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Updated 14th Dec 2020Last updated 14th Dec 2020 by mrcheesegrabber
Kandoo Melon Flushable Toilet Wipes - Pack of 12, Total 660 wipes
Made from 100% plant cellulose based material, Kandoo wipes are Flushable , Biodegradable in Water and contain No Plastic 20% off checkout with Amazon Warehouse.
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Updated 17th May 2020Last updated 17th May 2020 by bigwheels
Tesco Wipes
yeh, make money out of people that have bowel issues. The smaller lesser packet is the newer one. And hey, I am old and my stomach don't work right anymore, SIBO.
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Updated 25th Apr 2020Last updated 25th Apr 2020 by Magda111
Antibacterial Handy Wipes
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Updated 25th Jan 2020Last updated 25th Jan 2020 by LillyM
Biodegradable wet wipes
Has anyone here had much experience with biodegradable wet wipes? Which is the most affordable option and are they any good? Our second child is arriving soon and we'd like to use biodegrad…
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Updated 29th Nov 2019Last updated 29th Nov 2019 by flowersofwar
I HATE wet-wipes
The world's gone wet-wipe crazy. We have wet wipes, toilet cleaning wipes , wet toilet tissue wipes , leather wipes, stainless steel wipes, anti - bacterial wipes , face wipes, make up remov…
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