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Removing/replacing an alloy wheel centre cap (whole unit) - Citroen Xsarra Picasso
I lost the whole centre cap (and surround) whilst driving through flood water in the dark. I'm now looking at replacing it. Does anybody know how easy it is to pull one of these of… Read more

I will have a look, thank you.


What about trying


I'm still looking for one on ebay. They have several for say the Citroen C3, C4 ,etc, at reasonable prices. There were a couple for the Citroen Xsarra Picasso but for around £45 which is not what I really want to pay to be honest, especially as they were red, etc (my car is grey), so the cost of spraying it would be on top. My local scrap yard has now closed and the next nearest one doesn't have one, but I will keep looking. It's a bit frustrating really as the cover is fine, it's the hinge etc that has broken away. Currently got the cover taped to the side of the car with black tape which obviously is a bit inconvenient when I go to fill up the car, also I'm avoiding car washes at the moment because of it. Thank you.


Did you get the petrol flap sorted?


Easy enough. When fitting there is almost always aome sort of lug to ensure the alignment is good. It isn't always obvious although on your pic of the wheel without the centre you can see there is a cut-out at the top that the locating lugs on the centre will fit into. Its easy to break the locating lugs by trying to force fit with the wrong orientation. usually jest needs a sharp thump to fit them - need to compress the sprung ring

10 replies
Updated 22nd Nov 2020Last updated 22nd Nov 2020 by Toon_army
Alloy wheel
Anyone recommend any alloy wheel cleaning products/accessories Thanks

Just did my mams tyres just there, apologises for the low light, its getting dark really quick now. So the run down... Sprayed them with APC, gave them a good scub with a stuff brush, rinse, more APC, rinse, dry, then applied some Hyper Dressing and looks much better


Blimey I used to use that years ago, as it was flavour of the month on many car forums. It was good stuff though. (y)


Virosol I use but I have plenty for work. 5lt lasts years at 50-1


I use bilberry wheel cleaner. Costs around £25 for 5 litres but it's supposed to be used diluted with 10 parts water to 1 part cleaner so lasts ages. I don't think it's as strong as others but it's good for regular cleaning and it's supposed to be less acidic on your brake pads.


Budget ? Quantity or number of wheels to be cleaned say a month ?

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Updated 17th Nov 2019Last updated 17th Nov 2019 by ruheluddin86
Cheap alloy wheel and tyre courier?
Hi, Anyone recommend a good priced courier for delivering 4x 19" Alloy wheels and tyres? Weight is around 30kg per package

30kg each wow! Delivering within U.K.?


Yep used them plenty goes via TNT very good


Paisleyfreight 46.99


Interparcel or deliver them yourself. It won’t be cheap