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Undecided as to which Blink model to buy for the garden. I understand XT2 comes with free cloud storage and the new Blink Outdoor has the local storage option (by inserting a USB f… Read more

True but even with optimum settings i'd say they still aren't ideal. That image you showed is very blurry. Would be extremely hard to identify anyone, this applies to most CCTV systems out there too. I am getting my hikvision colourvu installed tomorrow, hopefully that would be a good investment


Maybe it comes down to how you tweak the settings. Mine is sighted where it is pitch black at night. Looks like a searchlight on when it is activated and very clear.


My module died before I'd even installed it, wouldn't buy another


Last time I looked into blink cameras, I noticed they have rubbish quality at night unless you have lighting where the camera is going


It’s just to watch wildlife in my garden rather than for security purposes XD

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Blink XT2 batteries
Hi all can anybody recommend me either re-chargeable or different batteries at a cheaper price that will still give me the great battery life which the energiser lithium 1.5V do pl… Read more

I use amazon or ikea rechargables in my XT cameras, get around 3-4 months use out of them in busy area before being need to swap. Not a huge issue for the money saved


Noted, thanks for your time


You have my praise, sympathies and frustration in equal measures. Also be aware that PIR's work best in motion across the field hence why some captures with people walking directly towards get triggered late.


I am the police (lol) Thanks for the advice, I have set up the active Zones, it’s mainly the front door that activates due to that door being the most used.


High usage will depend on how you set it up, obviously setting the capture area to include a busy road or pavement will trigger recordings non-stop. Best to experiment by setting active zones in the field of view. Other drain factors will be on settings such as sensitivity, re-trigger, audio and video quality. You can set the camera to record clips up to 60 seconds and with a minimum re-trigger of 10 secs. Ultimately you don't want footage of the whole break-in, you want enough to identify the b's to print wanted posters all over town and social media. Good luck on the police being interested. And of course there is the solar panel option

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Amazon blink xt2 cameras
Saw these in the Black Friday sale: All-new Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage, 2-Way Audio, 2-Year Battery Life | 1-Camera System https://www.amaz… Read more

Thanks. Went through with the sale and it loaded the Echo Dot in the basket as a bundled item. Result. (y)


I think it is an offer from Blink atm giving a free echo dot. The other option is the normal priced one, so yes, in this case it would be silly not to take up the offer with the echo dot if you are buying one. I guess someone may not have any need for an echo dot and just purchase without it.