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Frontline Spot On for Cats (3 Pack) at Vet UK for £9.38 delivered
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
Short expity date 31/8/2018 Free p&p over £29, otherwise £3.99 Could be a good group buy for cat people to get the free p&p Frontline Spot On for Cats (3 Pack) is used in… Read more

I too have given up with frontline years back as it doesn't seem to work anymore. I wouldn't waste time with it. Advocate is the one to use.


As others have said this doesn't seem to work any more, gets terrible reviews too. I went for 'advantage' instead on my cats and dogs. It's cheaper, comes in packs of 4 pipettes and works. I got mine from Animed


Doesn’t work anymore on my cat so switched to advantage, same ingredients as avodate from the vets. Good offer though


Might as well put water on your cat than frontline. Same result.


Same, Frontline just made the fleas docile, not killing them. Was using Advocate which works, but crazy expensive as you need a vet prescription. Also trying Advantage atm, seems to be working so far.

free tickets - arab film - bbc cultural frontline - central london - wednesday 25th april, 2018
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Join The Cultural Frontline for a special broadcast as part of the BBC Arabic Festival in which we bring together leading Arab filmmakers to discuss whether we now live in a go… Read more



A lot of British and American companies work on international movies, especially Bollywood...just because something is not English it doesn't mean the UK and America don't profit!


tom courtney is about the same age as albert and he's still working. in fact, a lot of actors keep on trucking until infirmity stops them performing. `Gandalf` is 78!! meet Edith Moore... At the tender age of eighty three, a gruff old woman (Sheila Hancock) sets out to try and capture a little of the magic she had as a young girl. The story is a tale of triumph over adversity as Edie embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.


kamenitzabrit: Whatever happened to our own home produced films by the likes of Ealing studios, and featuring stars such as Albert Finney ? We do have things like Aardman Animations to fly the flag for us, but sadly our great British film industry has all but vanished. Will the Arabic film industry go the same way, or is there not going to be the obvious competition form Hollywood which our English language industry faced ? The UK film industry is huge, employing 2m people and growing by 5% pa. Albert Finney's last film was British made Skyfall in 2012. He's in his 80's now so probably not as active as once was.


Whatever happened to our own home produced films by the likes of Ealing studios, and featuring stars such as Albert Finney ? We do have things like Aardman Animations to fly the flag for us, but sadly our great British film industry has all but vanished. Will the Arabic film industry go the same way, or is there not going to be the obvious competition form Hollywood which our English language industry faced ?

Buy one get one free frontline flea treatment for small dogs £13.49 (3) or £26.98 (6) £3.99 del (free delivery over £29) @
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Had to order flea treatment for my two small dogs and came across and noticed they had buy one get one free for frontline small dog. Both 3 or 6 pippettes. Delivery i… Read more

Some forum posts said the same while others are saying it's a case of each animal and area is different. For £30 I don't mind trying it out for 6 months ( 2 dogs). But I will keep an eye on how it goes. If it's bad then it's a lesson learned. But if it does work, it's a bargain. :)


I was advised by vets the other day, that this product isn't now any good, ad pets have become immune. I'm not sure if this is the case or whether it's because it's now available at a much more reasonable price? And from likes of Amazon etc.


Good price, but same feedback as NCIS, Frontline doesn’t seem effective anymore, we had a horrendous flea infestation a year ago so have switched to different treatments..


Many thanks just ordered!


I've not had any issue with frontline. But then again my two don't normally get a lot of fleas. So can't say if it's down to the product or not as there's times they've missed treatment and been fine. I usually make sure they're covered from spring over summer though as that's the active seasons.

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Frontlines:Fuel of War (X360/XO) £1.19 @ Xbox (With Gold)
Found 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
Frontlines: Fuel of War is a military-themed infantry and vehicle based, open-world first person shooter. The newly formed Red Star Alliance, led by Russia and China, clash with W… Read more
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Don't think so, unless they were bots and I didn't notice.


Thought the servers were offline?


it BC, just played the first level and a couple of multiplayer matches. fun, controls will take some getting used to.


In the interest of balance, I really enjoyed the campaign on this. A total bargain at £1.19 imo.


people sure this is BC? bought it but its not showing up in my list of games. strangely it didnt add it to my list of games as it usual did, had to go into the store and download

Frontline for dogs at Amazon for £15.39 Prime (£18.38 non-Prime)
Found 19th Nov 2017Found 19th Nov 2017
Frontline flea treatment for dogs prime deal so ime not sure who will benefit from this but it's a great deal

Oh and as for this using dig treatment on cats DONT, they're not the same thing a lot of them contain permethrin which is toxic to cats and can just kill them outright


Fipronil is useless don't waste your money you'll end up with an infestation. Get a prescription & buy Stronghold, fantastic stuff not too pricey and kills fleas and "internal" parasites too.


Yes, same stuff as advantage but with tick treatment as well.


Hey .MUFC., fancy seeing you here. We will get the message across, we will! (strong) Advocate is another great treatment, but also requires a Vet Prescription.


My dogs 8 years old now and always used this with no problems. You have just got to make sure you apply it correctly. Have a look on YouTube. Used to buy it from costco and then online. Bought two lots at this price. Cheapest I've ever seen

Frontline for cats. 6 pipettes £10.67 @ Amazon (prime members / P&P for non-Prime)
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Good price for 6 months worth. No doubt price will change quickly.
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This is Fipronil which is completely useless. Get to the vets & buy Stronghold it works properly Oh and stronghold also kills worms & other parasites too.


Seems someone lied to you about Catalonia not being Spain though (skeptical) And an educated guess says if the GHS gave you medication for an ape rather than a human you'd most likely get on your high horse about it (annoyed) You put that so eloquently, could not agree more, well said. As for people saying they finding it's not working for them, touch wood Frontline has always done us proud for mutts and moggies. The mutt was in the Burgenland region of Austria with me for three years and that manor is notorious for ticks, but with Frontline none of them ever hung around excuse the pun. And our cat has remained flea free for donkey's years with the feline pipettes so was more than happy to snap a few up at this price.


Another one here that found that Frontline stopped working. Switched to Advantage and that works.


Frontline doesn't work in my area. I bought Advocate but it has to be bought from the vet or with prescription. The vet charged me £62 for 3 pipettes plus added doubts by saying in front of my little girl that her year old kitten has heart murmur and should be x-rayed and blood-tested. Luckily I had prepared my girl for this by showing her that Advocate 3 pipettes cost only £21 if bought on the internet with prescription. The vet had refused to give us prescription on phone and insisted they wanted to do a checkup for flea-treatment. The kitten is active and as lovely as ever


I only said it so you were aware. I personally wouldn't do anything to risk my pets lives, but that's just me :/

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The Unmumsy Mums: A Collection of Your Hysterical Stories from the Frontline of Parenting FREE Kindle edition
Found 15th Jan 2017Found 15th Jan 2017
Whenever the Unmumsy Mum shares a story about life with her two young boys, she is inundated with anecdotes from other mums who have had similar experiences. As she herself puts it… Read more

Oh, the magic of seeing the world through a child's eyes! X)


Thank you for sharing.


​A year ago though!


And already posted I'm afraid


sorry have little experience

Frontline Flea Spot On Cats x6 pack £17.49  (Prime) / £21.48 (non Prime) @ Amazon (£17 for x3 usually)
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Frontline Flea Spot On Cats x6 pack £17.49 + free prime delivery. Amazon It's usually £17 for x3 so this is a great price for x6.

If people actually went to a local animal health merchant or countrysrore where they have a knowledgable animal health advisor then they would find that products do actually work(no good just treating the animal) and why buy an expensive brand name when there are generic alternatives.


In the past petfleas have been cheap, but this is currently nearer 20 pounds on there at the moment.


worked great at one time now fleas are use to it! advantage is better


This has stopped working on animals for a long time and sell it cheaper with free postage too


Thanks for this. We buy this at Boots normally as it's cheaper than the vets!! Boots price is £30.99 for a pack of 6, so this is a bargain. Happy Days :D

Watch the Selfless Sikh: Faith on the Frontline on BBC iPlayer A hero in every sense!!
Found 15th Nov 2016Found 15th Nov 2016
Last night(Sun 13/11) BBC showed a documentary on a selfless man Ravinder Singh who single handedly started a humanitarian Aid program. He is shown here visiting a war torn area i… Read more
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ChrisOm thanks for such a great comment I presume it was meant for Burmingum.... Your suggestion about starting an humanitarian work only works for those individual who are humble and do it selflessly and not get for recognition. Rav has been now doing it for 17yrs and hardly asked for any thing back. He has been and still leaves his own wife and young kid/s to help others leaving his child/ren wonder where is dad. He could have just shut him self out the destructive world and stayed home and worked to provide for his family. And I would say it is not he choose it but destiny choose him seeing what he had in him. Some one like me just looks at him and say good for nothing and has wasted half of his life, not seen his kids grow up, and that's why I haven't got up and did it myself. His team are not good for nothing like me but professionals like Lawyers, IT Engineers Doctors who also are following the trailblazer Ravi. One day he could come home in a coffin and he knows it, I cant brave it, but that is his buzz. I hate any sort of intolerance and wrong impressions given by some individuals be it who ever. There is a post on Mahabhart given here and the OP commented about nudity and I was compelled to leave a comment about who this about, the Great Lord Krishna. ChrisOm once more thanks and Please keep up the good work of spreading the good word that 'Recognise All Human Beings As One!'


​not sure what your issue is ? The TV documentary was about a man & his organisation being inspired to serve selflessly by the principles his religion has taught him . Surely that's positive no matter who/what there religion is. Sounds like your not happy with the Sikh Religion , & I can't understand why ? All I can suggest is maybe you should start a humanitarian charity , & hope that a TV channel wants to explore the principles that inspired u . If not stop, creating negativity & lets celebrate those who are trying to make the world a slightly better place!


Thanks OP, great watch.


great watch - Thank you.


Burmingum.... With due respect this post is nothing to do with independence of any sort so why did you bring this into it... I would kindly request you to please delete your comments and save them for laters as it invites hatred and all we should do is join hands look forward and eliminate this hatred. Otherwise I would kindly request one of the MODS to delete Burmingum it please.

Flea /Natural Pest Control / Red Mite Powder (DE) - £2.50 @ djcrit eBay :like Frontline Spot On Treatment
Found 1st Sep 2016Found 1st Sep 2016
I used this to control the fleas on my cats - as my cats seem to be immune to the the liquid drops I have been using and the fleas were getting out of control! I am very impressed… Read more

I just get someone to hold the cat so he does not run away and then just pinch some powder from the packet and rub it in to the skin (takes about 10 pinches) - a duster might be better but you need to get under the top layer of fur!


Thanks OP ordered Whats the best way of applying this to a long haired cat please? Should I buy a duster bottle?


Don't eat it or breathe large quantities of it but yes


Is it safe for humans?


Looks like a Lidl Lobster :)

Frontline Spot On for Cats Flea Treatment - 6 Pipette Pack Was £17.49 now £14.87 after 15% off with code. Free post and packaging @ blackcatmedicines online
Found 23rd Aug 2016Found 23rd Aug 2016
Frontline Spot On for Cats Flea Treatment - 6 Pipette Pack Was £17.49 now £14.87 after 15% off with code. Free post and packaging @ blackcatmedicines online Code for 15% off: bcm2… Read more
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​do you have the link for that please


I was looking for the Advantage 40 Spot On 4 pack which is £20.50 in Pets at Home but with the discount code is only £8.07 with Black Cat Medicines


How did you get it for that price?


Great price, the same product is £20.50 at Pets at Home, got it for £8.07 delivered! Thanks


Thanks n sorry for late reply.... Been away

FRONTLINE Spot On for Cats, 6 Pipettes £20.48 Prime @ Amazon
Found 20th Aug 2016Found 20th Aug 2016
▶︎IMPORTANT- DO NOT USE ON RABBITS or YOUNG KITTENS◀︎ Lowest ever amazon price Six month+ supply for you feline friend - Always follow instructions included in box. • For the … Read more
Avatardeleted1336857Get dealGet deal



Not sure when you were in Costco last but they no longer sell "Frontline" - just spoken to them on the phone hope this helps


A lot cheaper at Costco.


This is the correct approach. All the treatments work but you should rotate. Also you need to treat your house occasionally too. If you don't kill those, the cat will just get the again really quick!


I have read vets recommend "rotating" with Frontline etc and "advantage" to prevent the fleas etc becoming immune.

The Unmumsy Mums: A Collection of Your Hysterical Stories From The Frontline of Parenting Kindle Edition
Found 9th Jan 2016Found 9th Jan 2016
Pre-order (released 14 Jan 2016) The Unmumsy Mum gives you a straight no holds barred version of what parenting is like - none of this Fakebook stuff. This book will be laugh out… Read more
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The dysfunctional pigdogs on Jeremy Kyle are far funnier.


Also free on Google Play Books :) thanks OP


this lady is really rather funny, has me and my wife in stitches


Not read her stuff before but looks like a good laugh! Thanks OP


This freebie book is submissions she's had from other parents on their own stories about parenthood - so not her work. Her own book will be about her own journey and won't be free!!

Frontline and Advantage pet flea treatments from £9.10 @ Waitrose PET
Found 21st Dec 2015Found 21st Dec 2015
Waitrose Pet have around "50%" off on a range of flea treatments for dogs, rabbits, and cats. Includes Frontline and Advantage. Extra 10% off for repeat orders too. Also 6.06% off … Read more
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On Waitrose website it says free click and collect if order is over £30


Looks like you might not need a vet's prescription for the Advantage Cats spot on treatment either at Waitrose, which saves £15 or so, depending on how much your vet wants for writing one out.


You can do a free click and collect from any Waitrose store if you don't get up to the free delivery amount (£30)


8% cashback with Quidco with a 100% tracking score


You have a link ?

frontline for cats 6 pack @ petsathome online only £18.90
Found 21st Jul 2015Found 21st Jul 2015
Frontline 6 pack for cats £18.90 Online offer only Offer from 9am until midnight today only
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"You say it "stopped working for us" Did you also try it on the cats?" "You say it "stopped working for us" Did you also try it on the cats?" "You say it "stopped working for us" Did you also try it on the cats?" "You say it "stopped working for us" Did you also try it on the cats?" "You say it "stopped working for us" Did you also try it on the cats?" Ha Ha Ha! Very funny. Anything worthwhile to add ??


animed is usually the cheapest place to get flea treatments and wormers from


Madonna, try indorex spray, worked wonders.


Just called them. £80 for two visits. The next available date is August the 18th. The little nazis are multiplying like well, fleas in the meantime. The local pest control places want to charge £200 quid for it. WTF? That's a lapdance and other favors twice over lol.


You say it "stopped working for us" Did you also try it on the cats?

Frontline for Cats 6x. 0.5 pipettes was 21.99 now £10.50 + £3.00 delivery (free delivery on a £30 spend) at
Found 17th Jan 2015Found 17th Jan 2015
These are normally about £20 , this is the cheapest i can find at the moment. £3.00 delivery, free delivery over £30 and 15% off a £50 spend if you use the code JANPET

not showing 6 that price is for 3


reading all the comments is filling me with dread with the inappropriate way in which people are using these veterinary medicines. using these products wrongly is not only potentially dangerous to the pet it is also more likely to speed up resistance to these highly effective active ingredients. It would be fantastic to hear people going to seek proper advice from an animal health adviser found at most reputable pet stores. treating the pet is only part of the problem. treating the home environment is another part which is why many people say the products don't work. fleas can live in the home for many months and so reinfect the pet. yours sincerely a concerned animal health adviser


When we got our kitten, because she was not heavy enough, the vet had to use Frontline on her - however, this was from a spray bottle and she put about 5 lots on her hands and wiped it over our kitten's body - it never worked, the kitten still had fleas on her. When she was heavy enough, the vet used a vial of Advocat on her, and this cleared all of the fleas really quickly. We have been using Effipro on our other cat for several years now and he has always remained flea free. At the moment, I'm using Effipro on the older cat and a 3 month supply of Advocat on the kitten, but will change her's over to Effipro when the Advocat has been used up. Advocat and Effipro both work for us, but due to Effipro being cheaper, will stay with that one.


i have used it for a long time then it just stopped working would treat my dog and she would be coved again next day swapped brands after my vet told me they have removed a few things and made it weaker so it call be sold over the counter in supermarkets etc etc


We also use Effipro, but would be interested in using Advantage again if you can indeed use dog pipettes safely on cats.

Frontline: Fuels Of War (Steam) £1 @ Bundlestars
Found 6th Dec 2014Found 6th Dec 2014
Frontlines: Fuel of War is an open-world First Person Shooter set on the frontlines of tomorrow. In a world ravaged by a global energy crisis, environmental decay, and economic dep… Read more

Damn, gutted i missed this. :(


Good price for £1. Certainly isn't worth a tenner though!!


Bargain, was on bundle stars not long ago for £2.50. Great game, heat


Loved this game. A lot of its ideas were used in later COD games. Homefront also made by the same studio, & as an awesome game online


great game played this throu when 1st realesed hot from me....

frontline for dogs - £14.99 instore @ Co-Op Pharmacy
LocalLocalFound 1st Nov 2014Found 1st Nov 2014
frontline for dogs Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Frontline Tactics Bundle £1.59 @ BundleStars
Found 15th Oct 2014Found 15th Oct 2014
Frontline Tactics Close Quarter Combat DLC Desert Camo DLC Golden Gun DLC Medic DLC Ninja DLC Sniper DLC Snow Camo DLC Tiger Camo DLC Woodland DLC

It is a big deal. Currently £14.99 Thanks for posting.


Is it the same as the complete pack ?

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