Can anyone help me with the wiring for a Sonoff mini?

Posted 25th Sep 2021
So, I have light in my garage with a switch at either end. I want to install a Sonoff mini to make it smart. Thing is, I can't work out which wires need to go which terminals.

Switch one
Switch two
Com is black with brown sleeve - goes to Com on both switches.
L2 on switch one is white with brown sleeve and goes to L1 on switch two.

Wiring diagram for Sonoff
Any help much appreciated.
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    Bier25/09/2021 15:39

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    Ta for replying
    My issue is that I can't tell if the live from the mains goes into L1 or L2.
    I.e. Which is Live in and which is Live out.
    I'm OK with the neutral going to N1 and the Com going into S1/S2 it's just the the Live.
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    Bier25/09/2021 16:04

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    Yeah, the Com to S1/2 didn't work
    45673026_1.jpg (edited)
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