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A powerful speaker to enrich music, film or gaming experiences, the Sonos Playbase can also support a TV to save space. Boasting superb sound quality, it can be linked with other Sonos speakers to produce a more immersive audio experience. At HotUKDeals we publish money-saving offers for this device on our Sonos Playbase page. Read more
Immaculate Customer Return Sonos PLAYBASE (White) Sound base - £449 Delivered @ Sevenoaks Sound
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Immaculate Customer Return Sonos PLAYBASE (White) Sound base - £449 Delivered @ Sevenoaks Sound
£449 Free P&P FreeSevenoaks Sound Deals
Hope it helps someone :) PLAYBASE, the sleek soundbase for TV, films, music, and more! Your TV’s got the video part nailed. But the audio? That leaves a lot to be desired. Esp… Read more



I will ha ha


Er 420? . Not sure now if Sonos allow their discount codes to be used anymore on the certified products .


Yeh .I had a elusive 20%off voucher and had a cerified one in my basket which made it around 4 ton ish .I hesitated and next thing it was OOS. Ended up using it on the brilliant play5 gen 2.


(lol) I'll keep on looking my friend.

Sonos Playbase Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black - £489.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
Sonos Playbase Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black - £489.99 @ Amazon
£489.99£69930%Amazon Deals
Sonos Playbase currently lowest price
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damn missed it :-( Will keep an eye our for price drops on this as i'm looking for a replacement for my current soundbar


I'd buy this in a heartbeat to replace my PlayBar if it was big enough to support my new LG C9. But given the TV is almost 1.5m wide and the stand is probably 1m wide it's sadly too big for this ;(


Sonos, Google, Phillipps and Amazon on a continuous bi weekly loop

Sonos Playbase £459.41 @ Bloomingdales UK
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Posted 30th Nov 2019Posted 30th Nov 2019
Sonos Playbase £459.41 @ Bloomingdales UK
£459.41£574.4620%Bloomingdales UK Deals
Sonos playbase, available in both colours

Found better deal for £499 @ Smart home sounds, UK dealer with 6 year warranty also


There would be no additional costs? I.e royal mail service etc?


Shipping from USA. The import taxes and duties are added at checkout, bringing the total to about £560!


Don’t forget tax

Sonos PlayBase Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, White - £499 @ Amazon / Dispatched from and sold by Sevenoaks Sound & Vision On-Line
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Posted 10th Aug 2019Posted 10th Aug 2019
Sonos PlayBase Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, White - £499 @ Amazon / Dispatched from and sold by Sevenoaks Sound & Vision On-Line
£499£56912%Amazon Deals
Sonos Playbase in white Best price I have ever seen for this brand new. The black one is more expensive at £569.00 at time of posting
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I think if you Have a wall mounted tv you may be better looking at the playbar which can be wall mounted. Flexson do a nice mount. Regarding Dolby atmos - if you are looking at a wireless system then you can’t really get towards atmos yet and a decent set up would cost a lot more- this price is small in comparison to a mediocre atmos set up. I had a decent, midrange Dolby atmos setup at my last house and the costs were: Denon receiver £499 Kef 3001 satellite speakers x 5 £600 Kef powered sub £300 Kef ceiling speakers x 2 £280 Speaker cable £100 Installation, plastering and redecorating £400 Total install: £2179 The difference in cost over a Sonos 5.1 (plabase/bar, sub and 2 x play 1/3s) is at least £500 but the hassle-free benefit of not hiding wires is incredible!


Would love this barring a few issues in my setup. First, it's MASSIVE, so I've no idea how I'd place it in the room, the TV is on the wall and there is no unit for it to live on. Secondly, the lack of Dolby Atmos at this price really is off putting somewhat.


It works the same as the beam/bar, and will play from the app or airplay without the TV being on, for things like music.


Standalone is it a marginal difference in terms of the sub . Trialling a sub st moment but it there is bass similar from this I would get This.. does this work without the tv on



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Sonos Playbase Sound base - Black / White £399.20 with code @ ebay / Hughes
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Posted 14th Jul 2019Posted 14th Jul 2019
Sonos Playbase Sound base - Black / White £399.20 with code @ ebay / Hughes
£399.20£49920%eBay Deals
This wireless sound base from Sonos produces cinema-quality audio letting users enjoy crystal-clear sound with a deep, rich bass while watching movies on their home theatre system.… Read more

Hi sorry to jump on the band wagon. Do you happen to have another code please. Thanks


Hi. PM'd you.


Hi there, if you still have the code I would be grateful if you could share plse if the other person doesn't use it?


PM'd you.


Yes please mate, any idea if there is an expiry date on it?

Sonos PLAYBASE (White) Soundbase Wireless SoundBar @ Sevenoaks £499 Open Box
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Posted 26th Mar 2019Posted 26th Mar 2019
Sonos PLAYBASE (White) Soundbase Wireless SoundBar @ Sevenoaks £499 Open Box
Immaculate customer return - as new condition but box opened. Cheapest I could find it anywhere, 2 available at the time of writing and free delivery. Even used ones are selling… Read more

Still overpriced IMO, it's just Sonos soundbars, never gotten along with them, the beam is good, bar and base are just not. much better sounding speakers for cheaper in other brands. Good price for the playbase over its typical price though


? It Only supports Dolby Digital 5.1 - that’s shocking this day in age. Plus ancient connects - hdmi??? There will be a new version no doubt soon that supports hdmi etc.


Yeah, the Beam is epic for the size and price.


What utter nonsense.


Great speaker, but out dated now.

Sonos Playbase - White £479 / Black £499 w/code @ Richer Sounds (6 Year guarantee)
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Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018
Sonos Playbase - White £479 / Black £499 w/code @ Richer Sounds (6 Year guarantee)
£479£529.9910%Richer Sounds Deals
Good prices on both here, although better on the white, coming in at £479 with code. The black on has been around this price before, although still good right now. The code is SBA… Read more

Is the Dali Kubik One not better than this?


Wife-friendly... just not so much pocket-friendly


Agree, crazy price, better off buying AV + floorstanders


Good deal but the Bose soundbar 500 sounds way better



Sonos playbase - White - £529 - Sold and Despatched by Sevenoaks Sound & Vision via Amazon
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Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
Sonos playbase - White - £529 - Sold and Despatched by Sevenoaks Sound & Vision via Amazon
£529£69924%Amazon Deals
170 pounds off this excellent sound bar.

I’m interested in this deal but keen to know what other systems are available for less money? My knowledge of this type of tech is limited!


It got a massive amount of heat at the £494 price! the one you linked to got cold because they were just price matching Currys and Amazon also offering it at that price was covered in that posting so there was no need for a separate listing at the same price for Amazon


Fair enough, but in future you might want to remove factually incorrect information otherwise you run the risk of looking like the silly one ;)


That paragraph was from somebody who left a review on Amazon.


Where on earth did you get ‘you must have a premium account on Spotify to stream music on the Sonos’ from? There’s a massive variety of sources you can stream music from on Sonos and you can also stream local music saved to the device. If you have an iOS device you can also natively stream from YouTube to your Sonos speakers :/

SONOS PLAYBASE for £494.10 @Amazon
-45° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
SONOS PLAYBASE for £494.10 @Amazon
£494.10£54910%Amazon Deals
Normally retails around £699 mark - they are marked down to £549 and currently being price matched and comes down to £494.10 - which is the cheapest its ever been - camel confirms … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Come morning this will compete with the coldest deal of the day :D


Madness, I tell you :)


Joys of this place called HUKD m8 (angel)


Same deal from curry's here got over 800 degrees :/


Sonos Playbase £494.10 (with code) from Currys
1292° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
Sonos Playbase £494.10 (with code) from Currys
£494.10£54910%Currys PC World Deals
Best price I've seen for a Playbase. Normally retails at £699 but currently £150 off plus 10% discount code brings it down to £494.10. Free delivery available and 9 months free Dee… Read more

no what did I miss ??


Anyone who got this, any thoughts on it?


Don’t get me wrong, I have Sonos speakers but I wouldn’t spend this on my TV set up.


I'm feeling very bothered


How do these connect to eachother wirelessly? I have never found wireless to match the quality of wired. When you're paying this kind of money that sort of thing should matter

Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black/White + 2 Year Guarantee - £549 @ John Lewis & Partners / Amazon (Monthly Option)
335° Expired
Posted 28th Nov 2018Posted 28th Nov 2018
Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black/White + 2 Year Guarantee - £549 @ John Lewis & Partners / Amazon (Monthly Option)
Will probably go cold due to Price tag but oh well! For those that missed the recent Richer sounds drop (Now back at £599) John Lewis & Amazon have these at £549 still - Both c… Read more

I just copied & pasted from John Lewis haha


Should not feature the word Cinema in the title - it's just a wireless narrow stereo music system at best


I’ve had it for other products but alas not this one


dont think its for me :(


Frustratingly, it doesn’t seem to be on everyone’s account :/ However it should be an option around the add to basket area on the right hand side.

Sonos PLAYBASE (Black) Soundbase/Wireless Speaker at Richer Sounds for £549
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Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Sonos PLAYBASE (Black) Soundbase/Wireless Speaker at Richer Sounds for £549
£549£69921%Richer Sounds Deals
Sonos PLAYBASE (Black) Soundbase/Wireless Speaker - Comes with 6 Year Warranty - Cheapest I've seen.
Get deal*Get deal*

No worries. I shop at Amazon if it's an amazing deal. But most of the tax paying shops now price match for the larger stuff so no reason to use Amazon for stuff like this


Great product this but couldn’t justify the extra £200 on top of Beam, plus I have neighbours to think about :)


I wasn't aiming my comment at you personally but as you said, "...when you can" (y)


I have no A/V shops near me apart from the main brands


I agree with your logic BUT following it through, shouldn't we be paying a bit more and buying locally to support local businesses and employment? :/

Sonos Playbase at Peter Tyson for £549
-34° Expired
Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Sonos Playbase at Peter Tyson for £549
Sonos PLAYBASE is an all-encompassing sound and music streaming speaker for TVs on stands and furniture, it's low profile design blends in perfectly and delivers sound you just can… Read more

I'll just place this here:


Sorry for the late reply (and if it has already been answered) yes it links to my Sony TV remote so that works the volume for the whole setup. The TV volume indicator doesn't count correctly though sometimes.


A full Sonus 5.1 is over £1.5k so yes would get you a better sound for half that. Your money go spend ;) In the words on Duncan Banatyne "I'm oooout!" Haha


Colin gets what I was getting at. Source bitrate etc is great but if pumped through an inferior amp / set of speakers will sound worse regardless. That said I’m sure there are 5.1 systems that are better and can compete at similar £ point but for some people (myself included) sonos will tick a lot more boxes


You’ve at least made a critical point there with ‘decent’ 5.1 system. That’s not what was said earlier. My old 5.1 system was crap. My 3.1 is way better. This Sonos is 10x better than that. The Playbase can form part of a wireless, Alexa/mobile controlled, all in 1 music/movie 5.1 system. Yes, it gets expensive to add the one’s and the Sub but it is an Amazing Sound.

Sonos Playbase - White - £499 Instore only @ Richer Sounds
218° Expired
Posted 23rd Aug 2018Posted 23rd Aug 2018LocalLocal
Sonos Playbase - White - £499 Instore only @ Richer Sounds
Still showing as £599 on the website but after visiting the shop, it was priced up at £499. This is for the white version only. Comes with a free 6 year guarantee too!

Just picked up from the Preston store for £489 (additional tenner off for being VIP member). First member of staff I spoke to wasn't aware of the offier, so ask around if your salesperson doesn't know. Thanks for the heads-up - I was about to get a Beam but couldn't turn this down at this price.


Try a pseudo surround sound system in comparison to real speaker placements with an amplifier to decode and push out the signals to them individually and you'll find out the difference.


Try entering a bicycle race on a motor bike and you'll find out the difference. (highfive)


Divorce and speaker grilles are two options :)


Don’t forget the “wife acceptance factor”. A critical part of choosing any home cinema system. Additionally there is the old chestnut of “is my 3 year old going to poke the tweeter in of my £2k floorstander”. All important things to consider in buying speakers...

Sonos Playbase (WHITE ONLY) Incl 3 year extended warranty - £549 with Voucher (SAVE50) @ Peter Tyson AV
90° Expired
Posted 19th Jul 2018Posted 19th Jul 2018
Sonos Playbase (WHITE ONLY) Incl 3 year extended warranty - £549 with Voucher (SAVE50) @ Peter Tyson AV
Movies, sports, TV shows, gaming – the slim, low profile PLAYBASE adds dynamic, pulse-pounding sound to whatever’s playing on your TV. And streams your favourite music when your TV… Read more

OUT! (of stock)


Be interested to hear how you think the Beam sounds. I think the Beam would have been fine for my room but it came down to basic logistics of my TV (LG43 from the Bluelight/Sky deal) being quite low and the Beam would have blocked out the IR port. This might have been ok using HDMI ARC but it only has 3 HDMI ports. I also have alexa and google in everyroom anyway. I think people moaning about the Beam are partly just annoyed about no Airplay 2 for PlayBar and were also hoping for HDMI passthrough (i was) and DTS. Sonos connect only has stereo analog input and I've read mixed reviews about lag streaming to other sonos speakers (I was considering moving mine to use as a streamer to Sonos play1s). Sonos only supports Dolby Digital 5.1(not DTS or Atmos) so even if it could connect it would be pointless. Aside from that I think only Apple TV (probably best value for 4K purchases) and some 4K blu ray players support Atmos at moment. I'm not really bothered as not enough content for me and not tried it. I have used DTS amp (my old amp) and tbh I can't tell the between the two. I went Sonos as wanted to decluter but it isn't cheap to do the full 5.1. There was a good review on Engadget where the guy has the Beam and 2xplay1s for rears. I think that shoud be more then enough. I'd try watching some content first as I bet Beam will be good (maybe not as loud as the other two but with a lot of features extra).


Volume 7-8........ thats pretty damn loud! Nice post - Good to hear more info about the bass. My Beam has literally just been delivered for main TV, I was going to build a full surround sound but with Sonos (and perhaps needing the bass) its an expensive set up. So thinking Sonos in main room, and just buy a generic surround sound for the family/cinema room.


Weird one this. I bought the playbase a week ago (having other Sonos products). I have it linked to a pair of Sonos 1s for rears. I think listening to music above 7-8 (which is very loud in my small front room) and even at some points I'd want the sub. However, when watching movies (my primary purchase reason) I'd say no need for me. Watching into the Badlands and Ready Player one the Bass is amazing in proportion to the rest of the audio. This makes sense to me as all these are supposed to be TV first and music second. It still sounds really good for music and kicks out decent bass between 1-7 or 8 volume but anything over that Sonos starts to distort (I've found this to be the case with the Play 1s I've got too but not got the 3,5 or sub to compare). So in short 1) From all the reviews I read or watched (a lot when paying this price!) I'd say you are correct about the Bass 2) Airplay 2 isn't proper airplay on Sonos vs HomePod so don't buy if that is key to you (need to stream from Apple device vs cloud). 3) For music at very loud levels I'd say still need a Sub but not for Movies (this seems logical to an extent due to the audio source being 2.0 vs 5.1 which the playbase is more designed for).


Thanks for that - good to know! Obviously need to keep an eye on that. Know anyone that has had a reconditioned? Assuming they are like new as from Sonos direct?

Sonos Playbase (white) - £599 at richer sounds
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Posted 3rd Jul 2018Posted 3rd Jul 2018
Sonos Playbase (white) - £599 at richer sounds
This is rarely discounted, so seems like a good price. Only the white base is at the price. Yes, the beam is coming out, but this is a better soundbar even though it does not have… Read more

I agree and if I didn’t have my ‘proper’ system elsewhere then I would do the same.


Lack of dts support is a dealbreaker 😩😩


I spent less on my Denon AV set-up and speakers than I did on the PLAYBAR/SUB/Surrounds. I spent less, I got more. I lost direct Sonos integration (although a Sonos Connect fills most of the gap) but with all modern kit support internet radio and Spotify, the need to get Sonos in every room has become much less. When in the Spotify app I can choose the Living Room like I can any other room, even though it's not a Sonos device. Totally agree with the snobbery and over-spending, would never suggest that. But for the same money, you can get a lot more than Sonos - unless you go for the Beam, which does at least offer value.


I have a ‘proper’ home theatre sound system up in the loft room and have been into this stuff for 30 years. There has always been a snob value attached but I’ve found there are diminishing returns past a certain price point- which isn’t too high. People who spend a LOT tend to poo poo to justify or just feel better in my experience. The Sonos system is excellent. The sound quality is very good, the surround isn’t knitted together like a true system but the control and other bits and bobs are handy. The lack of DTS is a pain in the backside. My living room has playbar sub 2x1. Expensive but good value.


I've got a Playbar too, it sits unused in the spare room with the sub. It's a nice unit but light years away from anything that could be described as home theatre. Poor codec support, weak vocals and limited soundstage on the front channels. It's convenient for many, as it integrates Sonos and has wireless support for the surround speakers - although these need to be plugged in anyway, so you tend to lose a lot of what you gain - speaker wires are easier to hide than thick mains cables. If you want a home theatre device, buy one - the Playbase isn't it. If you want a TV speaker with Sonos support, the Beam is a far better price point. Sure, it doesn't quite have as good a sound as Playbar or Playbase, but if sound quality is your thing you wouldn't buy them either.

Sonos Playbase in white (black £50 extra), free delivery, 3 year warranty £599 from Peter Tyson.
25° Expired
Posted 2nd May 2018Posted 2nd May 2018
Sonos Playbase in white (black £50 extra), free delivery, 3 year warranty £599 from Peter Tyson.
Seems like the lowest price about at the moment for either colour for those after one of these.

Sonos has always been expensive and justified it with its Multiroom audio USP along with decent audio quality... Now that smarthome devices like Google Home/Amazon Echo offer the multiroom audio functionality within a more reasonable budget I think it's appeal is dwindling to many....


We’ll start seeing these discounts more and more for the base. An FCC filing in the US made by Sonos appeared to describe a ‘home theater speaker with HDMI connector’ - all suggest it’s a smart soundbase and/or smart soundbar

Amazon lighting deal - Sonos Playbase white
39° Expired
Posted 17th Mar 2018Posted 17th Mar 2018
Amazon lighting deal - Sonos Playbase white
£599£69914%Amazon Deals
Sonos Playbase speaker - works with Alexa.. TV sound and music you can feel, from a speaker that blends into your room's design effortlessly Two-in-one: Adds cinema sound for y… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Damnit - took my eye off the ball. Would've loved this..


Yeah and not £600 quid for a soundbar...


If only black

Sonos Playbase in White £599 @ Amazon
-78° Expired
Posted 24th Dec 2017Posted 24th Dec 2017
Sonos Playbase in White £599 @ Amazon
Amazon have price matched earlier price drop from Zavvi. Seems a good price if you're after it. Naturally not as cheap as it has been but seems to be cheapest at the moment. (nerd… Read more

Thanks, glad it helped!


Great price been waiting for this to drop again. Thanks OP. Don't worry about the cold votes...Sonos stuff (other than the Play 1 or One) generally goes cold even if it is a good deal!


Odd why are people voting cold when this appears to be the best deal at the moment!


I saw it for about £500 but that was an hour flash sale and missed out


What’s the cheapest it’s been

Sonos Playbase £629.10 @ Amazon
-168° Expired
Posted 23rd Dec 2017Posted 23rd Dec 2017
Sonos Playbase £629.10 @ Amazon
£629.10£69910%Amazon Deals
Both black and white available at this price

I have not missed DTS one bit since getting my Sonos Playbar. You definitely need the sub though, to really get a ‘full’ experience. Sound in stereo sounds really good on it for general tv watching, and movies encoded it dolby digital sound fantastic. I don’t use my play1’s as rear speakers, because if you set the playbar up correctly with the sub (because people don’t do it properly) the sound projection of the bar actually creates that immersive surround sound (and that’s no exaggeration). Clarity and production is Sonos’ signature, and the sub produces deep warm bass that doesn’t give off that nasty thumping noise you can hear when you’re in another room (which is great when you actually like your neighbors lol!). A system that does create that horrible bass noise just shows it has poor design, and is not good quality stuff. I honestly couldn’t say enough good things about the playbar, as well as my other Sonos stuff for that matter. But, the Playbar and sub combo are spot on.


Even this Yamaha YHT1840 (Black) AV Receiver & 5.1 Speaker Package £299 @ Richer Sounds would blow the sonos out fo the water as a TV solution


Ne Neither, avoid! I have Sonos everything in my house but these are terrible even with the sub which is also rubbish. Get some proper AV equipment for your TV and if you want wireless rears go down the Denon HEOS AVR system which allows proper Hifi speakers to be connected for real Hifi sound and you can then use their Sonos Play 1/3 equivalents as wireless rears


Do you find the lack of DTS decoding an issue? I currently have a surround sound amp which does DTS etc so I’m not sure how much effort trying to output without DTS would be. I already have Play 1s in the same room, which could be used as rears.


Best thing to do is take the 100 day trial from Sonos

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