Posted 17th Jul 2022 (Posted 5 h, 37 m ago)
Just had a call from ee as my sim plan is up November and they have offered me 200gb unlimited calls and texts for £16.10 on a 2 year contract. I use about 40gb data a month so will never go near the 200 even though it’s nice to have just in case. I’m not sure wether to go ahead or wait to see what’s around Black Friday that won’t have such a long contract. Decisions decisions!
What do you think @MrSwitch I know your the man? Cheers
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    Seems good, but search for my recent ee deals, you can get 50gb for around a tenner if more suitable

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    Likewise @MrSwitch I can't see that one either, thank you (edited)
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    Vodafone has 100GB under £10 after cashback redemption quite regularly. Unless you must have EE.

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    Imo the closer you get to end of your contract the cheaper EE price will be.
    Check out BT prices as well as they own EE.
    Can maybe play them off against each other.
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    Why would you pay for something that you never use? (edited)
    That is very true, but looking at what’s around at the moment with less data seem to be around the same price
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    Did you say I don't need that much data have you got any lower price options ?
    I didn’t but they said less data would cost around the same price
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    £8 for 40gig is often on here.... You may need to swap companies though.
    Sounds an expensive deal they've offered you.
    Could you share the deal page please? Can't seem to find it?
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    I'm getting 25gb with Plusnet at the moment for £10 a month which will do me until Black Friday, although the last couple of years have been absolutely dire for sim only deals.
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    Always best to have more, just in case you ever need it.
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