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PS4 Store - Star Trek Bridge Crew £15.99 @ PSN
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
If you prefer to download direct to your PlayStation I found this (apologies if already posted) Star Trek™: Bridge Crew will immerse you in the Star Trek universe (VR compatible… Read more

Yeah of course it is, but compared to 48 each second hand and covered in the sweat of an unknown random from CEX it's a much better option. As far as I can gather the only differences are the change from mini USB to Micro USB and maybe a slightly larger battery


Don’t you think that’s crazy prices for the old version though?


I bought a pair of them from for £71. They're the older V1 PS3 ones, and they don't come with boxes or charging cables, but they are new and come with wrist straps. They work well


No, I have been looking. I contacted Shopto and asked when they might get them back in atock, and they said they had no idea.


Can anyone else in the know tell me if you’ve seen the twin move controllers for less than £100?

Star Trek Beyond 4K Blu Ray £7.97 at Currys
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Thanks to @lewis2045 , I went to collect my copy of Ghostbusters from Currys and asked the assistant what others they had. Behind the counter is the stash apparently and they have… Read more
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Great price but disappointing film, heat


No, 4.0001k





I didn't know they sold films. Good price heat added Star Trek Beyond – Fake 4K, HDR

Gorn Star Trek Garden Gnome £10.31 (Prime) £14.80 (Non Prime) @ Sold by Findmeagift and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
BigMouth Inc Star Trek Garden Gnome Gorn & Kirk Description Durable cast poly resin withstands the elements Approximately 9"/23cm tall Features & details Gorn Star Tre… Read more
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Love the red shirt gnome too - bit pricier at £24.95 though,


Heat from me if only for the niche 'Trekkie' appeal. 'I shall be merciful and quick'. The words of Theresa May on Brexit. Not.


X rated gnome action


Or assimilate them.

Star Trek: Lost Frontier Audiobook FREE from Loyalbooks
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Free audiobook to stream or download - you may have to download from your desktop rather than directly onto a phone etc The reviews seem positive, if you have issues that because … Read more
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According to this there's supposed to be 19 parts, I had a look and you can get the final 19th part from the official Blogspot at


I had the same issue. The link to download "all as a zip" doesn't work. It just links to one of the MP3 files. You'll have to click on each episode I guess. I subscribed to the RSS feed using a podcast app instead. Easier to use and to keep track of my position.


This Khaaaan't be beaten!!!


"and find old alleys to reunite under one federation" :{


Trying to get the mp3 - all I'm getting is 40 seconds of the author talking about it

Star Trek The Next Generation : The Complete Season 1-7(49 DVD Discs) for £27.90 Delivered/£25.11 (ebay) @ Zoom
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Cheapest I can find for this binge-watch. Apply the code to get it for this price. Alternatively you can buy them cheaper at eBay applying the code PINCHME -… Read more

Great show, but the remastered versions on blu-ray or on netflix look much nicer.


Great price, great show...


ST:TNG is available on Netflix, which can be had for about £2.40 per month if you do the initial sign-up via a Turkish VPN. So, the cost of this box-set (solely ST:TNG) is roughly the cost of 10 months of Netflix (ST:TNG plus other things). Some people might prefer a 10 months of a varied streaming service to a set of DVDs, which admittedly could be resold.


Not sure I follow fully m8 - what is the point you are making


This is about the same cost as 10 months of SD-quality Netflix with the initial order via Turkish VPN (£2.40 per month last I looked): Which has ST-TNG available to stream (and more).

Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Cheapest price I could find online. Star Trek: The Next Generation was, and remains, a milestone in TV history. Now you can enjoy the breathtaking universe of the USS Enterprise D … Read more

only a true STNG fan will understand the above post



My first son is named William Thomas (y)


Remember when he snogged Dr Crusher when he had that symbiotic life form? Couldn’t tell if it was under/overacting or something was up or uncomfortable... either way it was funny.


Pity there are only about 20 decent episodes

Star Trek: Bridge Crew (PS4 PSVR) now £18.50 delivered @ Coolshop
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
For the Trekkies to boldly go where no other game has :) Star Trek Bridge Crew, a new virtual reality game where players explore space as a member of the Federation. Playable … Read more
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No you can play offline as well.


Isn’t this game online only?


camelcamelcamel does not confirm this for me, but I happen to know for a fact that this game has been sub-£18 multiple times in the last few weeks as it has come in and out of stock for amazon.


Worth noting that Ubi patched out the requirement for PSVR last year. So you can also play it now without a PSVR headset too :) Popped a few degrees on.


I would love to get into this type of game but candy crush broke me level 147 was the end

Star Trek The Animated Series Blu Ray Box Set £9 @ with code SIGNUP10
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
All 22 episodes from the animated version of Gene Roddenberry's seminal sci-fi series. Featuring the voice talents of the cast of the original live action series, the episodes foll… Read more

In case anyone doesn't realise, this is also on Netflix at the moment.


I'm strangely drawn to it ,live long and prosper





Star Trek: The Movies 1-10 (Box Set) [Blu-ray] £21.60 with code @ Zoom - Free Delivery
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
£24.00 before using the Code. Box set featuring all the big screen 'Star Trek' adventures. 'Star Trek - The Motion Picture' pits Kirk's crew against a mechanised menace; 'The Wrat… Read more



On the plus side, no Ja Ja Binks.


^^If i don't get a 4k Directors cut of TMP and STV, i will never touch them, that is the line in the sand i am not crossing. :{


There has been no word yet on a 4k version. Hopefully they redo 6 properly. Watching it now and they overdue the DNR.


There's a great review on, explaining its strengths and weaknesses. Hell of a deal. As a Trekkie it really makes me nostalgic for the older style of filming, with steady pacing and memorable scenes.

25% off Star Trek w/code@ Zoom eg Star Trek the Original Series: Origins Blu-ray £6 / Star Trek the Original Series: Season 2 Blu-ray £12.19
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
Free Delivery Five episodes of the classic science fiction series created by Gene Roddenberry following the exploratory quest of the starship USS Enterprise and its crew. The epis… Read more



Voted hot. Wish they were digitally remastered in 4k . I have seen all on Netflix and sky . Will buy if in 4k


I bought it as a prequel to The Wrath of Khan. I've always preferred the movies to the show to be honest. Heat


On the Horror channel every day


Don’t see the point in this what so ever. If you’re a Star Trek fan then you should already have the complete original series. Total cash grab.

Star Trek 1-10 - Remastered Box Set Blu-Ray £19.99 / £20.98 delivered @ Zavvi
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
INCREDIBLE VALUE Experience the Star Trek Universe like never before! The first original 10 films remastered plus over 8 hours of special features. For the first time in Star T… Read more

Thought this was an ocarina (:I


at £1.76 a film i'm not going to grumble though, let's be honest.....


The Wrath of Khan was the only film that got a restoration hence looks the best (had another release in 2016 which was a new 4K remaster and includes the Directors Cut but this set does not include that version), the rest of the films use older HD masters (they are not upscales) but due to the DNR and Edge Enhancement they don't look that great.


I have these and the quality is not that great. I do enjoy them as a fan but just don't get over excited about the remaster as not sure what they did to improve the quality as the earlier moves just look like straight transfers to me. The older movies are better in the sense that the original quality is better but there is a massive law of diminishing returns. (embarrassed)


Out of the original ten, only Wrath of Khan exists in 4K - and since Paramount & CBS tend to do their utmost to milk absolutely everything they possibly can out of Star Trek releases, it'll probably be a while before they remaster them properly (if they do at all).

Star Trek The Next Generation Blu Ray Box Set £30.98 with code delivered @ Zavvi
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Use code SCIFI25 Possible glitch? Code applying to all sorts!

Back in stock at Zavvi £39.99 less any discount you can find.


Sorry, my comma was in the wrong place, it should have read "I don't think it was, Zavvi sent out the email ..." The flash sale was with Zavvi, a couple of days ago. You had to be super quick to catch it. Apologies for the confusion.


Paid about £40 per season as they were released and no regrets as the work they did on them was incredible (apart from Season 2 which they farmed out) so getting the whole lot for £45 is an insane bargain let alone £30


Amazon have it on stock at £45. Not £30, but still a good price.


dam they expired the discount code 5:25 this morning - AND this is sold out :( - was going to get the 10 movies collection - still not bad for £19.99 i suppose without discount......

Star Trek: The Animated Series [DVD] £9 @ Zoom
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
All 22 episodes from the animated version of Gene Roddenberry's seminal sci-fi series. Featuring the voice talents of the cast of the original live action series, the episodes foll… Read more

Wish it was on 4k




£3.00 more on Bluray.

15% off Selected Monopoly Sets (e.g. Star Trek £12.74 / Star Wars £16.14 / Peppa Pig £16.14) w FREE Delivery using code @ IWOOT
Found 14th Nov 2018Found 14th Nov 2018
Absolutely brilliant offer that's just went live over at IWOOT. They are offering 15% discount on selected Monopoly sets, plus when you use the code BOARDGAMES at checkout, you'… Read more

You have the Star Wars version as the picture and listed Star Trek first. As a Trekkie that upsets me a bit.


Not unless they've done a Fred n Rosemary West edition.


No Brexit Monopoly.


anyone else think monopoly went a bit mental? i mean theres a version for everything...


They are milking this..they should have stuck with the dog, boat, iron, shoe etc and be done with. They must have a Monopoly on this game.

Monopoly Star Trek Continuum Edition now £14.99 & Monopoly Hobbit £15.99 @ Zavvi P+P 99p
Found 11th Nov 2018Found 11th Nov 2018
Good prices for these 2 Editions of Monopoly.
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Best first season of a Star Trek series ever. Shame it's not included here but won't stop me from getting it tho!🖖🏻😃


Oh noo.. :/


RIP Stan Lee :(


nothing, it's a damn good series. As good as ST TNG during its early to mid years but with fewer crap episodes (about 1/3 of the episodes were awful looking back, but it's those rose tinted glasses)


People do not like change. Some people don't like the erosion of Trek's utopianism, or of the change from a true episodic show to a more arc-heavy series with one single main focus, or the rebalancing of the show away from philosophical and diplomatic exploration in favour of action adventure save-the-galaxy heroics, or the goddamned redesign of the Klingons. The fact is though, say what you like about Discovery, it's the best first season of Star Trek television since TOS. I mean, have you SEEN Code of Honor? Bring it Along Home? Angel One? The Passenger? Star Trek is infamous for growing pains, but when it's allowed to grow and find itself it can be a hell of a lot of fun.

Star Trek: The Movies 1-10 (Box Set) [Blu-ray] £23.98 @ Zoom - Free Delivery - Using 20TVF24 20% off Code
Found 4th Nov 2018Found 4th Nov 2018
The cheapest I've seen this, I've never seen it below £25. Box set featuring all the big screen 'Star Trek' adventures. 'Star Trek - The Motion Picture' pits Kirk's crew against a… Read more

That doesn't surprise me, this was posted on the 6th November. Well before the current black Friday deals.


This is currently 19:99 from Zavvi


Any perceived physical price increases are nothing to do with Brexit, and everything to do with declining sales. But bargains can still be had. 8 out of the 10 Star Trek films were recently available at £3.33 each for the Steelbook format.


These needless comments ruin the vibe, man. Go get a time machine or else make like a tree and get the hell outa here


When I searched I only went back to the start of 2018. All posted in this year have been higher than £25. As I said cheapest I've seen, that's not disputing what your saying, it has been cheaper unfortunately that was probably pre-brexit. Everything has raised since then.

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