Cannot Port Existing Landline Number With Sky To Other Providers

Posted 20th Jan 2022
Hi Guys,

Thought Id drop this message here in the hope that someone has had success doing it.

Im with Sky and since I came out of my fixed period my prices have shot up. Currently paying £39 a month for Fiber and Unlimited Landline calls. I was looking to switch to NowTV Broadband and Anytime calls who are charging £20 a month and offer TopCashBack. However, I did read multiple times that people have not been able to port their existing numbers as the new potential provider cannot get access to the existing line.

I processed a Nowtv app and hadnt heard anything for a week. I checked the status and it was on hold. I gave them a call and they said it was on hold as they cannot port over the existing number due to Sky using Voip/Upgraded landline. He said I would need to get a new line with a new number which I dont want as its my parents phone line and we have had this number for 15 years.

So I feel like Im in bit of a pickle. Ive read online that even switching to other providers is proving to be an issue with Sky. The number was allocated originally by Virgin Media.

Has anyone been able to resolve this? Im on the phone with Sky now and the technical team person Im speaking too said she has never heard of this as an issue. Hopefully she comes back with some good news.

Appreciate your help with this.

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