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Posted 4th Sep 2022
Has anyone else noticed that Amazon are charging £1.99 for returns via royal mail now? All of the returns option have been free for me in the past. Now only Evri drop off or Amazon locker seems to be the free options. There's actually an Amazon locker very conveniently located for me, however whenever I've used this in the past I've had to go through customer services to chase the money so the inconvenience puts me off. Anyone know if this is likely to go back to all free returns or why this has happened?
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  1. 02wilben's avatar
    02wilben Author


    I've gone through every option available and tried on various items, all the same (edited)
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    Well simple use Ervi drop off instead then seeing as its free
  2. jay.spearing's avatar
    Tbf to Amazon I'd start charging you for returns as well if you kept returning 2-3 things a month.
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    02wilben Author
    If you bought 30 items and you returned 1-2 it's hardly a lot. It's a bout proportionality surely)
  3. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    I've checked my account and returns are free. Do you return stuff often? I wonder if they're implementing procedures to discourage people from returning items..
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    02wilben Author
    Maybe 1 or 2 things a month. Nothing that I would consider excessive
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    Anonymous User
    Check again normally the £2 is for home collections, or you aren’t picking the right reason for returns but even then changed of mind are now free.
  5. joyf4536's avatar
    I think out of hundreds of Items we have returned two. One faulty and one they sent the wrong thing.. Maybe we are just lucky. (edited)
  6. McShane's avatar
    All free here too except for the pick up option.

  7. sm9690's avatar
    Royal Mail are very slow at the moment, I returned a couple of items to Amazon via RM print in store 12 days ago and still no sign of refund. Will chase tomorrow
  8. pikachu545's avatar
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    02wilben Author
    I don't live in remote area. I've been a prime customers for 12ish years? Never had this issue before. My membership is due for renewal October. Might just cancel and get prime through the missus. Makes no real difference to me
  9. 02wilben's avatar
    02wilben Author
    Looked through 10 items within the last 30 days. 2 will let me do royal mail for free. 8 won't. Very strange
  10. 02wilben's avatar
    02wilben Author
    Spoke to Amazon and they ended up saying we'll refund you, no need to return the item 🤦 I asked about why it was charging in the first place and they gave no answer. Will try again another day
  11. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    They will close account soon, its the start.
  12. Kornelius's avatar
    Was it sold by amazon? Maybe it has something to do with the seller
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    02wilben Author
    Some were sold by Amazon. Some were sold by 3rd party but fulfilled by Amazon. There was 1 that was available with royal mail for free, one that was fulfilled by Amazon available for free. The 8 that weren't were a mixture of the both so don't think it's that tbh
  13. ray.cheung's avatar
    I didn't return anything in the pasted half year, but the royal mail pickup option also changed to £2.99 instead of free. I believe cost increased on amazon side?
  14. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Early Sept 2022 zero-cost multiple RM & other return options based on
    warehouse item
    "Description on website was not accurate"
    item contains lithium / button batteries

  15. 02wilben's avatar
    02wilben Author
    48166593-Zg6e9.jpgCan still do it with the odd item. Asked Amazon customer services. They didn't know. Said they'll investigate and get back to me.
  16. ariadne's avatar
    I have just had the same issue. 2 marketplace sellers issued return labels free with Royal Mail and Amazon wanted to charge £1.99. I have mobility issues so can’t make it to an Amazon store or Evri drop off. And they can’t tell me how I can know before I order which items will actually be free to return at my local post office and which won’t.
  17. geoffmiles's avatar
    First time I've had this on my account aswell, royal mail want 1.99 to return, spoke to amazon and they said yes royal mail now charge to return the item, making out its a royal mail issue! I'll just use evri instead but it's a pain I the arse as I have a local post office opposite my work
  18. 02wilben's avatar
    02wilben Author
    Interesting to hear other people have had this issue. Amazon never responded to my enquiry. I returned something with Amazon locker the other day and I got an instant refund, which has never happened before. Plus I found out there's an Evri drop off 30 seconds walk from my workplace so I'm not too fussed, bit annoying but oh well.
  19. cyn647's avatar
    I spoke to a supervisor after having this issue. I ordered a phone case for an iphone max and they sent one for the mini so it didn't fit and I was charged 1.99 for a royal mail return. I don't have a local amazon counter or evri drop off and I don't drive so would have to bus 2 towns over to get to one. They promised to reimburse the 1,99 upon receipt of it but they never did. The supervisor claimed they were 'trialling' it. Have switched to ebay instead of amazon because it's too much of a faff if they send me the wrong item to try and get it back and I don't see why a customer should be force to pay for a return where they sent an incorrect item in the first place. So ridiculous and will lose them custom. I had a bra to return too but don't much feel like taking that to an amazon counter to be inspected and boxed up...
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