Unlimited Everything Sim Only 30 Day Utility Warehouse (EE)

Posted 17th Sep 2020
UW appears to have revamped there sim plans and are now offering Unlimited Everything at £20 coverage appears to be on the EE network on a 30 day contract making the unlimited plan good vaule for money
Here is what there website says

Get your first Unlimited SIM for only £20, then up to three additional SIMs for just £10 each. What’s more, you’ll enjoy peace of mind with:

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Rolling 30-day contracts
Unlimited really means unlimited
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This seems like a good deal for people who require more than one sim (families etc).

Unlimited minutes, texts and data for £20 per month for the first sim and then up to three additional sims at £10 each hence if you took out all four it would average £12.50 per month.


It looks like it is on EE and is through Utility Warehouse. Not sure if you need to have any other services with them or not.

Would welcome anyone's thoughts or experience of this.