Virgin Media Disconnection - No fair deal offered and now in trouble. Can anyone help?

Posted 28th Nov 2021
TL;DR - Disconnected as couldn't get a fair deal, no fair offer was given and I've been disconnected (unexpectedly as wasn't given a date). Worse off than before and don't know how I'm supposed to get a better deal...

Hello, after many many years of being with Virgin Media (We've been subscribed since it was CableTel!), we have been trying to get better deals and really struggling. I've been paying £62 a month for 100mb broadband and the lowest TV and telephone packages (as a bundle). This apparently contains 'loyalty discount', and so every time I call they refuse to offer a better deal. I try many times throughout the years. We don't even want the telephone or TV, they are literally unplugged, just the broadband, which I now use for remote working.

Recently, I was offered a best discount of £3 less for the same package, even though I told them I don't want a bundle, and actually would love to be able to have faster broadband due to the usage here. After seeing other people's package prices here, on other forums, and from friends, I thought enough is enough, this isn't fair. And I went through the retentions disconnection process as is always advised on here to get the best deal...

Well it's been a nightmare. After several conversations of contradicting statements and lies from different people, recently told to wait for another call to offer a better deal, and also waiting for a call with information about the actual disconnection date, I've now been fully disconnected today without being notified that it would happen today.

I received 1 call a few weeks back offering a 'better' deal. To be fair it was better as it was just broadband, but it wasn't much of a discount, and I said that if I was going to start a new contract, I'd like faster broadband. Sadly, I didn't get another call back as suggested. I contacted them again to ask for a better deal, refused. Was told I'd get at least another 2-3 call backs, didn't get them.

So now after several conversations of arguing, I was told they can reconnect me (without the £25 fee that they were initially trying on me!!) but on my old package or full price with just the broadband for a minimum contract of 2 months. Which will take 72 hours.

So how on earth am I actually supposed to get a better deal?! I see so many people on here post their package prices, and I cannot get anyone to even come close to these offers. I've been through disconnection, and now instead it's leaving me worse off!

Can anyone please advise?

Edit: Just to note, VM are the only providers at this property who can offer suitable broadband speeds. I contacted other providers but it turns out they can only offer extremely low speeds, or can't offer anything at all.
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