LED bulb flickering question

Posted 6th Apr 2017
Hello everyone, I recently bought 12 x 1.3w LED G4 bulbs to replace the 12 x 10w halogen bulbs in my kitchen light, I fitted them today but only 11 light up and they all flicker. I've swapped the bulbs about to confirm the bulb and light fitting itself is working so now I need help on how to solve it, do I just need a transformer to go between the wiring and light or something else?

thanks in advance!
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Is there already a transformer somewhere in the roof space?
Thanks for the fast reply, not that I recall, I'm pretty sure it's just twin & earth into a choc block, the light is a nightmare to drop (it's 12 milk bottles with a light in each) and weighs a lot so can't take it down very quick to check. If it doesn't have a transformer can I just buy one and put it between the T&E and choc block? If so can you recommend one?
Hi mate, the problem will be you need a driver for leds not a transformer, some transformers can work but most of them operate at different wattage
Are your G4 led bulbs Dimmable? Is the light capable with running led bulbs? Can the light be used with a led + dimmer? Is the dimmer compatible with led lights as some play up.. It's a regular question on forums I see..
Do I just need any led driver capable of doing at least 15.6w then? Bulbs are not dimmable, not sure if the light is compatible with led it's a few years old now, controlled by a standard on / off switch.
as stated above, dimmers are the bain of leds. it's all to do with wave forms and low wattage apparently. I would imagine if it is a complete unit then the fitting would have a built in transformer which may or may not be capable of driving Led lamps.
Don't let the twin and earth confuse you, it is common practice to wire 240v to transformer and out the other side (low voltage) to the fitting, saves carrying 2 types of cable for 1 job.
I'm pretty sure there's no transformer it's just wires into a choc / connection block but I did fit the light 3 years ago so my memory might have failed me. Am I right in thinking a 15.6w minimum driver will solve this then?
Most flicker unfortunately you're just more sensitive to it than most. My front room ones do, I can't see it but my webcam hates it

don't know more technical about this. however I solved exactly the same problem by keeping one halogen in the light and replacing all remaining bulbs with LEDs. still going good on three lights.
you must have a transformer existing as g4 leds are normally low voltage, if it was mains then they would have blown. You need to find the transformer and swap it for one capable of running leds.
excellent advice, right there.
Thanks all, I'll swap the bulbs back for now and hopefully drop the light tomorrow to see what's going on!
Try putting just ONE of the originals back - if it's an electronic "transformer" that doesn't like LEDs, then adding 1 halogen may stabilize it.

Depends what you mean by "flicker", LED's may show a constant 100Hz flicker which you might be sensitive to, but transformer compatibility flicker is a lot more vicious and not necessarily constant
Tried putting one of the original bulbs in still no luck, just dropped the light it does have a transformer which says

electronic transformer for lv halogen lamps 50-160w
model htv160c1

anyone have a link for a led driver I can use to replace the transformer? It's 12 x 1.3w LED bulbs

This is the transformer that's currently in the light
one of these may be suitable 20w version perhaps.
thanks for the link, was hoping a store like screwfix or toolstation would have one, found this on Amazon would it do the job?

scrap that, it's only 15w I need 15.6w, the hunt continues.
I bought an​ 18w LED driver, just wired it up and the flickering is worse than before, I have 12 x 1.3w so 15.6w and 18w was the closest I could get but it looks like a disco in my kitchen now! Is it likely to be the bulbs or driver that's faulty? I'm leaning towards the driver.
Thats really odd, have you checked tightness of connections?
Try replacing half with incandescent lamps and see if that makes a difference?
I took 2 bulbs out and it's working fine so far (fingers crossed) which makes me think either the bulbs are not 1.3w but higher or the driver isn't 18w it's lower.
It's still working fine on 10 bulbs, I tried 11 and the problem came back, I contacted the seller of the driver who implied it was the bulbs (which he would I suppose even if it was the driver to avoid a return) which I believe.
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