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Buy two Maplin LeadFree Solder (worth £3.99 each) get a Maplin Soldering iron (worth £9.99) for free!
Posted 26th Mar 2011Posted 26th Mar 2011
Buy two Maplin LeadFree Solder (worth £3.99 each) get a Maplin Soldering iron (worth £9.99) for free!
I was looking for a cheap solder iron in Maplins and found the cheapest one for £9.99 (Order code N38AC) but then needed some solder which is £3.99 (Order code N34BJ). Would have c… Read more

This is the one I bought: http://**** Because I suck at soldering, I had to reopen my laptop again yesterday as the small amount of solder I used on the wires had come undone. I found it easier to use the second time around!




Maybe this one? http://****


Thanks had to go their today so picked this deal up as well.


I'm useless at soldering

40W Soldering Kit Maplin £9.99
Posted 13th Mar 2011Posted 13th Mar 2011
40W Soldering Kit Maplin £9.99
40W Soldering Kit The perfect starter kit for your those new to soldering WaS £19.99 Mains powered 40W soldering iron Soldering stand De-solder pump 10g/1.35m tube of 1.0mm dia… Read more

Be warned that 40W is much too hot for light electronics work, unless it has thermostat


Are these any good? Pretty much everything I've ever bought from Maplin has turned out to be complete pap!


direct link ... voted hot

Solderpro 50 Gas Soldering Iron Kit £22.98 or £19.99 Instore (Half price reduced from £39.99) @ Maplins
Posted 21st Feb 2011Posted 21st Feb 2011
Solderpro 50 Gas Soldering Iron Kit £22.98 or £19.99 Instore (Half price reduced from £39.99) @ Maplins
Direct Link:- I picked one of these up the other day, fantastic piece of kit for the price. It's £19.99 (current… Read more

Thanks for your advice, it's a job I've been wanting to do for ages so it's time to take the plunge!


I have used the solder tip on high to desolder joints about half the size of that - so I can't see the torch having a problem removing those. Good luck. :)


looking at the solder joints, they are approx. 15mm square and about 2/3mm in thickness? They are soldered both sides internally and externally, I presume I would tackle the job externally for ventilation.


Don't know if this is a suitable tool, but if you're going to be melting lead solder make sure you don't inhale the vapours


I suppose it depends how thick the lead solder is. If it's a small/medium blob of solder, the solder tip on this product could melt it on high setting. If it's a fairly large amount, you could give the 1300 C torch a go, which would probably melt it - just might leave a bit of a burnt mess. :p

48w adjustable soldering iron - £8.99 @ Lidl from 31/01
Posted 25th Jan 2011Posted 25th Jan 2011
48w adjustable soldering iron - £8.99 @ Lidl from 31/01
* Includes stand with integrated cleaning sponge, 2 soldering tips and 2 x 20g reels of solder * With comfortable soft grip handle * With handy drawer to store accessories … Read more

2013 bump as these are currently back in Lidl and still £8.99.


I did that when I was about 25, :D luckily I quickly dropped it again and no lasting damage but did hurt.


No, I haven’t found that. The hot thing at the end of a soldering iron is called a “bit”. Everyone seems to call it a “tip” these days, myself included. I even called it a tip in my first post in this thread expressing concern about availability or compatibility with Weller tips. See, I did it again. The first soldering iron I ever used wasn’t even electric. It had a wooden handle, a long rod and on the end was the soldering iron bit — a big chunk of metal about 1.5cm x 7cm — which had to be heated up in a flame. Of course, this was no good for electronics, which was what I was about to embark upon. So my parents got me the biggest ugliest (and most likely cheapest) electric soldering iron available. Once, when I was about 12 and a half, which would have been around 1973ish, I was soldering something electronic, and I dropped the soldering iron. However, I immediately caught it — by the wrong end! A great big welt right across my left hand, for ages. Even to this day, I have no real catch reflex. Throw something at me and I’ll watch it hit the ground before moving.


I think you will find there is no such thing as "proper" they are known as tips or bits. and sold on many a website as either bits or tips. Also seeing the user manual also refers to them as "tips", that was the enquiry I sent through to Kompernass


hmmm, need to keep a watchful eye on new posts here.

Maplin - Students' Tool kit including soldering iron & multimeter £9.99
Posted 23rd Jan 2011Posted 23rd Jan 2011
Maplin - Students' Tool kit including soldering iron & multimeter £9.99
Whilst looking for a soldering iron to do a repair, I came across this. I expect the quality isn't too good, but a it's good selection of tools for literally a few pence which I ex… Read more

Sorry, I've got the page source html, but it's all gobledygook to me ! I thought I'd work out a link for stock check but it's all java. Happy to post the source in case anyone else can find out. can't 'right click' the link either, tried that. :( Otherwise drop a note of your postcode here and I'll check from my link & post a bit later.


Search of Birmingham Area Birmingham - Central 4 Birmingham (Erdington) 5..........3 miles Solihull 0 ..........7 miles Walsall 1 ..........8 miles Brierley Hill 0 ..........8 miles Wolverhampton 5 ..........11 miles Cannock 0 ..........14 miles Kidderminster 1 ..........16 miles Coventry 0..........17 miles Stratford-Upon-Avon 0 ..........21 miles


I just managed to check stock local to me, still 12 in stock in Glasgow central and 1 in Cumbernauld, according to online check at 20:55 24-01-11 Also random postcodes from down south still show these scattered about & in stock. Product code is N81HW - Student Tool Kit I'll try to figure out how to post a link to the stock checker, I managed as I still have a link from the page I had left opened from yesterday.


It gets even sadder when people over 18 are refused to be allowed to buy stuff like this because they have children with them since they could be buying it for the children ... lots of reported cases of this with alcohol etc in supermarkets


Can anyone confirm if these are still instore ? Quite a lot still in Glasgow at 8.00pm last night according to online stock check, but would need to call stores now as the stock check button has disappreared. I can't call as I'm out & about all day today. Do they send out 'net sales from instore or from a central warehouse?

SolderPro 70 Gas Soldering Iron Kit £29.99 @ maplin
Posted 28th Dec 2010Posted 28th Dec 2010
SolderPro 70 Gas Soldering Iron Kit £29.99 @ maplin
Maplins have some good bargains on at the moment. This has been reduced from £49.99. Was looking for for a soldering gun and found the 70W version for £35. At the bottom of the pa… Read more

I have old leaded light windows. Does anyone know if you can use this torch (or similar) to repair criss-cross lead strip. A few small panes of glass need replacing and the lead strips are soldered on each crossover?


I have one of these and it is quite a good solid product and does the job very well. I bought mine from Maplins a couple of years ago at £19.99.


Nice! My Antex GasCat was about £70 (8 years ago). Very handy to have in your toolbox, works very well and lasts a lifetime - if you treat it well.


-10 doesn't say anything at all - it's quite a specialist item, most people on HUKD would have no need of a soldering iron at all, let alone a gas powered model. The item you posted was cheaper, yes, but certainly not better.


not a hot deal at all, buy it if u want but i was actually trying to help you out (_;) welcome to hukd

3 Piece Soldering Iron Set  £5.99 @ Aldi
Posted 20th Sep 2010Posted 20th Sep 2010
I know it's not the kind of thing you need every day and will get frozen out by the "lol, why would you want a soldering iron?" brigade, but this is good value. This versatile se… Read more
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The Antex ones from Maplins are always high quality.


Can anybody recommend me a specific soldering iron please?? I need to replace some caps on the board of a Topfield recorder Solder the wires to the drivers on Beyer Dynamic DT990 headphones & Various similar jobs always cropping up.. TIA


That's pretty unsubstantiated, right? Never had reliability troubles with the Aldi gear I've bought - ok, never one of these, but I'm presuming you're basing your statement on the vendor?


Good price. Will be fine for most electrical work, perhaps not really suited to electronics though.


To solder stuff? I have a 15w Antex iron, but this should work for all but the most delicate of projects.

Soldering Iron Set £6.99 @ Lidl
Posted 31st May 2010Posted 31st May 2010
Soldering Iron Set £6.99 @ Lidl
Available from 07/06/10 * Stand with 2 adjustable holding clips * Integrated sponge * 4 specialised tips * Replacement soldering tip * 10g of solder * 30 w… Read more

The stand might last a bit longer and is quite handy for soldering cables and connectors with its adjustable croc clips though. ;)


I'm not voting hot or cold, but...... I bought one of these last year and it lasted a few days before breaking. It could have been one bad one but I didn't take the chance and just bought an antex iron instead.


I agree. Sounds like the myth about inductance causing heating in coiled-up extension leads to me. My did someone make a fool of himself pontificating about that one.


Eh? Let's have an explanation of that PLEASE!


Adjust the current? What ARE you talking about?

Posted 21st May 2010Posted 21st May 2010
Items Fulfilled by Amazon. are allowed on HUKD # Electronic 30W (230V) soldering iron # Insulated soldering stand with cleaning sponge # Solder # Desoldering pump # Blister packed

Amazon fulfilled item now oos


yep this will work, I brought a cheap 30w iron for £3 and used it to replace my friend's ac power jack on his fujistu laptop. I find it easier to use some desoldering wick to remove the old solder from the board rather than the desoldering pump. Edit: price is now £7.14


Does anyone know of a half decent battery powered soldering iron for doing odd jobs/small circuits etc. I've noticed that with these you have to constantly hold a button down for it to heat up and people have reported it makes it uncomfortable to use, are they all like this?


Total newbie to soldering, I need to replace my AC power jack on my Dell Inspiron laptop, would this piece of kit do? If not anyone got any ideas where I can get it repaired cheap on the high street? I keep getting quotes between £50-60 :(


Soldering is really easy. Just make sure you heat up the two parts sufficiently and then push the solder onto it. Bingo. Just don't do it when its too cold or put too much on.

Solder Pro 70 Gas soldering Iron - Half Price (£14.99) @ Maplin
Posted 16th Apr 2010Posted 16th Apr 2010
Solder Pro 70 Gas soldering Iron - Half Price (£14.99) @ Maplin
Was looking for a new tip for my smaller version of this iron, and came across this deal on Maplin's website. The smaller version is a superb iron, so I am all excited about get… Read more

I have the iron kit which includes other shaped tips(these I have never used as yet), so ideally I only need pointed tip. So yes please let us know if you find cheaper.


The Order Code: N08AQ denotes thst this is for the deflector (see below). [COLOR="Blue"]Order Code Description Size N82AR Pointed Tip 1mm N83AR Chisel Tip 2mm N05AQ Hot Knife Tip N06AQ Heat Blower N07AQ Blow Torch N08AQ Deflector for use with N06AQ[/COLOR]


Did exactly the same - dead tip. But that was after much use & abuse (it glows red hot!). Trying to source cheaper tips, will update if I find some.


Aren't these the same: :thinking:


I've got one of these, blown the pointed tip( probably by having it on too high a heat). Replacement ]tip pack cost more than the offer price for iron.

16" Toolbox £3.99, Tool Wall Organiser £4.99, Universal Power Adaptor £2.99, Soldering Iron £5.49 & Detail Sander £11.98 at Lidl
Posted 4th Feb 2010Posted 4th Feb 2010
16" Toolbox £3.99, Tool Wall Organiser £4.99, Universal Power Adaptor £2.99, Soldering Iron £5.49 & Detail Sander £11.98 at Lidl
16" Toolbox £3.99 * Transparent lid with various compartments for your DIY accessories * With removable tote tray * Size (cm): 22 x 40 x 19.8 * Contents not includ… Read more
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Black and Decker Ci500 Craft & Soldering Iron Station @ Amazon
Posted 21st Dec 2009Posted 21st Dec 2009
Black and Decker Ci500 Craft & Soldering Iron Station @ Amazon
Soldering Iron Station,usually around £26.

How easy is soldering? I need to replace some parts on a flashing clicking display on my american fridge freezer and was thinking of doing it myself rather than paying whirlpool £400+


Maplin still do a 50 watt variable temperature soldering station for £9.99 (plus £3 P&P if you don't live near a store) Looks a much better buy to me, even though you have to pay extra for additional bits. I borrowed the Maplin one from my brother as I was struggling to melt some silver solder and thought it ok, although I prefer the more flexible cable on my old Antex iron.


I got one of these a while back, and retired it soon after very poor heat from it:(.


Not sure about the plug on it!


Hot! I was just about to get a soldering iron. Ordered, thanks!!

30 Watt Soldering Iron £6.99 from Lidl's
Posted 12th Jun 2009Posted 12th Jun 2009
30 Watt Soldering Iron £6.99 from Lidl's
Lidl have a 30 watt soldering Iron available from 18th June.Looks like it has a fine tip and includes a replacement tip.

I think you had to deal with lead free solder there. Leaded solder melts at 180 C, but while common in DIY, it is no longer allowed in consumer products. Lead free solder has different compositions, but the melting point is usually around 220 C - so you will need more heat to unsolder it.


good point raised by redjay there, however on the plus side if you use this on thin wires it won't melt the sleeving back, i have a 60w iron but i think i'm going to join redjay and get this it's worth the cash and i too like the dinky holders! (boys and gadgets). on a serious note it's always good to tin the end of wires going to mains plugs much better grip


Careful on this. I bought a similar cheap soldering iron from Aldi a while ago and it did a few jobs. But when the chips were down and I had to replace the power port on my laptop I had to run down to maplins and pick up a 50w iron to melt the solder adequately - up to that point I thought that solder was solder and any old iron would do (pardon the pun). That said I love the design of the iron holder with the clips.


[image missing]

JML Cold Heat Cordless Soldering Iron £2.99
Posted 16th Feb 2009Posted 16th Feb 2009
JML Cold Heat Cordless Soldering Iron £2.99
INSTORE at Boyes JML Cold heat Cordless Soldering Iron reduced to £2.99 Product Details Advanced soldering technology goes from cool to extreme heat in seconds. And once removed f… Read more

This isn't the proper cold heat guns. The expensive ones kind of heat by vibration and are for the pros.


these irons are total **** to be honest. bought one years ago fked it straight in the bin


Sorry guys :oops:


this would'nt melt butter let alone solder, its ***** !!!! :x


In my experience JML stuff sucks. They make out that everyone of their products is some sort of wonder-product.........when it reality it usually sucks root. :stocking:

Soldering Iron 30W for £3.99 and Uniross AA/AAA Battery Charger £1 @ Maplin
Posted 15th Feb 2009Posted 15th Feb 2009
Soldering Iron 30W for £3.99 and Uniross AA/AAA Battery Charger £1 @ Maplin
Went into maplin and got the above bargains AA/AAA charger charges upto 4 batteries at a time, and is a slow charger which will look after your cheap lidl/aldi batteries.
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sound, will check it out....


the ones i seen this morning as i popped in for a look was 25watt and comes with a stand and a spare tip was made by rolson , worth a quid of anyones money


What brand is the battery charger? Tfs Zaheer...


Thanks for the you know what power they are, this is 30W and heats up fast and maintains high temps.I bought this one for 2.99 just after chrismas, then it went up to normal price and now is back at 3.99. I'm not too confident about buying electrical stuff like this from poundland just in case it burns the house down, even though it has probably been built at the same place. Oh and this soldering iron has a pointed tip, useful for repairing electrical circuits. My other has a scapel bit so I needed a pointed bit. Cheaper than buying a bit for the other iron!


similar soldering irons can be picked up in poundland

Kada 936D Digital soldering Station with English Manual (60W 24V AC) £30 DELIVERED  @ dealextreme
Posted 7th Oct 2008Posted 7th Oct 2008
Kada 936D Digital soldering Station with English Manual (60W 24V AC) £30 DELIVERED @ dealextreme
Kada 936D Digital soldering Station with English Manual (60W 24V AC)

I think the N78AR soldering station at Maplins is a better buy its 50watts and £30.Also If anything goes wrong its alot easier to take it back to Maplin's if there's a branch local to you.


From the user comments; I worry more about the availability of spare and other size tips in the UK.


Probably not, but I think its a 3 pin power lead (kettle lead), so just use an english one of them and your winning.


English plug?

Boffer - Brand New - Belkin 39 piece Computer Toolkit with Soldering Iron
Posted 3rd Sep 2008Posted 3rd Sep 2008
Boffer - Brand New - Belkin 39 piece Computer Toolkit with Soldering Iron
First post !! Appears this toolkit is priced above75quid anywhere else!!! Specification The 39 Piece Tool Kit features Belkin's most popular tools for repairing or upgrading com… Read more

It does doesn't it.


I wouldn't boffer with that, it looks like cheap carp to me.:x


Here you go... "Product: Another amazing boffer! - 2 per customer! - Very limited stock!"[image missing]


What picture?


Hey, Does the 'B' in Boffer stand for Bull5h*t? As the offers they are putting on most recently seem to be................

9-Piece Soldering Kit in carry case now half price only £12 @ Woolworths!
Posted 10th Apr 2008Posted 10th Apr 2008
9-Piece Soldering Kit in carry case now half price only £12 @ Woolworths!
Reserve online to collect instore! This 9-piece soldering kit comes with a soldering gun and iron and includes everything you need for circuit boards or re-wiring. Contents 100… Read more

HOT!!!! Thanks:thumbsup:


bargain, voted hot!


Good price, voted hot :)

30 W Soldering Iron for only £4.99! (Plus £2.99 P&P @ Maplin)
Posted 9th Apr 2008Posted 9th Apr 2008
30 W Soldering Iron for only £4.99! (Plus £2.99 P&P @ Maplin)
Got on of these - looks decent. Manufacturer: Antex Robust 30W general purpose soldering iron Includes stand Replacement bits available separately 240v AC Powered

ps. congrats 'thekanester'!! 1000 posts!!!


i got one of these about a year ago. used it once then put it away in the cupboard. needed it again the other week, plugged it in, nothing! so, i think its a case of you get what you pay for? I got one of the £9.99 solder stations they had the other day, seems better so far....


A proper solder station saves those unsightly burns on the carpet, table etc. I just melted a nice hole in my laminate flooring this week....sigh...


I got the proper solder station they had a little while ago for £9.99


£2.99 delivery online?

30W Soldering iron (Antex) half price £4.99 until 04/09/07 COLLECTED (or £7.98 delivered)
Posted 26th Aug 2007Posted 26th Aug 2007
30W Soldering iron (Antex) half price £4.99 until 04/09/07 COLLECTED (or £7.98 delivered)
Half price general purpose soldering iron. Doesn't come with any fancy bits and bobs but it is good for the odd stuff. Best collected instore to save on £2.99 delivery.
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