Buying PSN games in other regions (Turkey, Ukraine+ more )

Posted 21st Aug 2023
Hi there folks

I know turkey is a popular destination for those wishing to purchase games using the method. I have done so myself. Unfortunately, publishers are jacking the prices up in response to this.

As such , there are regions with cheap games - Ukraine for example has 2k24 £130 edition for only £80.

Do you know if the method works in other regions (Ukraine, India, Malaysia. South Africa) as well as it does in turkey?
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  1. Yas_Min's avatar
    Sounds like you're just hurting the people that rely on regional pricing with all these exploits tbh
    InfoAddict's avatar
    No they aren't. The publishers change the prices as a reaction to exchange rate. Not because of region price exploiters.
  2. DaddyPig259's avatar
    Guys, is there a thread for cards suddenly not working visa Turkey PSN? Worked fine on 1/9, now not working. Says 'Card no longer valid' or 'Card has expired' but the date on the virtual card is 11/27.

    Sorceress1988's avatar
    Did you get any help solving this? Same problem
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