Posted 5th Sep 2020
My wife and I are just about to start a load of renovation work on our house. Included in that is building and fitting a new bathroom.

We've been going round the houses trying to get recommendations for good quality brands that don't bust the bank! We've had some personal recommendations for Grohe/Hansgrohe stuff. However setting up with their stuff to our particular spec (i.e. a 3 outlet shower system including a rainshower, handheld and overflow filler, all concealed) is proving very expensive with those brands (£1000+).

One of the guys in our local trade centre has recommended Aqualla (aka Aqualla Brassware). A company based in Ireland and which seems to be fairly new. He said they're good quality, reliable and have been selling well recently. They have the exact set-up we want for just over £400 - less than half what we'd have to pay pricing up parts from Grohe/Hansgrohe/HighLife etc.

Trouble is, I can't really find any reviews about Aqualla online and none of our friends/family have heard of them.

Does anyone here have any experience of this brand? Any recommendations, or indeed cautionary tales?
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