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Oculus Rift with Controllers + Game £399 Overclockers
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Oculus Rift Limited Edition bundle with Marvel game and unique packaging, Oculus Rift Headset + Touch Controllers + Game, Limited availability – while stocks last
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That all depends on if you have a weak stomach or not. Normally takes 1 hour to get your brain trained on it.


What's the Oculus rift like for Motion sickness for those that own it? How long can you play before it messes you up?



Should be here Friday will do!


This is what initially peaked my interest in choosing the WMR headsets after using a rift at a friends place. Please let us know what you think.

Ps4 VR set £74.75 instore @ Tesco Exeter
Refreshed 14th AugRefreshed 14th Aug
TescoExeter store maybe just there, worth checking local stores
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I finally tried my PSVR at the weekend having got it on the Amazon Prime deal. Once you work out the best set up to get a clear picture it is absolutely mind blowing. And that was just the reef and underwater experience. Too chicken to try the shark experience lol.


Yeah ditto. I have a Vita so I've firsthand experience of Sony abandoning great tech :), but thankfully there are new full-fat games coming out (Firewall Zero Hour is the next promising one, out at the end of August).


Cheers mate... I just hope they continue to support it as I would love to give it a go at some point. I have had experience of vr on samsung gear and it is awesome. Would be great if they did more games for it though... I guess we shall wait and see.


VR is one of those things that you really need to try yourself, normal vids just can't do it justice. If you spot any demo stations in stores I'd strongly recommend giving it a go. I was sceptical before I tried it, but a few minutes with some games convinced me. It certainly has limitations being '1st' gen tech, but even so it can very impressive when done right. Resident Evil 7 for example is on another level of freaky when it feels like the massive mold monsters are actually towering over you :). Not everyone can handle VR (at least in this gen), but for those of us who can, it honestly is a different experience.


whatever you say mate.

Pepper Festival - Generic
Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset with motion controls - £284.98 (£5 cheaper now) @ Ebuyer
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Probably the lowest price Mixed Reality headset outside of refurbished one. It's not the best Mixed Reality headset but given the price, you can't go too wrong. Fully compatible wi… Read more

I think this generation of any headset will be cheaper than that by then (unless mib maybe?)


I’m waiting for 2025 when they’ll be £9.99 in B+M


The comments made in this thread alone are telling. Most people simply don't know what WMR is capable of. I personally didn't know until the LowSpecGamer released a video on it. The Rift and Vive both released much earlier than WMR and have had multiple articles and videos released about them. You also need to consider how these products got marketed; The Rift and Vive tend to be directed more towards gamers while WMR is advertised more generally and thus might have been overlooked by many gamers. The generalised advertisement also reflects in the hardware given some of the things people have mentioned. It's unsurprising that the uptake is slow, but it is steady based upon the Steam Hardware & Software Survey graph.


Last time I heard it was a 5% share on Steam so still going in the right direction. Personally I stick mostly to the experiences on the mr platform itself as they are closer to the metal - still blown away by how well they have integrated Steam stuff though. Like I say, love you dude and love vr


WMR has a 6.41% share on steam, HTC 44.35% & Oculus 47.43%. This is despite ridiculously low prices on WMR headsets.

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We Happy Few : Uncle Jack Live VR demo PS4
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
We Happy Few : Uncle Jack Live VR demo PS4 Game released in a couple of days and this looks like taster demo to get you involved in the world the main game is set. Not heard much … Read more
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Free promotional tool...basically a few trailers you're given control to pick from. Not really worth the download. And depressing if you can't play the main game in vr...which it doesn't look like you can? Shame, vr adds so much.


Just got a flamedeer looking at this post


Al Pacino ain't got nothing on Charlie Kelly.


I'm always up for more (especially free) VR content, but that wasn't a game. More an interactive video sequence. It certainly wasn't worth putting in VR.


Or a reference to this?!?!? :)

[PSVR] Arizona Sunshine - £13.99 - Argos/Amazon
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Price drop from £18.99. Amazon have joined the party and have price matched, too. I'll point out if you're not bothered about physical, then this is £11.99 on the PlayStati… Read more
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The game is decent. It’s not the best looking game but it is fun. That said it’s only good with the Aim controller. I couldn’t really play it with the Move controls. The DualShock is the better option than Move


Resident Evil 7


Any thoughts on the best psvr game new too it and looking for something good this game looks ok and very good price ty


Yeah even reviews don't work for me. That's why I need to ask 'normal' people (y)


Love this game and it's even better with a friend!

DOOM VFR PC £9.85 @ ShopTo
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
Available for VIVE, this DOOM adventure will bathe you in virtual carnage. Developed by id Software, the studio that pioneered the first-person shooter genre and modern VR, DOOM® V… Read more
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Thanks for reply. Thats great.


Don't worry, they didn't put DVD discs inside the boxes either :) the physical box is just a DVD box with a card with a Steam code.


Does anyone knows if they sell STEAM code or physical disc. When I built.by PC I decided not to put dvd in. Lol. I might have spare somewhere but cant be bothered with connecting it just for this one game. Thanks. I also have a laptop so is it possible to activate on laptop? Thanks.


Hi despite Steam store and game physical box stating Vive headset as per "Notice: Requires one of the following virtual reality headsets: HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality. See the VR Support section for more info." Steam released an update with a workaround meaning game does work for Rift users. Thanks OP as my Rift arrived yesterday and I will pick this up and get 2% cashback at topcashback.co.uk or 3% for new members. See here for Valve update info. Game on back order now...although can still place a back order it just appears on "pre order" part of site.


Will this work on oculus rift?

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Electronauts vr playstation £13.59 with ps plus
21/08/2018Expires on 21/08/2018Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
£13.59 with ps plus... £16.99 without ps plus... What Electronauts does is puts you on centre stage as a DJ, allowing you to use the tools it provides to drop your own remixes, be… Read more
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I don't disagree. Plus they are going to support it with free songs too. I reckon a tenner feels like a fair price but if they support it with more content that'll be value over time I guess. The big issue I had was the lack of instruments. All the songs have the orbs but hardly any have the harp or synth ball.


If it's fun for a few hours, it's worth money. I agree that it won't really appeal to most gamers, nor experienced musicians and producer/dj types, but it's still an interesting experience nonetheless.


This isn’t really worth money. It’s not a game but rather just a remixing tool. Experienced musicians will find it shallow and the VR element is very superficial. It is fun for a few hours though.


Not tried it myself yet...just seen some reviews from today and they are saying it's the most fun they have had in VR yet


Just watched a broadcast of this on the ps4, looks absolutely dreadful.

Stealth pocket VR headset £1.25 @ Asda
LocalLocalFound 7th AugFound 7th Aug
multiple colours available not going to be the best quality but if someone is looking for a cheap starter VR headset this could be perfect at £1.25 after trying it its actually s… Read more
Star Trek Bridge Crew PS 4 VR £15.99 @ PSN
19/08/2018Expires on 19/08/2018Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Star Trek™: Bridge Crew will immerse you in the Star Trek universe (VR compatible). The game puts you and your friends in the heart of the U.S.S. Aegis.
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It’s this price every other month, has a small player base, and the reskinned duplicate which is the next generation game is sold seperatly which is just greedy


VR Headset no longer needed just download it and it will be automatically updated to be sure once downloaded click the game click options button then check for updates option


Tried this on my dad's Oculus Rift and stumbled into an online game thinking it was a really clever single player tutorial where the NPCs could tell someone else was showing me the game etc and pointing to me like "right you have to press this button now" Felt a right fool when I realised it was actual people... Then ran a mile. Too nervous for that kind of thing!



You automatically can play with pc users in the same game.

Hellblade : Senua's Scarifice (Steam Standard & VR) £14.99 Humble Bundle
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Not played this myself but heard great things about it. Today the PCVR version goes live and is free if you already own the game on steam. Just purchased it myself and looking forw… Read more

Just think of all the cool VR games that can come to the PS5 in a couple of years


that is very true..... whilst i have my issues with how Bethesda handled FO4 and to much lesser degree skyrim, I do have way more respect for them than EA et al. I think a lot of people bad mouth them as well because of the whole Zenimax saga and they trying to get the rift taken from sale even AFTER they were awarded $500,000,000. (half of it htey have since been forced to give back). but this is not the fault of the developers at Bethesda.


Don't disagree with your points. Thing that bothers me though is that Bethesda is criticised, whereas nobody comments on the other major game developers like EA Ubisoft Square Enix etc... not supporting vr in anything like the same way Let's face it, if Bethesda was making huge amounts of money for the vr ports of skyrim and fallout everyone would be doing it. The fact they're not is very telling imo


I dont think anyone has a problem with charging for DLC. but charging full bubble for FO4 rather than a paid DLC for the base game and combined it not being the GOTY edition (and no i do not buy that it was too hard to make goty work considering modders have done it, imo it was with a view of charging again for dlc). Add to that that it is not even a fully featured VR mode with full hand presence either. Now, dont get me wrong, I do not think a VR mode for existing games needs to be a complete re-write with VR in mind, with full hand presence etc..... BUT IF they want to charge top dollar for a game which lets face it, most of the content is there from the start - then, i not only expect it to be the GOTY version, but I also expect it to be a VR version worthy of full price. Skyrim at least gives the full GOTY experience. (and lets not forget that FO4 didnt even work properly at launch, you could not use scopes for a start. but a £15 DLC for the 2D game, which gives you VR access to what ever DLC you own for the 2D game.... that would have been fair imo. I look at VR mods done on games like Doom 3 and NOLF2 and these were from fans of the games without access to source code. I expect more from professional devs who made the actual game. ALL the above being said, I havnt been complaining about bethesda either... but i can see the point of those who do.


I really don’t get the criticism of Bethesda... they’ve ported two of the biggest games in recent years to VR, something no other games developer has done. In doing so they’ve helped push vr and hopefully help make it a success, yet they receive criticism for having the gall to charge people for the work the port entailed. It’s fantastic that this was a free dlc, but let’s not pretend that’s what all developers doing vr ports would or evenshould do

Sony Playstation VR V2 Starter Pack, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo + 2 Months Now TV Entertainment Pass £199.99 @ Game
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
PlayStation VR Starter Pack Gran Turismo Sport Resident Evil 7 Biohazard NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass

e Nope. I’ve had a few items from Game sent out described as New and has arrived with scratches clearly preowned. Game refused to take it back instore as they are apparently separate to the online store so yes they do do that. not as bad as Grainger Games were but still wouldn’t 100% trust them. couldn’t be bothered to read half of your nonsense, you sir are a buffoon


e Nope. I’ve had a few items from Game sent out described as New and has arrived with scratches clearly preowned. Game refused to take it back instore as they are apparently separate to the online store so yes they do do that. not as bad as Grainger Games were but still wouldn’t 100% trust them. couldn’t be bothered to read half of your nonsense, you sir are a buffoon


that's all utter nonsense. they're not seperate to online. unless it's paypal they'd 100% refund you if that's what you wanted. the reason they don't do paypal is there's no way to verify to paypal that you've received a refund in store at the immediate moment of refunding. the idea that people think game sell preowned as new is genuinely hilarious. If you just stop and think about it, the whole, "they're selling preowned as new" makes ZERO sense. new release profit margins are awful on new games, same with consoles. preowned is 100% profit. let's use spider-man as an example. new copies they'd likely make a few £ a preowned one they'd make £20+. if they sold that preowned copy as new they'd be throwing away at least £15 of profit a game. that's potentially £100,000s a year why would they do that ? if you think "well they make £5 more", it doesn't work like that,if the system thinks an item sold is new, most of the money is directed into different accounts that pay for all the new stock. the left over is recorded as profit. recieving a scratched game doesn't mean it's preowned. it means it's damaged. it happens. Surely in your life time you recieved a new and sealed game and can feel the disc is lose...as someone whose dealt with 100,000s of new games it happens all the time. that can damage discs, defective items happen (witcher 3's first patch there were half a million on xbox with the exact same thick scratch), then there's the simple fact humans can make mistakes. most people who gut games in game or other shops, wouldn't even check the disk, because they think it's new so it'll be fine. damaged games can and do slip through. obviously the fact that there are what 300 game stores opening thousands of games a year. means the odds you get a damaged game are higher than most but to think they're intentionally giving you preowned instead is stupid.


e Nope. I’ve had a few items from Game sent out described as New and has arrived with scratches clearly preowned. Game refused to take it back instore as they are apparently separate to the online store so yes they do do that. not as bad as Grainger Games were but still wouldn’t 100% trust them


I want this but I’m sure we will see some brilliant bundles coming out as we move towards Christmas....

Fruit Ninja VR (PSVR/PS4) Game @Argos - £11.99
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Nice price! Duel with not one, but two swords that will also let you juggle, skewer and flick fruit, and even deflect bombs! Play through the modes that billions of players ha… Read more

It looks nothing like that. Watch the video.


Looks like a smartphone game you normally play for free.


Looks like it won't make you sick in VR. Bonus.


Video and review looks good: https://www.vrheads.com/fruit-ninja-vr-review


Got heat.. But is it any good?

VR Worlds for PS4 - £4.99 (C&C) @ Smyths Toys
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Great price for this VR experience. a few short games all on one disc, highly recommended for less than a fiver

Well worth having at double tha price. Yes, some of them are look at and never open again, but having the shark attack on hand as an easy entry level “experience” with minimal chance of motion sickness for non-gamers (particularly older ones). London Heist story is good fun, but the shooting galleries are worthy of regular revisits. its certainly more than a demo disc, but agree it should have been bundled with all sets.


Yeah I got it within my psvr too but I love it and if I didn’t have it I’d pay £5 for it and be chuffed with my purchase


Yes and no. Whilst the demos on here show off the potential of vr...only one is great. One is good, but has very little gameplay, basically like watching a trailer. Ones ok. And the other two are poor. It also blows my mind that 'for the players' Sony actually charged full price for a demo disc!...blatantly attempting to take advantage out of those willing to pay for their premium products. I got it packaged in with my psvr, and this should have been free to all frankly. End of the day the only one on here you'll really come back to is London hiest...and it's only about 20 mins.


Well worth this money

Decent VR bundle £3.10 @ Indie Gala  - Mount Wingsuit and VR RHYTHM ACTION SEIYA
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
VR RHYTHM ACTION SEIYA is a punch and slash rhythm game that's similar to Beat Sabre without the lightsabres and like Box VR, but in Japanese. Mount Wingsuit lets your jump off a … Read more

I thought I saw "Descent " in the topic for a min..


Good bundle - Eye in the sky is a fun asymetrical vr game omw here one player is in vr, the other on the keyboard/controller. Not many of those about. Heat added


Not seen anything that caught my eye but I've been buying these bundles since about 10

[Steam] Fallout 4 VR - £17.10/£17.99 - CDKeys
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Why is this not on PSVR? :( Cheapest price yet. £17.10 with the Facebook code , £17.99 without. NOTE: Requires a virtual reality headset. Fallout 4, the legendary p… Read more

What res and settings are you playing F4 in, if 1080p then you might not really notice the res issues alone with the screen door and god rays, 4k on ultra forgte it, the downgrade is too much, and what version of the game are you playing at the moment, the vanilla or the GOTY, because F4 VR has no DLC, it has only the basic game. I love the Rift but i am quite aware that not every game works or need to be in VR, i mean Euro truck sim 2 i can never play without VR again ever, Elite Danger again never without VR, Skyrim i had in VR and got a refund because it was just horrible with the motion controllers, but again in 4k the game is glorious, in VR the immersion is great but the visuals kind of pull you out of the game every now and again, and i suspect F4VR will be the same, and at £17 for the basic game i simply am not going to bite, possibly £9 or lower seeing as i just got the GOTY edition for £12.74, and they want to charge me £17 for the basic game. lol


I got the Rift also, do you think is this game worth a try? I play Fallout 4 on monitor, I use oculus mostly for Climb, but thinking about to sell as not using much.


Yes, i have a Oculus Rift and a PSVR, and yes they are great, and VR is here to stay, and i am a big supporter of VR, BUT, as i said, if i were gaming on a 1080p screen i might able to take the downgrade in res and detail that comes with these headsets, but i cannot because the downgrade from 4k to these headsets is just too much and too jarring, VR has a lot to offer but it is still very early tech and has a few improvements to reach before a headset becomes a replacement for a good quality monitor, but at present it is a nice tech for a few games that add a level of immersion that has never been seen before, but still someway off to being a viable replacement for the standard screen. ;)


Have you tried VR? Because for me, I don't care how good the resolution of your monitor is, the difference between playing a game on a monitor and 'being in the game' via VR is literally worlds apart.


I am p!aying this in 4k on a 43in 4k tv, so no way at present could i possibly play it on the god awful Vr rift with its screen door and god rays, of course if i were playing at only 1080p that might not be such a jarring downgrade, but from 4k to the rift res and issues would simply be too much of a downgrade, regardless of how immersive vr is.........plus no dlc. Although i just bagged a Dell mixed vr headset that should arrive this week, which has better res and no god rays, so we shall see how that headset does, but still, going back to vanilla F4 might be too much, i mean the game is just glorious in 4k, just glorious.

Super Stardust Ultra VR *NEW* [PS4] £7.99 including FREE delivery @ Game
Refreshed 30th JulRefreshed 30th Jul
Super Stardust explodes onto PlayStation VR with a whole new perspective and a totally new way to play. Pilot your star fighter and defend your planet once more, but this time ju… Read more

Universe Sandbox 2 would be right up your street, though unfortunately you'll need a Rift/Vive.


Is this worth getting?


Thanks for posting. Ordered. Have some heat !


I'm a astronomy fan and I love VR. Perfect combo for this, right?? No! Huge let down imho.


Mediocre reviews online. Worth buying from anyone who has it?

Arizona Sunshine VR (Steam key) £12.99 @ cdkeys (cheaper with 5% FB code)
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Don't remember seeing this cheaper but I may be wrong....

Cracking game in VR, best Zomibe vr game i have played so far, and the DLC is just £2.09 so grab that as well, yes i is about a hours worth of extra play but for £2 it's a nice little extra to expand your gane.


Its OK


Belting game. The dlc is super cheap on steam as well :D


thanks Buzz, amended title for 5%code


@geebeegooner ? Yeah, £12.77 from GMG, using the FB code from CDKeys will drop it just under this by around 30p(ish), I think.

PSVR with Camera + VR Worlds MK3 + The Persistence + Super Stardust VR + Resident Evil 7 VR + NOW TV - £229.99 @ GAME
Refreshed 30th JulRefreshed 30th Jul
PSVR with Camera + VR Worlds MK3 + The Persistence + Super Stardust VR + Resident Evil 7 VR + NOW TV

Definitely expired both in store and online. As per previous post - offer has changed to 1 game less for £259.99. Asked in store today :)


£260 in store with resident evil and persistence, so one less game and higher price.


Deal gone online! Anyone know if it is still instore?


Don't think it is available any longer.


Can’t find this deal has it finished?

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