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Apple EarPods with Remote and Microphone 3.5mm Jack connection - White @ MyMemory (free del)
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Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Apple EarPods with Remote and Microphone 3.5mm Jack connection - White @ MyMemory (free del)
£13.99£2952%MyMemory Deals
Decent price for Apple EarPods - this is the 3.5mm jack version. Not the lightening connector, The Apple EarPods with in-line Remote and Mic are designed to rest comfortably ins… Read more

Ha ha ha, what a ridiculous comment. Wireless earphones, even airpods don't have anywhere near as good a sound quality as these.


No retail box. Where are they getting them from ? How to be sure if these are Genuine Apple or a cheap copy Not sure if this is a saving or an inflated cost...


Hi, I received mine and they came in a bag not a box, but they work and look the same to me. looks the same as the ones mentiond above by bagga212


I need to order a pair of these. Has anyone ordered from here? Were they genuine in original case etc or something different?


Absolute nonsense from someone who obviously has more money than sense!

Official Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic - £10.99 @ Digitalsave
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Posted 20th May 2019Posted 20th May 2019
Official Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic - £10.99 @ Digitalsave
Official Apple Earpods - Exactly the same product that you'd purchase from the Apple Store - just minus the cost! Free shipping option available.

hot for me


It’s highly likely they’re fake. Apple investigated ‘genuine’ Apple products sold on Amazon and found 90% of them to be fake.


I suspect it might be that these are the 3.5mm jack and not lightning connector nearly ordered until I realised that! Those are more expensive I've ordered from these guys before and the stuff seems genuine just not in a retail box.


Voted hot. Cold votes are likely due to the fact that these don’t come in the original package.


Great deal even if they’re not app

Save £20, Usually £159 - Apple AirPods @ BT Shop
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Posted 28th Jun 2018Posted 28th Jun 2018
Save £20, Usually £159 - Apple AirPods @ BT Shop
£139£15913%BT Shop Deals
A brilliant pair of wireless earbuds, love mine! Wish I’d had seen them for this price when I got them. :D Free Delivery, looks like it’s part of their payday offers. — Just ta… Read more
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Got mine from EGlobal £122 and a week wait. Couldn't be without them now!


Not bad, the best price you can find at the mo, heat added


Rumoured hands free "hey Siri" in the next version - that's why I'm waiting!


Sod the helmet. Risk death whilst listening to some bangers.


They just fall out of my ears when I put a helmet on

Official In-Ear Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic £9.99 @ Digital save
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Posted 30th Apr 2018Posted 30th Apr 2018
Official In-Ear Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic £9.99 @ Digital save
£9.99£2966%Digitalsave Deals
Used digital save before and all their products have been genuine. Great reviews on TrustPilot also. Short description: 'Official Apple Earpods - Exactly the same product that y… Read more
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100% NOT genuine Apple headphones. If you buy them thinking they are then you’re a sucker. Apple do not sell to resellers without a box.


Ordered these a couple weeks back delighted seeing as tho they’re £29 in the Apple shop voted hot x


I don't like Apple phones, but I do like these earpods... I just wish they came in black...


Try switching brands. Even the genuine ones are rubbish!


Shame the lightning ones are full price :(

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Genuine apple earpods £9.95 + £1.99 delivery via groupon
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Posted 1st Jan 2018Posted 1st Jan 2018
Genuine apple earpods £9.95 + £1.99 delivery via groupon
Note: These Apple Earpods® are brand new original unused earphones sourced from insurance companies, who have removed them from fully boxed iPhones and iPads. As a result, the Earp… Read more
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Not quite sure of the rationale for why these are “fake”. It’s been known to happen with Groupon, sure, just as it actually has with Amazon (yes, Amazon, not marketplace). Surely if they’re fakes you’d just return them anyway...


looking forward to this haha


At least you look a knob without actually having spent a fortune


for the huge prifits that can be made from selling £10 earphones (lol)


Strange I too heard from a relative. Apparently my cousin is stuck in Nigeria and he's been take hostage by the Prince. He attempted to steal us$3MILLION and now its stuck transferring to my bank account. If I pay the fees of just us$6k I can free him and the funds will be transferred. However this will means he's deported and never to return. Should. He return he may be beheaded if he's caught.

Genuine apple Earpods £8.99 + £1.99 del @ Groupon
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Posted 13th Jun 2017Posted 13th Jun 2017
Genuine apple Earpods £8.99 + £1.99 del @ Groupon
Genuine apple earpods £8.99! Usually cost 29.99 according to the apple site. Delivery £1.99. Hope this helps.

I have seen others comment they got fake MAC lipsticks and other dodgy cosmetics/designer gear from these shopping sites. Maybe some do sell bona fide items, depending on the retailer they're hooking up with - but I wouldn't take the chance.


I wouldn't trust anything branded from these shopping sites, and that applies to Living Social, Wowcher and the rest. I bought a fake Ralph Lauren v-neck jumper from Wowcher about 18 months ago (and commented about it on HUKD). I found a weird wholesaler that was using the exact same stock codes Wowcher were using to advertise their RL jumpers (and Living Social carried the exact same deal as well). Wowcher didn't put up any sort of fight after I submitted pictures, articles and web links, they just quietly credited my account. I bought a jumbo box of Ariel Washing Powder with my store credit - they can't fake that, can they? (though, you never know!!) :p Anyone who wants a peek can look at my comments (and others') and here


Agree with everything said here but don't trust trustpilot just have a look at the reviews for hotdealers favourite John Lewis, people only post when something goes wrong.


Yes stupid company listing them as genuine item ;)


Have you seen this company's rating on Trustpilot? It's soooo bad...

Genuine Apple EarPods without Remote and Mic - New (Not Retail Packaged) £3.89 @ Studentcomputers
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Posted 26th Feb 2017Posted 26th Feb 2017
Genuine Apple EarPods without Remote and Mic - New (Not Retail Packaged) £3.89 @ Studentcomputers
The Apple EarPods are designed to sit comfortably inside ears of a variety of ear shapes and sizes. Their overall audio quality is so superior, rivalling high-end headphones withou… Read more
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Ipod nano's at least come with non mic/control genuine ones in box. I had a set. Though, odds are that they are indeed fake.


Not "genuine". The only official Apple ones cost like £20 and obviously have a mic & controls on them. I have bought Apple USB cables from directly before that turned out to be fakes (not even from a marketplace seller). I would only suggest getting them direct from Apple as there are so many fakes out there.


almost everything produced is copied and sold as fakes thesedays, it's a sad sad world we live in. Voted cold btw OP, these are clearly fakes


Genuine ones have mic!! So how could these be genuine?


Genuine or not, they'll still sound like cack

One (£8.99) or Two Pairs (£17.99) of Official Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic + £1.99 P&P @ Groupon
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Posted 16th Feb 2017Posted 16th Feb 2017
One (£8.99) or Two Pairs (£17.99) of Official Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic + £1.99 P&P @ Groupon
If it is really a genuine one then it's a bargain, lots of seller claims they are genuine apple earpods but they are not. I believe Groupon is selling genuine headset only. Choose… Read more
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well... i am pretty blessed X)


That's a big barge you have there :D


Wouldn't you touch groupon with a 50ft bargepole


As seen on Watchdog !


Doesn't say if 3.5mm or lightning connector, so no use anyway. Bound to deliver the type you don't want :)

Genuine Apple iPhone 6 5 5C 5S EarPods £6.59 @ 7dayshop
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Posted 8th Jan 2017Posted 8th Jan 2017
Genuine Apple iPhone 6 5 5C 5S EarPods £6.59 @ 7dayshop
My wife needs a new pair, she uses these when she's running, so had to be apple ones. These have been previously posted on here at £7.99 but are now cheaper. 2.2% Quidco too. (f… Read more

In don't suppose I can, but if the sound quality is as good, they look the same, and last the same time, then I don't suppose it matters.


And how can you be 100% sure they're not fake?


Can confirm that these are not fake, received in the post the other day, wife id happy.


I and many others would buy a decent brand, that's much better value than apple, that's unlikely to be fake. That way you'll be getting quality without paying much more.


I wonder if the people who are so eager for these to be fake spent quite a bit more for theirs...

Genuine Apple iPhone EarPods With Handsfree Mic - £7.99 @ Delivered
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Posted 27th Jul 2016Posted 27th Jul 2016
Genuine Apple iPhone EarPods With Handsfree Mic - £7.99 @ Delivered
Genuine Apple iPhone 6 5 5C 5S EarPods Headphone Earphone Handsfree With Mic Features Genuine Apple product Bulk Packed in a plastic case - but much lower 7dayshop price … Read more
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Looks like the real deal but they are fakes....barely lasted 2months n the left ear went mute on me


i'm not talking about convincing looking,I'm skilled enough to spot a fake when compared to the real one side by side. there are reasons why items could be sold without outer packaging. the Apple earphones they sell are definitely real.


How long have you worked for 7day shop? Apple don't make these without packaging and don't sell them without packaging And yes I bought these, and an iPad charger and they are very convincing looking items, but not the real deal - sorry


How do you know? Do you have any proof or real experience or just comment because you are bored? 7dayshop never sell fakes,these are %100 real just iem without packaging. I bought them and they are %100 reviews there too. eBay and Amazon are guaranteed to be fake but 7dayshop are real.


No 7dayshop ones are all genuine.

Apple Earpods MD827ZM/B Manufacturer Refurb £5.49 *eBay - laptopoutletdirect*
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Posted 23rd Jun 2016Posted 23rd Jun 2016
Apple Earpods MD827ZM/B Manufacturer Refurb £5.49 *eBay - laptopoutletdirect*
Quite often see these wanted in the For Sale / Wanted forum and they are currently reduced in the laptop Outlets shop in eBay. Worth a heads up. Definitely not worth the usual £15 … Read more
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**** buzzing


This must be a joke......


No issue on the used from me.... look it says it there.... "Sweat proof".... I was concerned about ear sweat and infection but this has put my mind at ease. ordered. ;)


used earbuds......pass


My, it's chilly for June in here. Got a feeling I might need my thermals by end of today :)

Official Apple Earpods With Remote and Mic for £8.99 + £1.99 P&P @ Groupon
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Posted 23rd Jan 2016Posted 23rd Jan 2016
Official Apple Earpods With Remote and Mic for £8.99 + £1.99 P&P @ Groupon
Apple Earphone selling at £8.99 for one pair £17.99 for two pairs Actual retail price from Apple Store - £25.00 You can always take it to the Apple store and exchange it for anot… Read more
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Are you sure you're talking about the sound quality on these newer style Apple earphone (>iPhone 5). The sound quality is very very good for in-ear


DO NOT BUY I got these from group on, when they arrived the left earphone was not working and then I compared them to the earphones I received when I brought my iphone 5s they definately were different. Group on customer service excellent i posted them back and they credited my account but my opinion DO NOT BUY


I know everyone has their own budget but sometimes it really does pay back to spend a little more. Save a bit and look at reviews for earphones in the £20 range and you will be much more satisfied with your purchase.




Bad price, £8.64 from amazon directly. Choose amazon, do not choose 3rd party.

Official Apple Earpods With Remote and Mic from £10.98 delivered @ Groupon
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Posted 15th Dec 2015Posted 15th Dec 2015
Official Apple Earpods With Remote and Mic from £10.98 delivered @ Groupon
My old apple headphones have broke so went on the hunt for a cheaper pair and seen this its £8.99 have to pay delivery which is below which brings the price to £10.98. Which still … Read more

My headphones seemed to be legit if these are fake then the copies must be getting better sound quality was as too be expected and weren't tinny these feel like a real pair I understand why people wouldn't take a gamble as they seem to cheap to be true but I'm happy with my order. I get why so many people voted cold certain items people go mad at for example soon as beats by dre gone on here it's - 500 already it's a deal site regardless if you like the headphones you vote by the deal the price if beats by dre were to sell at £10 wouldn't surprise me if that went cold too.


Do not buy from groupon sent me two sets of beats studio that were both broken . They were for kids Christmas presents . Fobbed me off on refund so went through PayPal . Then said they would refund me only if I closed PayPal dispute . 13 emails no refund they failed to respond to PayPal and they told me 10 times to close dispute against paypals advice . Spoke to PayPal and they said all groupon needed to do was to enter resolution centre to authorise refund but advisor from groupon wouldn't do it . Once again asked for me to close dispute . Once dispute is closed you have no comeback . How can a company behave like this . I will expose them !!!! And so should others !!!


OK. Thanks.


Still not arrived through the post i actually bought a real pair from argos today as back up incase these are fakes but will give my verdict 100% will actually post a video on youtube comparing the real to fake earpods if this is the case


Your verdict m'lud. Guilty or not guilty?

Apple Earpods @ Groupon - £10.98 Delivered
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Posted 10th Dec 2015Posted 10th Dec 2015
Apple Earpods @ Groupon - £10.98 Delivered
Apple Earpods only 8.99 plus 15 % off makes it hot deals........your suggestions guys... Moved to AV - mrew42

Eh? They are £25!?


For me these are some of the most uncomfortable headphones going. They'd be a good novelty headphone in the 90's when everything was round and awkward, for 2015 I just can't believe they're a real product.


wouldn't shop with these clowns if they were given things away, ordered ps4 Cotroller recently 2weeks came and went when I chased them found out they had cancelled order claiming they had incomplete delivery details wanted to reorder but was told item no longer available yet when I looked exact item/ supplier being advertised for £20 more after various complaints to there useless customer services received email stating it was due to overselling of stock - wouldn't touch this company if I was you


Or me....


I've got loads of these I never use, maybe I can start my own business!

Apple MD827ZM/A EarPods With Remote Control And Microphone (Refurb so hopefully minus Earwax) £9 @ Tesco Ebay
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Posted 10th Nov 2015Posted 10th Nov 2015
Apple MD827ZM/A EarPods With Remote Control And Microphone (Refurb so hopefully minus Earwax) £9 @ Tesco Ebay
REFURBISHED WITH A 12 MONTH TESCO OUTLET WARRANTY Unlike traditional, circular earbuds, the design of the new Apple EarPods is defined by the geometry of the ear. Which makes them … Read more

Haha I was thinking that too


Possibly a "customers who bought this product also bought...." combo...ideal product to buy along with the refurbished earpods to give them a clean before popping them in your ears ;)


I see the domestos too. What does this mean aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Just you, iPhone must be broken. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone


Is it just me or does everyone see a bottle of Domestos!

Apple EarPods With Remote and Mic - Genuine (MD827ZM/A) £9.99 @ 7DayShop
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Posted 11th May 2015Posted 11th May 2015
Apple EarPods With Remote and Mic - Genuine (MD827ZM/A) £9.99 @ 7DayShop
Needed some new ones as my old ones broke. Saw some EarPods on FS/ST here foe more than £9.99, if not than more, these are brand new and 7dayshop is a reputable merchant - will mos… Read more

I just received this and I can confirmed these are not genuine because the feel of the material compared to my genuine earpods is different.


Yep it's been posted already:


Hasn't this already been posted?


I bought some 'genuine' ;) ones from Amazon for £2.99, another reputable company (cough).


Sorry September 2012!!!

Apple Earpods with Remote/Mic only £19 at Tesco Direct
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Posted 12th Apr 2015Posted 12th Apr 2015
Apple Earpods with Remote/Mic only £19 at Tesco Direct
*I have put this in other because it doesn't really seem to fit into any of the categories to me but I'm still kind of new to all this, especially with a few setback's I've had whi… Read more

I don't know how it has got 6 degrees hotter today when it's stayed at -95 for the past few days :|


Good price for them. Like Predikuesi, I find them to be a great fit and they sound pretty good too. I bought mine from Apple about a year ago and they are not showing any signs of wear yet. I recently bought a new iPhone, so I now have a spare set of Apple EarPods that are still sealed and they'll stay that way. If you know anyone who does want some Apple EarPods, they can have my brand new, unopened, ones for a tenner... just PM me!


Don't feel disheartened. If sold in Tesco, at least, they are genuine - not the same as in a lot of other outlets. Don't be swayed by the temperature. It might be useful to someone else. Just keep posting! I add some heat as we paid more when we bought ours!


Great find off to buy x


Well for me the opposite is true. Every in-ear headphones I have used have not stayed in my ear and caused some irritation. These on the other hand have worked perfectly and are comfortable. Overpriced Apple technology though. The cheap ones - copies - on eBay are great (only last about a year for me, but cannot complain at the price.

Genuine Apple EarPods  £9.99 @ 7DayShop
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Posted 2nd Mar 2015Posted 2nd Mar 2015
Genuine Apple EarPods £9.99 @ 7DayShop
Genuine Apple EarPods With Remote and Mic - For iPad iPhone iPod Price includes delivery Cheapest place around!

No iPhone will detect a good fake cable. My daughters iphone 5c works with some poundshop ones, and some others are detected fake. Here's just a few of 7dayshop apple deals posted before on here. No company can obtain genuine apple products and sell them for a fraction of apple store prices


Anyone purchased these? Are they genuine or not?


Comment Do you have any proof of this ? As I got a lightning cable from them and it's been spot on and my 5s always detects fake cables etc


I doubt these are genuine, most or all of their apple stuff isn't.

Apple EarPods only £9.85 RRP £25 @ feelgreat8  / ebay
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Posted 19th Feb 2015Posted 19th Feb 2015
Apple EarPods only £9.85 RRP £25 @ feelgreat8 / ebay
Cheap deal for genuine apple earpods
Get deal*Get deal*

is this as genuine as a bloke coming up to me in a pub with some liquidated apple stock of apple earpods definately not imported from china? ;)


rubbish anyway,gave mine away.


A and every singlet seller spams to get given 5 stars before you get the item or any bad stuff can occur ;)


The problem with most Ebay buyers is that mostly don't know what they're buying. Hence many sellers have tons of positive feedback ... That's Ebay for you :)


So 100% feedback makes then genuine really

Genuine apple earpods at  £12.99 instead of £25(including delivery) at 7dayshop
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Posted 1st Nov 2014Posted 1st Nov 2014
Genuine apple earpods at £12.99 instead of £25(including delivery) at 7dayshop
Genuine apple earpods at £12.99 instead of £25(including delivery)

I think you need you ears checking mate.


there is only one type, so yes if they have tried one then they can speak from experience. I think quality of sound is good though


I got an iphone and went to jl to compare sound quality with dr dre and bose, couldnt belueve that £269 bose and dr dre sound nothing different as compared to apples ear pod. For this deal i will say be careful on ebay or wowcher as once i got fake


Tried them all have you ;)


Worst ear phones ever invented.

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