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RANGEMASTER Kitchener KCH90DFFBL/C Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black & Chrome For £899.10 with code @ Currys
Made hot 20th AprMade hot 20th Apr
10% off with the code. Free delivery on selected dates.

just ordered one. Great find (y)


Hi, can you advise on key differences between the 3? Thanks


There's a cream Belling SANDRINGHAM90DFT 90cm 5 Burners £804 @ AO eBay Code PRO10 ebay.co.uk/itm…255 Leisure CS90FMIRK 90cm 5 Burners A Dual Fuel Range Cooker Black £829, this looks much better on AO website ebay.co.uk/itm…579


People like you are the real mvp (y) Your reply is the type of information I pray for with any prospective purchase I research


My advice on cookers is to look carefully at how they are made and imagine yourself trying to clean them. Any seams where grease can collect or screwheads on the top. I have been very disappointed in the way cookers are made and as someone who does not buy extended warranties I would advise considering. My current rangemaster started to go wrong after the warranty expired. The door catch failed (google door catch rangemaster and you can see this is a common fault) the two piece knobs came unglued over the grill and the thermostats for the gas rings started failiing. In future I would just buy the cheapest and chuck away when it goes wrong or go for a catering model if you can spend more. See if you can get an extended warranty included. Good luck.

£104 Extra OFF with Code! RANGEMASTER Kitchener KCH90DFFBL/C Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black & Chrome £994 @ Currys
Made hot 14th AprMade hot 14th Apr
Do not use the Curry's on site code, log in to your Curry's account first, then add item to your cart, then add code to box, to get an EXTRA £104.90 off the sale price, which b… Read more

Its dropped in price again, so its £899.10 with the code


Correct... I have put £994 in the HUKD title, as "some" buyers, may have to pay for delivery up to £50 as its MASSIVE if they cannot wait for free delivery slot!


Just do not use the "curry's" one that pops up?? It's £944 all in, including the FREE delivery, which is anything from £20 - £45 a pop, depending on slot days and large appliance weekend rushes (y)




1049 less 104 is not 994 unless the 1049 shown inc their 50 voucher, I didn't log in to check till final stage

RANGEMASTER Kitchener KCH90DFFBL/C Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black & Chrome £999 with code @ Currys
Made hot 14th AprMade hot 14th Apr
Apparently £1399 is the RRP. Not sure if anyone pays that, but under £1K seems like a good price. Reduced to £1049 and another £50 off with the code.



I too have the rangemaster 110, neither of the ovens will ignite (although hardly used - was my late mother's). Do you happen to remember where you got the parts? Can't seem to find much info online and the manual must have been lost many moons ago...!


Thanks for the tip, I will try this ASAP!


Try putting a caserol dish half full of water in when you burn off as well (open the door and let the steam out every 10 mins or so)


Think about delivery. They are very heavy and awkwardly shaped. Rangemaster will leave it on the pavement if they can't get it in your home.

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Dual Fuel BBQ £149.99 @ Aldi
31/10/2019Expires on 31/10/2019Made hot 31st MarMade hot 31st Mar
Dual Fuel Barbecue Convenience and flavour. Host a family feast this summer with our Dual Fuel Barbecue. It’s easily portable with a host of useful cooking features – a side burne… Read more
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I missed out on it last year. That's why i posted this deal and bought it straight away. Try again next year.


Sold out (annoyed)


Looks great! What more do you want for £150


is this any good ?? anybody after a years use ?


Great invention.

Rangemaster PLAT100DFFBL/C Platinum 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker £825 w/code + 2 Year guarantee @ Co-op Electrical
Made hot 28th FebMade hot 28th Feb
Rangemaster PLAT100DFFBL/C Platinum 100 Dual Fuel Range Cooker £825 w/code + 2 Year guarantee @ Co-op Electrical
£825£1,09525%Co-op Electrical Deals
Spotted that this Rangemaster dual fuel range cooker has dropped further in price and use code LKA70 to get for £825 delivered. Reviewing the price history looks to be the lowest… Read more

Was a good price, nice find.


Sorry was in stock when posted (must have been limited stock) - someone got a decent deal anyway. Expired it.


Out of stock, not a deal no more


Out of stock......

Rangemaster Platinum 100 Dual Fuel 10678 Range Cooker £945 w/code delivered @ Co-op Electrical
Made hot 26th FebMade hot 26th Feb
Rangemaster Platinum 100 Dual Fuel 10678 Range Cooker £945 w/code delivered @ Co-op Electrical
£945£1,09514%Co-op Electrical Deals
Co-op Electrical have £150 of selected Rangemaster models using code RC150 Would love a range cooker, but sadly we'd have to rip some of the new kitchen out to get one in :D ma… Read more

Just before Christmas we paid £550ish for a range with 7 ring gas hob, 1 fan oven, 1 non-fan oven and one grill. Currys don't seem to have it anymore but we are very happy with it and I would find it very hard to justify an extra £400 for this.


Just be aware of the delivery guys they use. They’re pretty touchy and rude


Voted hot


Great Price ;)

Stoves Sterling 600DF Dual Fuel Cooker, Black £180 @ John Lewis & Partners
Refreshed 27th JanRefreshed 27th Jan
Stoves Sterling 600DF Dual Fuel Cooker, Black £180 @ John Lewis & Partners
Stoves Sterling 600DF Dual Fuel Cooker, Black is around £600 everywhere but down to £180 at John Lewis, 3 weeks deli
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Totally forgot - haven't asked them for a refund yet!


Update: Today, 1st of March I have FINALLY got my refund and have it showing into my account. Do I win a prize for being the last in the gates with my refund? XD ... pretty crazy how long this all took hey!


Oh I just checked and finally got my refund yippee must of just cleared. Hope all other people that have been in same boat as me get it sorted soon.


I still not got my refund even thou it states refunded on PayPal. If it doesn’t clear tomorrow I will contact PayPal again because they have closed the dispute but no money been put back into my account never had this before so not sure if this is how it works when getting refunded.


JL informed me when I questioned when am I due to get refunded. They told me they've not charged me and I must contact PayPal, which I've since done. Still waiting. We received the claim(s) you opened on 16 February 2019. We've reviewed the transaction(s) and are requesting additional information from John Lewis PLC regarding your claim(s). Next Steps John Lewis PLC has up to 10 days to provide us with the requested information. As soon as we receive this information, we'll share it with you and inform you of any actions you may need to take. There are no further actions you need to take until we contact you.

Beko KDVF90X 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker in Stainless Steel £70 off!.
Made hot 21st Dec 2018Made hot 21st Dec 2018
Beko KDVF90X 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker in Stainless Steel £70 off!.
£70 off this range cooker. Best price I can find. Was able to get it for under £500 earlier in the year using eBay code and discounted on coop electrical eBay shop but this is the … Read more
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I bought for £579 last year. Happy with the cooker and it looks nice and has a countdown timer which is handy.


I'm holding out for that too. Been keeping an eye on the price as I'd like an nice reasonably priced range. Watch this space if it drops again. Currently £580 on co-op.electrical on eBay, if it drops again and the 10% code re-appears it'll be close to the £500 mark.


Well they can keep it then, I'd be interested under the £500 previously priced.


Dual fuel bbq Wilko £40
Made hot 6th Sep 2018Made hot 6th Sep 2018
Dual fuel bbq Wilko £40
Dual fuel bbq

Ordered mine at time of deal being posted - arrived 3 days ago. A shame some people's orders have been cancelled.


Ordered 7 days ago and just been cancelled


Wilko just cancelled my order. :(


Appears to be back in stock of anyone is still interested in this.


cheap, but i cant see the point surely you just want to cook with 1 fuel not 2 ?

Wilko BBQ Charcoal / Gas Grill Dual Fuel was £175 + £8 Del now £125 + £8 Del @ Wilko
Made hot 30th Aug 2018Made hot 30th Aug 2018
Wilko BBQ Charcoal / Gas Grill Dual Fuel was £175 + £8 Del now £125 + £8 Del @ Wilko
£133£18327%Wilko Deals
Prev £175 last year on this site, £150 earlier this year (when I bought) and now £125 Become a true BBQ champion with our Dual Charcoal and Gas BBQ. The double cast-iron cooking g… Read more
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It's clear from the thread title that this is a dual fuel (i.e gas and charcoal) BBQ so why even click on the thread if not interested/it's of no use to you? Attention seeking idiot...


I agree. I posted it, and have bought it and I hate gas barbecues, but it'll be useful for frying the onions, or a summer omelette. Charcoal is the only way to barbecue meat! Just need to think outside the box people!




Thankfully lots of people disagree with your logic


The product is not good value for me as I would only use half of it. Hence the cold vote (highfive) . I don't think that analagy works very well. I would say it's like buying neapolitan ice cream and only eating the chocolate, so why not buy just chocolate ice cream as it would be better value.

Belling Cookcentre 90DFT 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker £749.05 Delivered w/code @ Appliances Direct
Made hot 24th Aug 2018Made hot 24th Aug 2018
Belling Cookcentre 90DFT 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker £749.05 Delivered w/code @ Appliances Direct
£749.05£828.9510%Appliances Direct Deals
I'd absolutely love a range cooker like this, but our new kitchen would need breaking down again :D Dimensions are D60cm / H90cm / W 90cm Plenty of options for cooking and good f… Read more

I used to work for them as an engineer, very average cooker, to anybody thinking of buying this don’t try to kid yourself that this is anywhere near as good as a Rangemaster.


Looking for a new 55cm gas cooker but didn't realise it would be that hard to find a good one. Could do with a pointer.


Which gave it 59%


One year Warranty (which isn't legal), kind of telling about it's quality.

Fuel at Morrison diesel 118.4p and petrol 114.4p @ Guiseley
Made hot 2nd Aug 2018Made hot 2nd Aug 2018LocalLocal
Fuel at Morrison diesel 118.4p and petrol 114.4p @ Guiseley
Notice this price at our local Morrison Petrol Station in Guiseley Leeds Diesel £118.4 Petrol £114.4 At Asda it’s £127.4 and BP/Shell around £134.9 so around 10p to 16p cheaper d… Read more

The affected cars are completely irrelevant, but to keep you happy; Golf, Civic and 520d - all were less responsive to throttle. This was over a period of years at different branches as I thought perhaps it was the maintenance of the tanks at one branch that were the problem, maybe bacteria build-up that wasn't resolved. My colleagues tell me to interchange supermarket fuel with premium brands every second tank, preference for Sainsbury's and next tank being Esso.


What were these vehicles you used this diesel 'on' and what were the performance results? Why did you go back two more times if it had such a negative effect? Did you inform Morrisons? What do you use now that's so much better? We need facts if we're going to listen to your nonsense.


You've no idea what you're talking about. All retailers treat fuel differently, whether it comes to how it is stored, what additives they use etc Ask your local trading standards offciers who test and inspect fuel - that's where I got my info from, straight across my desk. EDIT: I've seen your post claiming 30 years in the motoring trade - heaven help us all if this is the extent of your knowledge.


Think prices may have gone back up now? Just drove past it...


(popcorn) I'm here for the tin foil hat-worthy comments (popcorn)

Bush BSC90DFB Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black - £349.99 @ Argos
Made hot 25th Jul 2018Made hot 25th Jul 2018
Bush BSC90DFB Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black - £349.99 @ Argos
£349.99Argos Deals
Bush 90cm wide dual fuel range cooker in black features a large 100 litre fan oven and 5 burner Excellent price for a Range Cooker. Also positive customer reviews on Argos website… Read more

Not in stock


This same model (different knobs and handle) is made by Whirlpool previously sold in Ikea £ £800 some yrs ago.


Iv been looking for a gas cooker for a while now and hav noticed that all are dual fuel range. Anyone know why these big cookers now come wth one oven as gas and the other oven electric?

Tesco Dual Fuel Gas and Charcoal 2 burner BBQ £132.95 delivered @ Tesco
Made hot 11th Jun 2018Made hot 11th Jun 2018
Tesco Dual Fuel Gas and Charcoal 2 burner BBQ £132.95 delivered @ Tesco
£132.95£25047%Tesco Direct Deals
Tesco seem to be having a Tesco direct sale as there closing it down 9th July 2018. Spotted this duel fuel gas & charcoal BBQ for £125 plus delivery of £7.95. Best of both wor… Read more

Now OOS again....


Back in stock


Yes it is OOS


Weird, was just looking at various BBQ's on Tesco Direct and then it said Low Stock and I was able to get one. Thanks for the offer, heat added.


Tesco end next mth, sign up for the 1mth free delivery which takes u past the date they end and u get it free. Just remember to cancel before the mths end.

Aldi Gardenline Dual Fuel BBQ £149.99 (+£3.95 delivery)
Made hot 13th Apr 2018Made hot 13th Apr 2018
Aldi Gardenline Dual Fuel BBQ £149.99 (+£3.95 delivery)
£149.99Aldi Deals
Your garden parties will never be the same again when you introduce this gas and charcoal Dual BBQ. A great way to keep family and guests satisfied, you'll be able to grill delicio… Read more
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I bought a kitchen tap from Aldi and that has warranty. It states that if there are any problems within the duration, remove the tap and send it off to somewhere in germany(?) and they'll either repair it or give a refund providing you have kept the receipt. What kind of a warranty is that?! (lol) (lol) (lol)


It does have a 3 year warranty so hopefully would at least last 3 years...


For a decent bbq go for Webber. Not overly expensive and will last. Do you want duel fuel? I went to a couple off bbqs last year with the big green egg... not 100% on its name, it seemed amazing but I think there expensive


Yeah exactly... £150 is a lot for a handful of bbqs. I have gone to Weber now and the way they last means they are much cheaper in the long run. Plus as you say the heat/cooking is better. I’ve found it much more consistent which has meant more tasteful food.


I'd never recommend this because of the price lol but it's basically what I'm after!! Dual Fuel BBQ... Not sure what the quality would be like but I bet it would be alot thicker than this Aldi one (obviously)

Smeg CG92X9 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Stainless Steel £884 @ bootskitchenappliances
Made hot 27th Jan 2018Made hot 27th Jan 2018
Smeg CG92X9 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Stainless Steel £884 @ bootskitchenappliances
The Smeg CG92X9 comes with a large 72 litre electric multifunctional oven which is great for preparing the grandest of family meals. With lots of cooking options to choose from, in… Read more
Avatardeleted1600885Get dealGet deal

Buy at your peril. I've been domesticated for 25+ years and the Smeg cooker I've had - with me thinking I was buying "quality", is the worst I've ever owned. Three door seals (done it myself), thermocouple on one hob gone, oven element died (repaired that myself too) - and I'm here on my own most of the time and use the microwave most! It has been a total disaster and I couldn't recommend their appliances. Do some research before buying, it's not just me.


That's a interesting design choice but some people will like it as it hides the typical washing machine front


But shouldn't all smeg products have that not-stupid iconic fridge door, like their washing machines for example?


Smegs always quality.


Smeeee XD

RANGEMASTER Kitchener 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black £899.99 @ Currys
Made hot 28th Dec 2017Made hot 28th Dec 2017
RANGEMASTER Kitchener 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black £899.99 @ Currys
£899.99£1,499.9940%Currys PC World Deals
Great price and decent reviews. £899.99 with code RANGEM plus 7% Topcashback or £50 Quidco!
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Quidco only tracked £6.25 🤔


I've ordered one (thanks OP)... I used Quidco which said £50 Cashback, but it's only tracked at £6.25, anyone else had this?


I bought something like this 15 years ago, maybe £800 I think? dual ovens never get used other than as pan storage. the pizeo ignition fails after 1 year and a day the metallic coating on the knobs come off at year 2 I wouldn't buy one unless you seriously make meals requiring more than 4 pans. Personally I find not having an eye level grill really annoying. The oven temperature seems a bit high, normally I put everything on two gas marks lower, and when I can smell the food then it's done, otherwise it's burnt. on the plus side, they intially look very nice


Gas is more familiar to people who've used it for a long time, and people are resistant to change. I've never had an induction cooker and have this Rangemaster duel which I find to be excellent. I think it would be a bit of a gamble to switch to induction purely because I've never used it nor have any friends/family members who have one so have no idea if it's better (I'm sure it is since it's much newer technology). Having said that, I'm a bit fed up of having to revert to matches whenever the igniter on the gas hobs don't heat up, plus clean up is a nightmare on these gas cookers.


I'd stick with what you ordered. Better quality

Belling SANDRINGHAM90DFT 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black/Cream/Silver £629.10 delivered @ AO
Made hot 22nd Nov 2017Made hot 22nd Nov 2017
Belling SANDRINGHAM90DFT 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black/Cream/Silver £629.10 delivered @ AO
£629.10ao.com Deals
Bit of a beast and a nice price! - Aval in Black, Cream or Silver - use code BFRANGE10 for this price (add at basket) - Dropped with code in their Black Friday event. 3 … Read more
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Natwest reward customers get a further 10% cashback at ao. Not forgetting the usual casback through Topcashback or Quidco (3%).


Cooking on gas (or electric) (mad)


I have same one.. had it about 9 years without an issue... Great price..

Uswitch £30 Quidco cash back for dual fuel switch. Expires in 6 days
Made hot 14th Nov 2017Made hot 14th Nov 2017
Uswitch £30 Quidco cash back for dual fuel switch. Expires in 6 days
Going through my annual bills clean up switching and uswitch has £30 cash back ATM for dual fuel. Winter is coming!!! Get your rates lower before you start burning your money
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If anyone switching to bulb energy, it's better to use a friend's referral link rather than a cashback site. It's giving £100 discount until Monday.


In addition to the above, these days you'd often save more than £30 going with different providers for gas and electricity rather than a dual fuel deal with one supplier.


People should really first compare standing charges and rates.. don't switch because of 'cashback'.


Argh wish I'd known. I've just switched to Bulb, over £400 cheaper that SEE.


You seem to have omitted the fact you will also get 100 quid. Plus referrals aren't allowed.

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