Is rug doctor from asda the cheapest option for me ?

Posted 23rd Jun 2019
I have a 2 bed flat which needs carpet cleaning, there was a accident few months ago and slime needs removing from carpet as it's across the rooms...

Is this the cheapest option for me ?

I am considering vinegar too but carpet seems bit dirty overall too, so thinking about rug doctor...

would cost me £30 i think.
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What is Rug Doctor?
Rug Doctor is a leading company in do-it-yourself carpet cleaning. They have powerful machines available to hire at over 3,300 in the UK and Ireland in locations such as Tesco, Asda and more. Rug Doctor was founded in Fresno, California over 43 years ago by Roger Kent, a professional carpet cleaner. They are now the go-to international brand for quick and easy carpet cleaner hire in over 20 countries.

How to Hire Rug Doctor
If you’re wondering is there an Asda carpet cleaner hire? The answer is yes, Asda Rug Doctor hire is a great solution to those needing to clean their carpets but not wanting to splash out on a pricey carpet cleaner for themselves. Here is how to get Rug Doctor Hire Asda:
  • First, it is best to see whether your local Asda does do Rug Doctor hire.
  • To do this, head to the Rug Doctor UK website and use their ‘Store Finder’ tool.
  • Type in your postcode and all the local retailers which supply Rug Doctor will pop up, simply choose where you would prefer to pick up the carpet cleaner from.
  • In order to get Rug Doctor Asda carpet cleaner hire you just follow the information on the ‘Store Finder’. Below the store there will be details on how you contact the store.
  • Asda can be contacted via phone or online.
  • Click the link below the store to find out how to contact them and how to book a carpet cleaner Asda.

Rug Doctor Rental Asda
Before you go through with hiring a Rug Doctor, it’s best to know all the facts. Firstly, Rug Doctor for hire Asda costs between £22.99 - £28.99 for 24 hours and between £28.99 - £32.99 for a 48 hour period. The price depends on whether you hire a Standard Rug Doctor or a Wide Track machine. It is also worth bearing in mind that you will have to buy carpet detergent as this isn’t included in the machine hire, the Rug Doctor solution Asda costs between £9.99 - £32.98 depending on which type of cleaning product you buy.

As well as carpet cleaner hire at Asda, you can also get a carpet cleaner delivered to your home through the Rug Doctor website. Firstly, you need to book this online or by phone, calling 01903 235558. If you get your Rug Doctor delivered then you can only hire it for 48 hours. Next, you can choose your cleaning products then select a delivery time. Delivery costs £15 and is available between 8:30am and 6:00pm.

Carpet Cleaner Hire Alternatives
Rug Doctor does provide a great solution for dirty carpets needing urgent cleaning but there are also a couple of alternatives that are worth bearing in mind.

HSS Hire is another company that offers carpet cleaner hire. To hire a small carpet cleaner for a day it costs £24 and you can choose to either have same-day delivery or click and collect from their many branches up and down the UK. You will also need to buy carpet cleaning detergent separately. Trustpilot features many HSS Hire reviews and the company generally scores very well, with an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5. Meanwhile, Rug Doctor hire Asda review comments on Trustpilot are also generally good and they score the company a general rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Another alternative is Brandon Hire Station if you want to hire the cleaner and return it on the same day it costs £18.34, while hiring it for a day at the weekend £24.45 and on a weekday costs £30.56. Brandon Hire Station also scores well on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.6 stars and 80% of reviews rate them as ‘excellent’.

These are some of the other options available to choose from if you’re needing to hire a carpet cleaner but we will leave it to you to decide whether Rug Doctor, HSS Hire or Brandon Hire Station is the right one for you.