100GB of Google Drive Storage for 73p pm / 'Unlimited' for £6.60 / 1TB for £3.66 pm & More Plans @ Google Drive (Via Turkish VPN)

Posted 9th Jul 2018
I saw this post over on Mydealz and, given the heat for previous Netflix, Deezer, and Spotify VPN deals, I figured this would be pretty handy for us in the UK! Full credit to AlohaBoah on Mydealz.

Translated from German and edited, apologies if there is anything that doesn't make sense! Anyway, here it goes...


Normally, you get 15 GB free for each Google account. But if you need more space you have to pay between £1.59 (100GB) and £79.99 (2TB) a month if using Google Drive in the UK. However, there is a way to get this storage much cheaper.

It's worth bearing in mind that the paid version of Google Drive is in the process of being changed to Google One, with an even cheaper pricing structure. 100 GB will be bumped up to 200GB, and 1TB will be replaced by 2 TB for the same price! However, this hasn't launched yet.

Get a discounted VPN here

UK prices - monthly subscription:

100GB for £1.59 / 1TB for £7.99 / 2TB £15.99 / 10TB £79.99 / 20TB £159.99

The prices below are based on Visa's exchange rate, using a fee-free card.

Turkish monthly subscription costs:

100GB 5.79 TRY / £0.73
1TB 28.99 TRY / £3.66
2TB 57.99 TRY / £7.31
10TB 289.99 TRY / £36.56
20TB 579 TRY / £73.00

Russian Monthly Subscription Costs:

100GB 139 RUB / £1.65
1TB 699 RUB / £8.28
2TB 1399 RUB / £16.58
10TB 6990 RUB / £82.83
20TB 13990 RUB / £165.78

How do I do this?

1. Connect a VPN to a Turkish/Russian server (I recommend GooseVPN's free trial, or Speedify).
2. Hit 'Get Deal'.
3. Select subscription and enter address.
4. Pay by credit card.

Please consider that Google operates a regional payment profile (a Google Account is capable of having several payment profiles in different countries at the same time). You can edit, delete and create a new payment profile. You have to be careful here, as if you delete your UK primary payment profile, you delete all previous purchases, subscriptions, etc. Therefore, I'd recommend setting up a seperate Google Account for Drive storage only to avoid any issues.


Credit to dealboy12 on Mydealz for this, and @markdigi for pointing it out on this thread!

G-Suite is a service from Google for businesses. There is, starting from the business package, unlimited cloud storage. 

Quote Google: "Google Drive's unlimited cloud-based file storage keeps all of your files in one safe place, accounts with less than five users get 1TB per user, and you can easily access them from your notebook, smartphone or tablet whenever you need them accessing files. " 

While Google says it's 1 TB per user if there are less than 5 users, they don't enforce the limit so you get unlimited storage for £6.60 per month!

This might also be liable for VAT, though I doubt anyone will bother paying it for such a small amount.


As @Turret said, you could also 'get a US student account for unlimited free storage which can be purchased online for around $2-3'

There may be other, cheaper sites, but on eBay you can purchase a .edu email address for only £1.50 (listing also confirms unlimited Google Drive is active for it). However, I believe this method means that the administrator of the account will be able to see all of your files so do it at your own risk (didn't put this in the title price because of this). Also, these accounts may be blocked as accounts are not allowed to be sold.
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