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Ty for making this thread


I think it is one of those points that divide parents. There are pros and cons of all techniques when it comes to babies, as they are all very different. It will work on some and potentially cause anxiety and stress with others. (y)


Sorry, but it is simply not true to say that controlled crying techniques have been shown to 'do more harm than good'. Please read this study by the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry if you would like some proof of this. My only caveat is that it shouldn't be attempted too early on. 4 months seems to be the general consensus on when a baby is cognitively developed enough to start to figure things out for themselves.


+1 for the controlled crying technique. Went from 6 wake-ups per night to none. This was a 6 months old baby and the whole thing was complete in 3-4 nights.


> Hey OP, your mothercare link takes us to their Bahrain website.