inc postage (note postage is free if the total is over £49.99). I have bought this and it works pretty well - I trimmed the photos to 16:9, and 480x234 using the "Image Cropper by Paul Marshall" version 0.92.




The price has dropped slightly to £42.99 inc VAT now. Add the cheapest P&P for 3 working day delivery on top and it comes out at £48.04.


Am confused. Which frame has this resolution. eBuyer or Amazon ?


Also don't forget quidco, a massive 1.5%. ;) And thanks all for voting hot, my first ever fornt page article. Yeah!!

ATMT 7inch Digital Photo Frame with Remote Control and MP3/MP4 NOW just £69.99 Delivered!
Posted 12th Jan 2007Posted 12th Jan 2007
ATMT 7inch Digital Photo Frame with Remote Control and MP3/MP4 NOW just £69.99 Delivered!
This ATMT 7inch Digital Photo Frame with Remote Control and MP3/MP4 has been reduced to just £69.99 including free SuperSaver delivery from Amazon. # 7" TFT Active Matrix LCD # Vi… Read more

Ah right :roll: Missed it sorry and Thanks :)


USA the Ebay item number above.


No DivX playback option on this one?


Where's yours coming from fozzy17?


Yeah ive looked at a few but some of the resolutions can be really bad, the one above is the highest ive seen at this price range, you want at least 800x600 resolution. Im hopeing i dont get hit by customs

Advent Deal BT Digital Photo Frame £84.99 Delivered
Posted 16th Dec 2006Posted 16th Dec 2006
Advent Deal BT Digital Photo Frame £84.99 Delivered
A picture is truly worth a thousand words, so enjoy volumes of memories with the BT Digital Photo Frame. Share your digital images and short video clips with your family, friends, … Read more

Yeah I was referring to those :)


Maybe it was due to the time (early morning). Are you referring to the vBulletin FAQs? Thanks for your replies =), I know being a mod can be a pain in the a*s, was one in 2003.


I'm not sure why you weren't notified on removal of the first post, we usually do. We do have eBay deals on here, that is why eBay is in the merchant list. For example, their 5p listing days. We have FAQs, you'll see them on the link at the green bar at the top of the page. As for a proper set of forum rules, we have not fully laid them down yet, as we have really grown over the last while. Generally, the mods keep things on track as we go along :)


Thanks for making me aware, why didn’t they edited the first post I made and explain why it was no good? (That’s what you guys normally do), I can’t find the FAQ’s or rules of this site and it seems I’m not a mind reader, it would have been considerate if the first mod made a little note on what I did wrong as it was considerate in the first place for me to take 15-20 mins to make a post in order for people to get a better deal. So basically you/I can’t make a post which includes “one” trader on their own? Why is that? Yeah I have to admit, I haven’t come across a site like that before, I found it by Froolging “Digital Photo Frame”. If you click on this link: ] then clicked on girlie girlie’s page... I think that’s the one... But then I clicked on that link again and now there's only a "girl pretty", that's weird Will you keep in mind that "now" I haven't been to sleep for 28 hours due to not being able to get my sleep pattern back because I've had a relapse of depression @ just the "right" time of the year "when" any one would love one! =P


I wondered that as well emma I went direct to Amazon to see if it was a marketplace seller but it was only Amazon selling it but as you say it was in an unusual format, I think it may have been an affilate link none-the-less.

Desktop USB Photo Album + Temperature gauge + alarm clock - 21.94 delivered
Posted 14th Nov 2006Posted 14th Nov 2006
Desktop USB Photo Album + Temperature gauge + alarm clock - 21.94 delivered
This is a small gadget that can be (IMHO) great Christmas present. Screen is small but if I can watch movies on my Cowon's screen (1.5") then photos should be OK-ish as well. Sho… Read more
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Just received this toy. It looks like it is made by Mars Semiconductor Corp (at least that's what software says) but I can not find this device on their website. JMTek is probably another possible make as they have FAQ for it, but it is not in their product list. Anyway, the device looks nice and small. It is about a size of a pack of superkings cigarettes. It came with silver 'MyMemory' sticker on its base, which I believe can be easily removed. On its front, there are two displays - one is colour (CSTN, passive matrix) one and another is black/grey for temperature/clock. There are 2MB of memory in this device, you can fill it with whatever phots you like. No previous cutting/cropping necessary. It comes with some sort of ugly-looking software, which really works (to my surprise) and allows to select pictures and also to choose what part of this picture can be transferred to device (cropping). Once transfer was done (via USB cable, included) then you can start slideshow. Press and hold 'up' or 'down' buttons, depending on slideshow direction (forward/backward). Pictures are changed with simple top-to-bottom transition, which looks OK. The screen isn't really bright, so you might want to adjust photos prior to transfer. The screen is tiny so if you want to download people's pictures into photo frame, it is best to crop it around face, then it is clearly visible. BTW, bright ladscape photos look very good in this thingie. When pictures on screen are changed, PD (photo display) show battery status and picture number like '14/24'. It shown for about a second, then disappears. Each photo in slideshow mode is shown for about 5 seconds and this time can not be changed. The thermometer is a joke. Plug USB to device and see temperature climbing to 30-35 degrees Celsius. In normal condition (i.e. no USB) it is about 5 centigrade above what 'proper' gauge shows. There is no way to calibrate it. Right now it shows 29.9 centigrade :) Welcome to Bahamas.. There is also an alarm clock, which I haven't tested yet and time display. It seems to be working fine :) There is also time display backlight but it isn't particularly bright. There are two types of batteries needed for this thingy - one CR2032 and two AAAs. Both types are included. The manual says that in battery running mode slideshow only works for 120 seconds. This is probably mistake as it is working for about 40 minutes on my desk. Or mine unit is simply broken :) Overall impression is that PD is a nice gadget, especially as a XMas gift. It looks good on office desk (once Mymemory sticker removed). Just do not expect too much from it.


How much would you sell it for? ;-)


Bought one of these last time it was posted on here, its now sitting in my drawer. The screen is far to small and very dificult to see in the light unless you look at it head on. Wouldn`t recommend it.


CR2032 are 10 for £2.69 at Takes about 7 days for them to arrive.


Thanks :) Look forward to it and hope it's good :-D

Great Christmas Gift! Digital Photo Frame 7" with Remote MP4/DivX/Mp3 Playback £69.99 Delivered
Posted 12th Oct 2006Posted 12th Oct 2006
Great Christmas Gift! Digital Photo Frame 7" with Remote MP4/DivX/Mp3 Playback £69.99 Delivered
With remote control and Mp4/Mp3/DivX playback, this ATMT 7" Digital Photo Frame would make a great interactive Christmas present at £69.99 including delivery. If you just want the … Read more

Hi, The article on the Gadget Show was very interesting. Digital Picture Frames have come down in price quite substantially. The one that came out top on the show from what I can remember was the Philips 7" Digital Picture Frame that retails for about £129.00. There's a good review on this at the following URL: ] (amongst other retailers): ] Best Regards.


But then wouldn't you need a pc to run it?


warning i watched a section on the gadget show a little while ago, and none of these frames rated very highly surprisingly. poor picture quality, poor video and also bad sound for the ones with those options. In the end they bought a LCD screen, and mounted a frame around it, and at half the price you get twice the quality! that said, this looks like the one they rated the best, i say looks i cant remember the actual manufacturer/product name. but for people who have the skills you can get a great bargain making your own, plus adds a little more "thought" behind the present


great deal I think ill get one for my Dad for his 50th in January


Cute prezzie :) Thanks Ray !

Pre-order: ATMT 7-inch LCD Digital Photo Frame ONLY £49.99 @ amazon
Posted 3rd Oct 2006Posted 3rd Oct 2006
Pre-order: ATMT 7-inch LCD Digital Photo Frame ONLY £49.99 @ amazon
Looks like this is going to be a bit of a price drop on these items - the digital photo frames from amazon. You can pre-order this ATMT one for £49.99, and it is due out on the 23r… Read more

I think there was one advertised on the telly from comet at £49.99... Are these the same ones? EDIT: Here is its... ] and it doesnt look the same.


Mine arrived today. Utter rubbish I'm afraid. I didn't think my expectations were particularly high but poor control interface, distorted images, narrow viewing angles and resolution that's comparable to my mobile phone meant that mine had to go back. Oh - and the PSU was dead, but I was able to test as I had a similarly rated power brick knocking around. Pity - but I think better ones will hit this sort of price in due course.


1. Its a christmas present. 2. Who in their right mind would want to have a 14/15" monitor on their desk. The whole idea is that its non intrusive. But that is a good idea lol


I've ordered one to have a look at it. Will let you know the quality when it arrives :)


If you can get the guts of a cheapo digital camera then you can feed the output from that into the 15" lcd tv. Check out [url][/url] and [url][/url] & even [url][/url] for ideas in this area. Oh, and ebuyer were doing 14" monitors for £58 the other week. Almost as cheap as the 7" photoframe.

Mahogany 9 Aperture Photo Frame £7.50 from Woolworths WAS £15
Posted 12th Sep 2006Posted 12th Sep 2006
Mahogany 9 Aperture Photo Frame £7.50 from Woolworths WAS £15
This prestigious Inspired mahogany frame will allow you to create a collage of your favourite family photos thanks to its versatile selection of differently sized apertures all rev… Read more

Thanks for this maryjane :)

COSKIN Digital photo frame (14 cm LCD) - £67 + delivery
Posted 20th Jul 2006Posted 20th Jul 2006
COSKIN Digital photo frame (14 cm LCD) - £67 + delivery
COSKIN CKY-5650AT Digital photo frame is £67 + delivery from (was £100) I havent included the delivery charge in the title because you have a wide range of options … Read more


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