Posted 23rd Sep 2021
I'll keep it brief!

11/09 - Bought an item, asked when I could collect and if they'd prefer cash

12/09 - paid with paypal, left message asking when I could collect, said can do weekend only due to distance but was in the area that day. They replied in the early evening saying to come, but I was over an hour away again by that point. Arranged to collect the next weekend.

15/09 - Asked for postcode, no answer
17/09 - Asked again, and if Sunday was still OK. No answer
20/09 - Asked for a refund as they obviously don't want to sell it. No answer
23/09 - Put in an ebay dispute, immediate answer, arguing that I'm lying about sending money and I'm a scammer, and saying they wouldn't reply til they'd got my money?

Now I'm confused, I just want my money back, I don't care that they're refusing to sell the item I don't even want it off them now TBH, but it's a travel system for my soon to be born son and I need to get another. I have transaction IDs, I have the paypal invoice, ebay will obviously find in my favour once they can be bothered to review it, so I don't understand why they don't just cancel the sale? They don't even have the money yet I don't think, as I never gave them the paypal code for collection?

I just can't get my head round why they're being argumentative, when the end result will be the same, they get to keep the item they didn't want to sell me anyway and I get a refund?
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