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NOW TV Smart Stick with 1 month Entertainment, 1 month Sky Cinema & 1 day Sky Sports Passes pre-loaded - £19.49 Delivered @ boss_deals/eBay
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Since currys was doing it for £19.99 with auto discount at checkout making it £18.99 which is now oos, this seems the cheapest if you're after Now TV Trio pass with stick. So, t… Read more

I'll second that. Actually any Roku, as you also get more app options too.


Cheaper buying individual on cdkeys


Isn't this based on the model up from the Roku Premiere, the Roku Streaming Stick+, as it has TV controls on the remote and is a stick? Just wondering. Either way, the Premiere is working great for me - having Plex as an app is superb!


Many are buying these just for the passes. I did and then watch via my Roku or PC. (y) Sold the stick for £10.


Yes they can as I've done it a few times. You just login to your existing account on the stick and they are transferred to that. You don't have to activate them immediately I think! If you already have say an active Cinema pass it will just show as a voucher in your account and you can activate it later.

Free 4 Week Trial Of Sky Cinema! (Cancel Any Time) Account Specific
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Hi, Just got an email for a free 4 week trial of Sky Cinema (Cancel Anytime) Just in time for the bank holiday weekend! Enjoy!
Get deal*Get deal*

Spent an hour and a half on the online chat to sky today, my subs were discounted to £96 a month and next months would be £111, this is with the sky sports pause discount, Best I got was £96.50 a month for everything including broadband and netflix. Can see why half the country is using illegal methods to stream tv and I told them that. I’ve been a customer of theirs off and on since 1992 and to be honest they are taking the michael with their prices




Yes it will. IT IS A CON !! I just tried it and sure enough it removed my sky sports discount - and on their phone lines they are refusing calls unless its from a vulnerable category. This really does amount to fraud. I wish I had listened to Kammykay who called this straight away. Now going to be a pain to sort out.


Also its says don't phone them at this time but thats the only way to cancel or downgrade your package !!


i'd like to confirm on sky chat the conditions so I have something in writing before taking this but can't find sky chat option anywhere, anyone have a link ?

NOW TV Smart Stick with 1 month Entertainment Pass + 1 month Sky Cinema Pass + Sky Sports Day Pass £19.85 @ Boss Deals/ebay 
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
NOW TV Smart Stick with 1 month Entertainment & Sky Cinema Pass + Sky Sports Day Pass £19.85 @ Boss Deals from Amazon and ebay Amazon link ebay link Features & de… Read more

The deals you quote do NOT include the stick, those are just passes


Yes and comes with a remote.


Will this work for any smart tv?I bought a philips ambilight tv that doesn’t come with the now tv app so i was thinking that would do it.Also do i need a remote control with it?Cheers


How hot the offer is says it all.


Yes, been - past-tense. However, you said "Much cheaper offers around"

Sky Cinema Pass or Sky Entertainment Pass FREE 3 months (Account Specific) @ NowTV Store
376° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Got both of these offers while trying to cancel both passes.
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Double check your NowTV accounts. I too was offered 3 months free Entertainment, which I accepted. I went to check on my Cinema pass a few weeks later and found they had changed my offer so that I would be charged (mad) . I was then offered 3 months free Cinema by the system 8) . This was due to start tomorrow. I went to check my passes today, and found I am going to be charged £4.80 per month for 3 months for "free" Cinema Pass (annoyed) . There is something desperately wrong with the system where it is changing free offers to chargeable without notification,in my case twice, and you can only contact them by filling in a form.


I got the same Movies offer as the OP but when I checked I was being charged £4.80 a month for the movies! there is a thread on the Now TV community called "3 months of Sky Cinema FREE. NOT!"


I was just about to cancel my £1 flash sale Entertainment as it finishes monday, got offered 3 months at £1.80 a month when I said I could not afford it.


Did your account say “failed payment” when you cancelled, though? I don’t even know why mine said that when it should’ve already started a free month offer.


I cancelled with an offer which hadn’t yet started but when I tried out reinstate pass, it came up with the same off.

12 month entertainment pass £59.99 / 12m of Sky Cinema £69.99 / 4m Kids £3.99, plus other offers @ NOW TV
425° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
After seeing a deal on here for existing customers cancelling, I thought I'd log into my account and see if there was anything. I used to be subscriber until Sept last year. I clic… Read more

Don't forget (like me) that you can pay for NowTV with Tesco Clubcard vouchers at 3x their value.


Not for those of us without an existing subscription. Nice deal for you though (y) But... Someone else got 50p per month, so you've been had too ;) I assume NowTV are pricing based on something along the lines how much users have cost them in programs watched recently.


My entertainment and cinema passes were expiring and they moved me automatically onto deals at £2.99 each per month for 6 months. Damn this deal is cold lol


I got 50p a month for 2 months Entertainment a few weeks ago, got email this morning saying they have added 6 months more at 50p a month, absolutely happy with that :)


What are you getting for 50p a month ..

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Free 1 Month Now TV Sky Cinema Pass from JD Williams Rewards
3188° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
***some are saying they could also still get the voucher after sign up for a account so worth trying*** Grab a 1 month Now TV Sky cinema pass on us Watch a month of the latest an… Read more

You had to apply or save the code then, if you have not saved it then you've lost it.


If you mean you signed up to JD Williams today then the promotion has now ended


I got one of these - but now when i go in my rewards account - its not there - anyone else had the same problem?


Have a spare code - happy to trade for something (not an entertainment pass!)


I have a free thortful card code and joe and Sephs gourmet popcorn code to swap for a Now TV cinema or entertainment code thanks

NOW TV 4K Smart Box with 1 month Entertainment Pass, 1 month Sky Cinema Pass, 1 month Kids Pass Sky Sports Day Pass £24.85 Boss Deals/Amazon
26° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Features & details Power up your TV for epic entertainment Includes 1 month Entertainment, 1 month Sky Cinema, 1 month Kids & Sky Sports Day Pass pre-loaded on your… Read more

It was that price at the time of posting and now looks oos, expired it


Not showing as £ do you get it for that price?

12 months Nowtv Sky Cinema for £3.99 a month, £47.88 a year (Invite Only)
664° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Just had the email. Apologies if posted. Not a bad deal at all, and payable each month, not the 12 months in advance
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I bought a one month cinema pass for £3.50 and a one month entertainment pass for £3 on Amazon one hour ago - just waiting for the codes to arrive.


Should have at least been allowed to have a few more trys, my prediction at the third attempt: frawed


Anyone got spare code for this offer?


It's an account specific by the looks on it as I tried it and it does not come up at all for an offer for my account


Do u need sky for this deal??

Sky Cinema & Entertainment, 6 months £49:99 @ Now TV
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Sky Cinema & Entertainment, 6 months £49:99 @ Now TV
Sky Cinema & Entertainment, 6 months 49:99. After your offer period Sky Cinema Pass auto renews at £11.99 and Entertainment Pass at £8.99 … Read more

The HD boost also allows 3 screens to watch at same time...


No please or thank you? or are you offering cinema codes to members and I have misunderstood the question?


Cinema codes anybody?


It was there the morning when I signed up but appears to have gone now :(


Reminder that you'll need to spend an extra £3pm to get 1080p

Sky Cinema Month Pass £1 a month for 2 months (Account Specific) £2 @ NowTV Store
1129° Expired
Refreshed 19th MarRefreshed 19th Mar
Sky Cinema Month Pass pay just £1.00 a month for 2 months. Starts 12 March ends 12 May, might just be account specific.
Get deal*Get deal*

Sadly I don't have this one either. Perhaps cause I seem to be on a rolling entertainment pass for like £1.50 a month? I find if i can get about 2 months free a year for the Movies, it has everything over those two months that it has nearly the whole year lol.


Had an email recently, then reminder y’day, worth it for £1 but always a scratch to find something up my street. I prefer horror / thrillers.


Hmmm. The only offer I get is a discount on a F1 Sky Sports season pass - fat lot of use that will be! We used to take advantage of the retention deals but it's got to the point where we have seen everything worth watching and there is very little new stuff coming on. Possibly worth it if you've not been a subscriber for a while but the recent selection is very disappointing.


Joined 11½ years ago, ain't posted to many deals, but very happy today to have one off my deals to make it over 1000 heat, thanks everyone :D


Activated this offer last night. Swore I'd never use NOW TV again, only had it for GOT previously and the picture quality was terrible. However the HD Boost makes a big difference - just activated a 7 day trial for now, but worth paying £6 for the next 2 months. There was no code as such - just had an email which added the offer to my dormant account.

Free one-month NOW TV Sky Cinema pass with Vodafone VeryMe
1705° Expired
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
In addition to the entertainment and Sky Sports pass you can now get a one month Sky Cinema pass through VeryMe (Vodafone rewards)

I've had an issue as well with entering the code for the NOW TV free month entertainment and then being charged £8.99. Don't think there's any customer service teams operational though so not sure when or how I will get a response which is annoying as they've taken my money now....


I've sent a complaint and asked how three months free works out at £4.80 a month.


That same deal went on my Cinema pass account. I've since cancelled and it's reverted to end after the original VeryMe voucher free month but it wont let me apply another free month voucher saying I must be within the last 30 days of the current offer when it ends this Friday! Unfortunately the VeryMe voucher code countdown timer expires before then and I'm unsure if a screenshot will work thereafter (confused)


If you were offered three months free Sky Cinema when you cancelled your Entertainment Pass check your account as I have been charged £4.80 when the Pass renewed.


After a cinema code, got to watch something whilst 'working from home' Thanks :)

Sky Cinema £11 a month for 12 months at Sky Digital
-145° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Sky Cinema £11 a month for 12 months at Sky Digital
Just been sent a text following on from cancelling Sky Cinema. Suggests 12 months at £11 a month rather than the usual £9 at 18 month deal they do, and £19 a month (30-days). M… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

How do you have it for £2 and £2.40


Absolutely right. £2.40 here.


I pay £2 a month. Cinema not worth anymore with no HDR.


Personally I see both sides of the arguement with films. It’s good they have a huge selection including Disney and it’s got a new film daily( newer or older ) it’s more up to date than Netflix that’s for sure. I have both providers so gives me a huge selection. I’m sure seeing in the paper’s sky getting the rights to Disney plus and will be the only provider for it ,then a whole new ball game starts.


Maybe because you’ve then gone via the vip section to get it cheaper, that’s why it’s vip?!

NOW TV 4K Box 1 month Entertainment Pass, 1 month Sky Cinema Pass, 1 month Kids Pass + Sky Sports Day Pass now £24.85 Boss Deals via Amazon
275° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
NOW TV 4K Box 1 month Entertainment Pass, 1 month Sky Cinema Pass, 1 month Kids Pass + Sky Sports Day Pass now £24.85 Boss Deals via Amazon
Power up your TV for epic entertainment Includes 1 month Entertainment, 1 month Sky Cinema, 1 month Kids & Sky Sports Day Pass pre-loaded on your Smart Box streaming media pla… Read more

The smart box does 4k although currently there's only Netflix and YouTube on it that have 4k content I believe. Also this box has ethernet port rather than just wifi.


Thanks- can anyone tell me what the difference is between the stick and the smart box ? Is there a valid reason to get the smart box rather than the stick ?


Can you buy now and start the one month pass say in a few weeks?

NOW TV Stick 1 month Entertainment Pass & Sky Cinema Pass + Sky Sports Day Pass £16.15 - Sold by Boss Deals and Fulfilled by Amazon
539° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
NOW TV Stick 1 month Entertainment Pass & Sky Cinema Pass + Sky Sports Day Pass £16.15 - Sold by Boss Deals and Fulfilled by Amazon
£16.15£19.9919%Amazon Deals
now tv stick

No luck for me this time. My local B&M (Pool) has plenty of the Now TV stick with entertainment and cinema pass combos in stock at £15, but the £20 sports version was out of stock.


This is great deal! There's 4 LFC matches on sky in the space of a month, this is a bargain given how much the day passed are now and I can trade the stick to cex or eBay it. Will check out my local b&m.


You can do what I do, which is just sell it to CEX for 7quid or 10quid voucher. Making it even cheaper.


True. Why then line Uncle Rupert's pockets ! Ultimately owned by Comcast of USA. They are more greedy and will want to recover every penny of the high vaue takeover and make sharegolders even richer. Consumers end up paying, eventually.


No, the developer stuff is basically closed off, you don't get the option. There's no way to jailbreak, so you can't put anything onto it.

NOW TV Smart Stick with 1 month Entertainment, Sky Cinema & 1 day Sky Sports Passes pre-loaded for £19.50 Delivered @ boss_deals /Ebay
305° Expired
Posted 12th FebPosted 12th Feb
NOW TV Smart Stick with 1 month Entertainment, Sky Cinema & 1 day Sky Sports Passes pre-loaded for £19.50 Delivered @ boss_deals /Ebay
£19.50£19.852%eBay Deals
Key Features Power up your TV for epic entertainment. 1 month Entertainment, Sky Cinema & 1 day Sky Sports Passes pre-loaded on your Smart Stick (not physical passes). Foll… Read more

I'm not aware of a TV guide for anything other than the Now TV channels, but you can still use the other apps on the stick without having an active Now TV pass.


If you dont subscribe can you still use the TV guide for teh free channels ?


Sorry wrong cheap deal it was Sainsburys that had them at £9 in some stores (including mine) a couple of years back. I activate over a dozen HD Sticks a year to get the passes, then sell the sticks on Ebay, so I lose track on what came from where and when after a while. The 4 HD Sticks I currently have waiting to be activated all came from B&M for £15 with a month of Sky Sports, that's the best deal I've got in recent months.


Yes fo course but that is with Trade in ;)


I think I just disregarded it because I don't trust Ebay. Sainsburys have gone as low £9.00 in the past.

1 month Sky Cinema Pass & a one month Entertainment Pass for £4.99 / 3 month Sky Cinema Pass & 3 month Entertainment Pass for £24.99 Now TV
281° Expired
Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
1 month Sky Cinema Pass & a one month Entertainment Pass for £4.99 / 3 month Sky Cinema Pass & 3 month Entertainment Pass for £24.99 Now TV
One month Sky Cinema Pass & a one month Entertainment Pass for £4.99 or Three month Sky Cinema Pass & three month Entertainment Pass for £24.99 States new customers only b… Read more

I have a voucher for a Sky Cinema pass for 1 month if anyone wants it. You will need to be within 30 days of your current service ending though. Send me a message if you want it.


Am also getting Entertainment for £1.80 a month for 3 months. Didn't have Cinema and decided to buy a couple of £1 passes through Amazon that were emailed to me within an hour, both worked fine. Don't know how they get them so cheaply.


@19DembaBa19 I got this offer on my existing account. Had to add it to basket before signing in though. I then cancelled both ongoing passes and was offered Movies for £2.40/month for 3 months, and Entertainment £1.80/month for 3 months. So that's £4.99 for the first month and then £4.20/month for the next 3 months. Happy with that. And a lot cheaper than my Sky subscription. Here's some screenshots :)


Do you have a screenshot of the price


Looks like I've got a free month of entertainment out of them. When trying to apply a 2 month entertainment pass at the weekend the app in my LG TV went haywire and I ended up ordering a £8.99 month pass as well. Live chat were very nice about it and have refunded the £8.99, but the extra month of entertainment has not been removed from my account. I've still got 3 months from the 9th of February, not the two months I was trying to apply.

Now TV 2 month sky cinema pass £15 @ Currys PC World
-231° Expired
Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
Now TV 2 month sky cinema pass £15 @ Currys PC World
Works out £7.50/month Not sure if this is the best out there right now, but my last pass just ran out, so...

Yeah, both better than regular price, so (highfive)


I still prefer using gamivo. Had issues with amazon digital stuff . Good offer for 3 months :)


Can be had cheaper on Amazon, initial code cost about the same, but drops it to £2.66/month instead ;)

Hunker91 Cheap 3 month ENT one .. May come in handy for some.. Purchased myself and worked a treat . :)


I have 2 sky sports pass codes . I would like an entertainment pass code. If any is happy to trade please PM ME.

Sky Cinema FREE for 4 weeks (Existing Sky Customers)
494° Expired
Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
It might be account specific, but just a heads up... I received an email from Sky today offering Sky Cinema free for January, then £5 per month for the proceeding 6 months unless … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I'm too scared to signup and will take the risk by calling them on 1st March


Just added the free trial, will keep an eye if theres anything extra on the bill and added on my calendar the cancellation date. Seems a good deal though and teenagers will be happy... thank you StrayCat1967


I have taken this offer up through email and the offer is wrong for me. I have 2 months free then £11 per month. Phoned up and they left a note on the account, not to happy. So I will just cancel the lot in a month's time.


As some people had mentioned up top, I was quick to apply this offer via phone (online link didn’t work). Today I saw I had been billed £15/mth for sky cinema rather than the £5 as I was promised. 1hr being passed from billing to value to concierge to billing team all out of India, finally someone said that I’d have £15 refunded in next month’s bill and then it’d be £5/mth thereafter for 6 months. Only after I threatened to speak to complaints department did anyone try to sort (and they said there was no such thing as a complaints dept). I only noticed today as my DD was £15 more than normal. Warning to anyone who took this out. Ps If there is an email or chat link please let me know as that’s one hour of my evenjng wasted.


So do affiliates, other employer staff benefits, friends/family... and all sorts of people do.

Now TV - 2 Months of Sky Cinema for £5.99 a Month
401° Expired
Posted 1st JanPosted 1st Jan
Now TV - 2 Months of Sky Cinema for £5.99 a Month
£5.99£11.9950%NowTV Store Deals
Half price Sky Cinema on NOW TV for new or existing accounts. Useful if you aren't offered a retention deal when you cancel an existing Sky Cinema pass.

People who say it's rubbish are probably those who've paid full price or moan about Now TV not being mega-high def on their £3000 8k TV for £5.99 a month. Its us sensible folk who get through the year seeing these £99 all in deals as actually being quite expensive. I've managed to get through this last year with 11 months of Entertainment for free (highfive) Currently hunting deals from Feb onwards (ninja)


I have a 3 month BOOST voucher if anyone has a pass to swop for it. Not worth it for me. thx


Don't understand why people say it's rubbish, it's always on offer and I share it with my parents and my son at uni. Which works at 80p a month because its always on offer.


Only appears to be on roku boxes not nowtv box


Just got deal for 2.40 a month for 3 months just by pretending to cancel. Always do this

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