Posted 4th Jun 2022
They're selling the series X and PS5 disc for less than four hundred quid which seems seriously fishy. Just wondered if anyone had actually dealt with them or could shed light on whether they were legit. My gut says no.…le/
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    They cant even spell their address correctly

    >>>>321-323 High Road, Chadwell Heat, Essex

    It is Chadwell HEATH !!!!!!!

    Web site set up a week ago

    WhoIs results.

    2418842991654330701.jpg (edited)

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    That's what I said. If it was real they wouldn't have any stock to sell it at that price. I'm clearly a bit of a novice in terms of checking up on potential scam sites as I hadn't checked any of those things and now you've done it it all seems a bit obvious! But fishy is fishy and this was definitely that. Thank you for the effort you've made.
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    Probably is, yes. Are they all claiming to sell current gen consoles at knock down prices? I managed to get my relative a ps5 through playstation direct last Tuesday, which is also how I got mine. At least in my experience, the restock tends to happen around mid morning, mid week. Use stock-checker to keep an eye on restocks.
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    Run away and don't look back!
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    They are thieves.

    Everything felt odd. Their price was low and then they've got further discount offers. I got an extra 10% off. Their phone kept bouncing but was able to chat with someone who called himself "Jordan". He eventually sent me a payment link which I also found odd. So I bought the iPhone 14 Pro Max from them for £900 and decided to put it on my credit card as it would be easier to claim back if there is any problem. I first didn't get any payment confirmation or email from them for days. I had to chat with Jordan repeatedly and eventually got a confirmation email 4 days after the purchase. The Jordan guy kept tell me their delivery team will get in contact maximum 5 working days after my purchase. After the 5 working days, he stopped responding to my chat. I sent emails twice, no response. Their phone wouldn't ring most times (like its on DND) but when it does, no one pick it and then it goes back giving the engaged sound.

    I had subsequently contacted my back and I just saw that my money had been refunded. Its best to avoid dodgy businesses like this one. But if you feel like taking the risk, it is safer to use a credit card.
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