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Farpoint PS4 PSVR PS Store digital £7.99
Found 2 h, 38 m agoFound 2 h, 38 m ago
Farpoint psvr ps store digital
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Yes, you can play with a Dualshock. No Move support. It's twice the game with an Aim controller, though


ah was gonna ask about feeling sick. only games that do it for me are drive club and firewall, shame as i want to play them.


I struggled with Cockpit. Can you change it?


I am OK with most driving games. Dunno if it is because I use the cockpit view or what but I tell you... Radial G - Racing Revolved on Oculus hits me like an vomit express train.


I got that with Dirt VR .. It was bloody awful

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR [PS4 Game] PSVR only £15 @ Asda Tamworth
LocalLocalFound 25th MarFound 25th Mar
A few copies in the drawer behind the George counter ! Not reduced...looks like new price. Best game in the world ever ever !
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It's jarring. It gave me headaches!


The camera turning in increments is to help prevent motion sickness. Usually most vr games have the option to change the option. Personally I prefer the incremental camera.


Skyrim VR runs sweetly on my PS4 slim and is very immersive. I would definitely recommend at this price. Heat.


I completely disagree with the above comment. I was never really a fan of pancake Skyrim but it's amazing in VR - even on a bog standard PS4. I think I've sunk over 70 hours into it so far. For £15 it's a steal!


Unless you've got a Pro, I really wouldn't bother with this. I bought it and sold it shortly after. The graphics are quite blurry. The controls are the main problem though. With a pad, the right analogue stick moves the camera around in increments- not a fluid transition. Nothing like the original game. With PS Move controllers it wasn't great either. The idea of holding a sword and a shield or a bow and arrow, were wildly exaggerated. Stick with the original.

8 Best Sellers Udemy Courses on Game Development (Unity, C#, C++,RPG, VR, Get A Job, App Development)
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
All Codes sold out Quickly after posting.. Just got notification on these best seller courses. Codes are already added so no need to add manually. Complete C# Unity Developer Read more

;( ;( no worries. I'm good at least until 2026 anyway, with all the free udemy courses I have registered for (excited) (excited) (lol)


I am slow in posting. That went quickly :(


Seems all codes expired!

ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 Expedition 8GB VR Ready Graphics Card £237.60 @ CCL
Refreshed 11 h, 15 m agoRefreshed 11 h, 15 m ago
Down to £237.60 for this card now on CCL. Other retailers charging far more for the same card. Manufacturer Code: 90YV09T6-M0NA00 - 8GB Graphics Memory - Interface Type - PCI Exp… Read more
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Most 1070s are still around £300 with Zotac at the cheaper end at ~£240, so £237 for an ASUS is pretty good. I just paid a smidge over £200 for a used one from eBay (MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X - Amazon price £420). If this deal had been around last week I may have gone for this brand new one instead.


3rd party cards were £400+ at launch. Though I'll grant you that 60% is still not great 3 years on.


Sold out. ;(


Wonder if we'll see any TI deals?


If Brexit gets cancelled? BWAAAHAHAHA... yeah, you know, if democracy dies and we turn into a fully fascist state, at least GPUs might be cheaper. hahahahahahahaha. (lol)

VRSE Batman VR Headset and Game for £6.99 delivered @ Argos eBay
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Great price with free delivery :) Immerse yourself in the world of the Caped Crusader and become the ultimate hero. Play the dynamic story line led game as your battle your w… Read more
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Yeah I have to say, the boxes them selves look like the tat one I got on eBay and the strap on the head brokr while putting on my normal sized head, never used it since, but would be good to watch 3d films using the movie hd app (y) (popcorn) (popcorn) ;) ;) ;)


Ah well there is the crux, you would need someone who does this kind of mobile 3 degrees of vr stuff, i only tried this tyoe of vr once with my Lumia 640 xl, which has a 720p screen and it was just horrible in everyway.


Yeah I know, but can you watch movies from your phone on a virtual cinema screen?


^^^It is just a empty box, you need to put a mobile phone inside, these type of so called vr are all similar, you always need to supply the phone. ;)


Can you use the headset to watch movies on a massive VR screen?

VRSE Jurassic World VR Headset and Game Multi Platform for £8.99 delivered @ Argos eBay
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Dinosaur fun for kids, big and small (y) Originally around £70 when it first came out. Reduced quite a bit and comes with free delivery. Play the ultimate adventure as y… Read more
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Would have took a punt on it, but it seems to be phone only it seems? Although it says multi-platform operating system I can't find any review of someone using it on an Ipad Air.


Ordered to try it as my son loves dinosaurs and Jurassic Park. Reviews are terrible so I'm not expecting much but at least it's Argos so if it really is awful or doesn't work they will sort it I'm sure.


Rubbish, didn't work so got refund

Blind PlayStation Vr (PSVR) PS4 £10.85 delivered @ Shopto
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
A virtual reality adventure in the dark Blind is a narrative-driven psychological adventure for virtual reality where the player is blind and must explore their surroundings using… Read more
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Currently on back order.


leave the headset turned off whilst wearing it, save £10.85 ;)


No, reviews are great, but for £10 it's very tempting,


Anyone played this?

Space Junkies (PlayStation VR & Steam) Open Beta 21-24 March @ Ubisoft
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Space Junkies will have an open beta running from 21-24 March for both PlayStation and Steam users/players. Announcement We’re delighted to announce that the Open Beta for Sp… Read more
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Just downloading this now will report back with findings, may aswell for free, heat Op


Good point - will add.


Maybe put 'VR' in the title?


Haha you get the gist that’s the main thing, don’t go into the semantics ;)


You play steam? Heat added.

FREE PSVR MOBA game ‘MEGALITH’. NOT a Demo, now it’s Free-to-play!!!
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
As of March 6th 2019, PlayStation PSVR’s very own MOBA ‘Megalith’ has Officially gone free to play. The only way to get it is via the link above and click on Demo... yes it’s now a… Read more
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Who are you?


You ok hun


F2P games usually have a bigger buy bundle. Also where does it say "full free game", all i see is free to play


Chill out mate, you can get help you know


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NINTENDO LABO TOY-CON 04: VR KIT - STARTER SET + BLASTER Preorder (12/04/2019) for £29.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
DESCRIPTION Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is a unique first VR experience that kids and families can build themselves. Package Includes Nintendo Switch game card containing software … Read more

Have kids birthday coming up and was already looking at VR glasses for tablets. Decent stuff seems to retail at around £30-£40 anyway. Thinking plastic VR glasses for tablet/phone etc is the better value than Nintendo Labo cardboard.


(highfive) (highfive) (highfive) (highfive) (highfive) (highfive)


VR is only a Fad for the kids, so the cheaper the better!


Very cheap and neat, but do bear in mind this will arguably give an even worse experience than Google Cardboard, the Switch has a low resolution screen with a (in relative terms) very low 60Hz display. 720p without low persistence is, really, just too poor for a decent VR experience. It works in their advantage in terms of battery life and the hardware's performance to have a 720p screen so it does make sense, but not being particularly VR capable is one of those drawbacks.


Any proper reviews yet?

Sony PlayStation PSVR Headset with VR Worlds Mega Starter Bundle £178.49 from eBay Argos
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
£178.49 using code PLAY15 with free click and collect Live the game. From the moment you slip on PlayStation VR, the new Virtual Reality system for PlayStation 4, you’ll experien… Read more

V1 or v2 ?


Super Hot does, there's a fair few that you can use pad or two controllers as well and I'd like to use controllers for Rush of Blood and so on as well... Plus the fact it doesn't come with even one, you'd be stuck for Fruit Ninja and god knows how many other games that are better with controllers as well... Its not the best marketing from Sony, pushing headsets but no controllers available anywhere.


Most games don't even need them, including a load of the best ones.


Great price and VR Worlds is fun but.... its almost getting to the point where the move controllers are going to cost more than the headset, £130 is about cheapest I can find for a set actually in stock anywhere....


Not pulling the trigger yet

NINTENDO LABO TOY-CON 04: VR KIT £57.95 delivered @ The Game Collection (Also £59.99 @ Smyths Toys)
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Smyths Toys link for those who prefer to pick up instore (y) Cheapest yet I believe and a £12 saving on everywhere else. Release date is April 12. Features Nintendo Switch g… Read more

Looks pretty good. My 10 year old would love it. Great that you can create your own apps to.


PSVR doesn’t do that & way cheaper entry to VR! Heat (y) 8)


^^lol. This will be to Vr what the Virtual boy was to portable gaming. lol


Pfft. Obviously hard to please. I mean, what other gaming company gives you the chance to look up a bird’s backside? Nintendo innovating yet again. 8) (cheeky)


Really need to see some footage before I make a purchase (embarrassed)

Borderlands 2 VR - £24.99 on PS Store
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Cheapest yet. Now with Aim support added in most recent patch
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To be honest with the aim controller it’s great


How does this play on VR any good?


Same here, even with the Aim support, £40 seems a bit cheeky for this 7 year old game imo....£25 is a much more realistic price.


Hot. I've been waiting for a price drop since the announcement of Aim controller support.

Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner Mars PlayStation VR PS4 £9.95 delivered @ The Game collection
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
JEHUTY lives. And there, ANUBIS thrives. ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd Runner returns with 4K or VR support on PlayStation®4.  Relive the experience ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd Runn… Read more
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Yep, Metal Gear VR Missions!


This made me chuckle. I literally made an account to like this. Thanks.


does this come with a Metal Gear demo too?

Moss (PC) £15.70 on Steam
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Saw someone post a good deal for this on PS4, and figured I'd let everyone know it's currently around the same price on Steam as well. Haven't played it yet, but supposedly it's an… Read more
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The problem I have with VR games, is that I just love beat saber so much that I hardly end up playing any of the others :(


One of my top 10 VR games.

Storage Case for PlayStation VR £9.99 Argos
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Doesn't your PlayStation®VR Headset deserve a quality resting place when you're not using it? Of course it does! After all, it's your key to new virtual worlds. Something of that c… Read more

Good price. I think i bought it for 14.99 last year


This is brilliant got one last year keeps the headset clean


Cheers OP. Finally got one.


Thanks. Bought one. Collect it later on. Heat added.


I bought 2 of these one for the headset and one for the move controllers. Great little cases

PS VR with VR Worlds Mega Starter Bundle £209.99 or VR Mega Pack Bundle £239.99 @ Argos
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Fantastic VR gameplay with both these sets. Now on offer at Argos. Take to checkout to see price. Live the game. From the moment you slip on PlayStation VR, the new Virtual Re… Read more
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Amazon UK have price matched but as said above, better deal can be bought from Amazon Spain


At the time of posting, the Mega Pack was £216.60 from Amazon Spain: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/psvr-mega-pack-headset-camera-5-games-aprox-21660-with-fee-free-card-otherwise-227-amazon-es-3195629?page=2#comment-37280289


This would've been a deal if there were either 2 more games or 2 move controllers included. This is just average, no vote from me.

Fallout 4 VR PC @ cdkeys for £12.99
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
With the 3% off code via CD keys Facebook page it would be £12.60.

The code is now working on cdkeys site ..


Thanks for your help fellas: I’ll look into i


Does anyone have the 3% fb discount code it doesn’t work for me even when I’m signed in .. thank you


Apparently Oculus is about to announce a refresh of Rift at GDC this coming week. Might be worth waiting to see if that's a decent upgrade or even picking up a discounted original rift off the back of the announcement. If they get rid of the annoying usb webcams for tracking I would go with the new version.


Used wmr off Amazon £170 should suffice or the is always CEX.

Pre-order Nintendo Labo VR from £16.99 - £69.99 (+from £1.99 delivery or spend £20+ for free delivery) @ Nintendo UK Store
12/04/2019Expires on 12/04/2019Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Simple. Friendly. Fun. With the new Nintendo Labo VR Kit, there’s more to Make, Play, and Discover together than ever before. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit is a unique first V… Read more
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Amazon have the starter set preorder up for £49.99. lol


Everyone's saying it's rubbish compared to the VR competition... this is just simple vr for kids..


I pre-ordered the basic kit of LABO VR. In USA that kit I think sold out rapidly. So if you think you might want it click pre-order. You can always cancel the pre-order later if you change your mind as it only ships I think on April 10th. Nintendo are a very good company and they won't mess you about.


Yeah I'm shocked that no-one has thought of doing cardboard VR before... (skeptical)


I feel the same, used my Wii U earlier today, nothing tempting me to buy Switch over what I already have and I have had every Nintendo console since SNES.

Zen Studios Ultimate VR Collection (PSVR/PS4) £19.99 Delivered @ Coolshop
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Bundle includes four games. Cheapest I see around at the moment. Ordered a copy myself. Some of the games including the golf and the castlestorm look interesting. :D The four ga… Read more



Personally I'd say your money is better spent on something like Moss. Similar to Astro Bot, 85 on Metacritic, suitable for kids, and £19 from AO at the mo.


Is this worth it then. I've just bought my 8 year old the headset and looking for some appropriate games. He only has Astrobots which he loves. Would this be ok as his next game?


Yeah pbfx vr is good fun, i have it on the ps4 and steam, bit naughty of them though to elude to Jaws and the iron and steel tables on the box cover which are not in this retail bundle, and need to be bought for another 20 quid, sneaky swines. Lol


I got out of ammo. Regret it. Bad controls.

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